Vedic Counseling

More often than not, our habit patterns, life style, mental and emotional disposition come in the way of making positive changes to sustain total health and well-being. In spite of knowing what to do, we repeat the same old behavior. This can be very disempowering.    The unresolved emotional issues manifest as physical imbalances and our physical imbalances in turn, deplete our resources to handle the emotional challenges that life presents.

Vedic counseling understands the interconnectedness of physical, emotional and mental health and therefore utilizes all the modalities of Ayurveda to resolve suffering and foster healing from inside out.  Analyzing the past and rationalizing away our current suffering keeps us away from real health.  Vedic counseling utilizes techniques such as development of consciousness, intuition, chakra healing, specific meditation and healing light techniques to create energetic shifts from inside out and creating different experiences for the individual.

In addition, Vedic counseling also draws information from the astrological chart of the individual. The planetary influences shed light on our unique mental, emotional and physical tendencies.  We understand the deeper meaning of our habits, conflicts and diseases, we begin to connect the dotes and see the bigger picture.  We no longer operate in darkness and this frees up a lot of our energy to transform our habits and patterns that no longer serve us.

Whether you are suffering from anxiety and depression, conflicts in relationships, grieving from a loss, chronic illnesses or would just like some insight and support for    the next step in your life, I recommend that you consider Vedic counseling. An initial Ayurvedic consultation is needed to begin counseling and each session is up to 60 minutes long. Clients may learn natural meditation free of charge.

A weekly follow up is recommended to speed up the process and to stay on track.

Cost:  $110 per session or  6 appointments for $525 (20% discount)