The Yoga School of Milford

The Yoga School Logo_webWith Yoga being offered everywhere and the ease of getting Yoga training, it has left the novice practitioner wondering where to go and who to learn with!  With everything that is wonderful about the accessibility of Yoga, it can be challenging to pick out the  “good Yoga”

Personally, I think what makes “good Yoga”  is the class and the instructor that meets your needs.  And of course, when you are a beginner, you are not quite sure what your needs are, but may have some vague expectations.  If you walk away from a class feeling discouraged, frustrated, confused and injured (God forbid), which can and does happen, it is not necessarily due to poor teaching or ” bad Yoga”  This can happen in any field and Yoga is no exception.  With so much available comes the responsibility on the part of the student to educate oneself, ask questions, take a sample class, read testimonials, talk to other students, talk with the teacher, owner to get a comfort level with the studio/teacher.   Regardless, I am big on having a safe Yoga practice, so read my blog here.  How to practice Yoga Safely

Ultimate point of Yoga is development of consciousness and spirituality and using body as a tool to move beyond the body.   “Yoga” means to unite with what we have become separated from.  Separated from ourselves, looking everywhere but “inside”, is exhausting and does not last.  Yoga is an inward journey leading to physical agility, peace of mind and an open heart, most importantly an experience of yourself as you are.  Yoga is as deep as you would like to go, but it will take you as you are.

The Yoga School of Milford is known for:

  • Yoga for 50+
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Smaller class size
  • Individual attention
  • Deeper Experience/More Learning

Feel you are too stiff, too old, can’t sit still, in pain to do Yoga?  Great!  You are at the right place!  There is a reason why you are reading this!  Trust and now begin!  what’s your reason to “not do Yoga”

BTW, although I have been teaching forever, over 20 years, the school was officially founded in 2002!  We were the first Yoga studio in Milford for a long time and feel we “helped” spread it around so much that now there are 3 wonderful studios in this area!  Yeah!