While stress reduction is a known benefit of any type of meditation, Natural Meditation works not only to release the stress, but also to elevate us to a state of higher consciousness where we naturally gravitate towards health promoting choices and let go of old habit patterns effortlessly. This meditation is mantra based and can be learned and practiced by anyone.

It is through this meditation that we develop and experience meditation retreat 2015consciousness.  Our individual consciousness is part of the Universal consciousness and is the source of our liveliness, energy, bliss and healing.  During the meditation, we let go of the body, mind and emotions and reach a deep state of relaxation, much the same way we do in sleep.   We get in direct contact with our source, we develop a bigger context and in this context we are no longer stuck in the physical, mental or emotional level.  We release stress from our nervous system, the seat of our consciousness.  We begin to infuse that experience in our day-to-day activities, finding more joy, ease and effortlessness.   We gain clarity and perspective.  The worries and anxieties become less intense, we have less and less interest in entertaining negativity, and gravitate towards solutions and acceptance. We outgrow our conflicts, problems, and habit patterns.   This increases our vibrations and elevates us to the higher states, which in turn, brings more of the same in our lives.  We make conscious what is in the subconscious and begin to grow into our full potential.  We feel the fullness of our heart, a sense of meaning and purpose and develop wisdom.

Meditation is taught over 2 consecutive sessions – lasting approximately 1 hr. each day to a group with a minimum of 3.   If you would like to learn, please  contact me and  once I have at least 3 individuals, I will schedule it.

Next Meditation Retreat:  March 20th, Spring Equinox.  Sunday, from 8:30-4:30