I stumbled upon a Yoga class 18 years ago when I was working full time as a CPA. Being born and raised in India where Yoga, in one form or another, is embedded in the culture and lifestyle, I was surprised and delighted to be in a formal yoga class.  I felt a sense of “coming home” and that started my Yoga journey.

After teaching for over 18 years to all ages, abilities and in all different settings, needless to say, the practice and teachings have influenced every aspect of my life, shaping, reshaping and transforming me in numerous ways.  Like many of you, I have endured many losses, enjoyed countless blessings and have searched my soul to the nth degree to make sense of things. The wisdom of Yoga helped me in ways I did not think possible and unfolded my path before me and I followed.

As Yoga paved the way for more learning and evolution, I started studying Ayurvedic Medicine and graduated as An Ayurvedic Health Practitioner in 2011 from New World Ayurveda.  Being the daughter of an Ayurvedic physician, I grew up wanting to be a doctor so I could help people live healthier and happier lives. The Western medicine did not uphold the same appeal for me, so I took some detours before I found my way back to Ayurveda.

I have had the good fortune to study with many amazing teachers who have had a profound effect on my life and on my work. I particularly want to mention Dr. Paul Dugliss of New World Ayurveda, who has been pivotal in bringing me to a new level of evolution and existence. He continues to be a source of guidance and inspiration as I take my work to the next level.

I believe that at the very core, we seek to be known and validated.  We want to do good in the world and be happy and healthy.  Instead, we learn to live with dis – ease, mental anguish, stress and a life of struggle.  We get so tangled in the web of life that we forget who we are, what we want and most importantly how to get there. We live in a world of choices, information and yet have no reference on what’s the right choice to make.

I believe Ayurveda and Yoga will provide you not only with a framework and context of real health, but also will give you very effective tools on how to get and maintain that health so you become the captain of your own ship.  My vision for all of my students and clients is to take them to a place of ease in mind, body and spirit so they can get on with their lives, do what they are here to do and find fulfillment. I believe in human potential to overcome anything and heal everything and that healing is within our reach and within each one of us.

I am a practitioner member at NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) and AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America) and write a column for Milford Times.

Meena Puri, E-RYT500, Yoga Therapist, R.A.P., Certified Natural Meditation Teacher