health        Simple Steps to Health & Happiness


Better health and More happiness! This is what we all want! Now, in 10 years, in 20 years!  The beauty is we all have it!  All we have to do is learn how to access it!

When the motivation, wisdom and actions are internally driven, any obstacles only clear the path ahead, not hinder it!

Take a step NOW!  Enroll in this 4-step interactive and experiential program designed to  give you the most essential, practical and simple steps to take you to the next level of health and happiness.

Step 1: Evolving through changes Jan 25th   Change as a catalyst in evolution, Paying attention, Becoming better informed, Redefining your purpose.

Step 2: Healing your heart, Feb 22nd   Learning to love, Claiming Personal Power, Transforming emotions, Making peace with the past.

Step 3: Movement throughout your life, Mar 29th Body is meant to move, Transforming stagnation to fluidity, Gaining confidence in your body, Taking charge..

Step 4: Healthy Eating, April 26th   Redefining “healthy”, Keeping it simple, Healing with Food, Breaking the rules.

Bonus:  Learn Meditation plus my e-mail support plus FB group support.

Where: Milford Senior Center.  1050 Atlantic Street, Milford   1:30-5pm

Your investment: $177 or $67 if attend one.  FREE if get 5 friends to attend, 50% off for 2 friends. $75 for each step at the door.

Register NOW!

The referrals are not set up on line, email or call me when you sign up so I can adjust your fees.

Master’s Program 2014 – Start date TBD


This program is created to integrate the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda and will be presented as an integrated complete system of living knowledge as it applies to all aspects of our life.  The program will also teach you the underlying art and science of generating an internal energetic environment that generates vitality and promotes healing through this ancient, time tested reservoir of knowledge with practical applications, so we can organically move in the direction of our purpose (dharma) on this earth.

If you are a Yoga practitioner or a Yoga teacher, the program will help you deepen your practice and create a bigger context for you and your students.  If you are a holistic practitioner, this program will give you a deeper understanding of health and healing that you can pass on to your clients.  If you are a holistic practitioner and do not yet have a Yoga practice, it is highly recommended that you incorporate a yoga practice in your life, at least once a week, as a significant portion of the program will focus on Yoga.


Yoga:  Exploring all 8 limbs of Yoga, Yoga anatomy, Yoga therapy and Yoga as movement.  Kundalini Yoga, sound healing, Mantras and Mudras.

Ayurveda:  From consciousness to Form, Subtle anatomy to Gross, From the bigger context to practical applications, Ayurvedic nutrition and herbs,  deeper look at some of the most common ailments, prevention and maintenance of health, Meditation and healing techniques.

Program is for:

  • Yoga Practitioners – must have a consistent Yoga practice for a min. of 2 years.
  • Yoga Teachers – new and seasoned
  • Holistic Practitioners who want to incorporate Yoga and Ayurveda in their practice.
  • Those on the path of self-development and Evolution.

Limited to 12 students ONLY!

Schedule and Dates:

The program will be held one weekend a month (the 2nd weekend), from 1-6pm for both Sat. and Sun.  There is 5 hr. of self-study and group work per month.  You will also have 5 hrs. of individual work with me in the area of your need.    Total hrs. of the program will approximate 150 hrs.  I will also have some guest teachers in some specific area.  A weekend retreat  will conclude the program.

Cost:  (this is an introductory offer)

$2750 If paid in full By Dec. 31st.

$150 deposit By Dec. 1st. to hold your space (will be applied to the total cost)

$1000  – 3 payments at the beginning of every 3rd month.

$350 per month- due at the beginning of each month

No refunds after Dec. 31st.

There is separate cost for the retreat – Exact amout TBD.

Guest Teachers:

Katherine Schaefer – Experiential Anatomy and Movement

Jacki Binkert – Facilitator for the weekend retreat



I highly recommend that you come and observe my classes.  The participants of the students will receive a 25% discount on the yoga classes for the duration of the program.

Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking series

Ayurvedic medicine is not in a prescription from the doctor, it comes in the form of lifestyle changes. Food is the medicine if we understand how to use it as medicine on a daily basis to maintain balance in our physiology.

3 years and 50 students later….this program will change in 2014.  Stay Tuned….

Bend it like this! Hold it like that!  

A 4 session series first or second Sunday of the month from Feb. till May, 10-1pm.  All levels are welcome! Everyone will digest the information at their own level. You can expect relief from many of your physical issues.  Stay tuned for 2014!