Meena Puri, ERYT-500, R.A.P. (Register Ayurvedic Practitioner) and a certified Meditation teacher has been teaching Yoga over 22 years and practicing Ayurvedic Medicine over 5 years.  She is the founder of  The Yoga School of Milford and Ayurvedic Healing Center.

She is passionate about helping people heal and find fulfillment in their lives.  Having taught Yoga to all ages, all abilities, and in different settings ie hospitals, corporations and various groups; after having witnessed many people recover from pain, injuries and limitations, she believes in the innate ability of the body to heal from anything.  And her belief is continuously reinforced in her Ayruveda practice. In the field of Yoga, she specializes in Yoga therapy and educating the clients on how to align the body optimally to gain mobility, agility and most importantly to be pain free.  In Ayurveda, her passion is creating mental shifts for her clients, step by step approach to healthier living, bringing ease and joy in their lives.  She considers herself to be a lifelong student of Vedic Sciences, Eastern philosophy and is continuously learning, attending conferences, workshops and stays abreast of all the current healing modalities and new findings to offer the best help to her clients and students.  Apart from the training, she comes from a long lineage of medical and Ayurvedic doctors. Her inspiration is her father, Late Dr. C. R. Puri, who was completely and selflessly  dedicated to helping his patients heal.

Meena Puri leads annual meditation retreats, workshops, seminars and programs to help support her clients on their journey to health.

“Healing is very different from eradication of symptoms, just like real health is more than lack of symptoms.  Healing requires that we penetrate through all the layers of our being to the truth and become it.  Healing is a journey, without knowing exactly what we may find, how it will help us and how to get there.  It takes trust, intuition, consciousness and most importantly consistent practice of all of these abilities. Ultimately, the real medicine is learning how to live harmoniously with yourself, the environment, and to your highest potential.”

“I believe Ayurveda and Yoga will provide you not only with a framework and context of real health, but also will give you very effective tools on how to get and maintain that health so you become the captain of your own ship.  It is my vision to educate, guide and support my clients in their journey to healing so they can do what they came here to do with ease, joy and vigor and be a model of health for others around them.   The bigger point of healthy people is healthy communities!  Healthy communities  mean healthy nation, healthy country and a healthy world. It all starts with YOU!”

She is a practitioner member at NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) and AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America), member of YAGD( Yoga Association of Greater Detroit), and Yoga Alliance.  She has been a columnist for Milford Times for over 9 years and now a columnist for Natural Awakenings.