Teacher Training

Advanced Level Yoga Training – Date TBD

This is a 100 hr. advanced teacher training for certified yoga teachers, dedicated yoga practitioners and other health care professionals.   The purpose of the program is to broaden and deepen your understanding, practice and teaching of Yoga, and to expand your own consciousness, and be a better teacher to your students and to be a model of real health to those around you.    The course will integrate Yoga, philosophy, Ayurveda with plenty of hands on experience.

I am also thrilled to have Katherine and Jacqueline join me and share their expertise.  Here is more…



Meena Puri, Lead teacher

With over 20 years of teaching yoga to all ages and abilities, over 5 years of practicing Ayurvedic medicine and a lifelong student of Eastern philosophy and spirituality, Meena has a passion for depth, detail and teaching in a way that is both practical and experiential for the students.  Integrating the training with her upbringing in a culture enriched with Yoga and Ayurveda, she brings deeper meaning, integrity and authenticity to her teaching.   Read more here


KathyKatherine Schaefer, Guest teacher  With over 20 years of experience and more than a thousand hours of continuing education, Katherine has a passion for yoga and movement and she enthusiastically shares her knowledge using a variety of methods in addition to yoga to facilitate students in moving more mindfully and with ease. Her teaching has been influenced by many yoga teachers, body workers, anatomists, energy medicine specialists and creative movement educators.


Jacqueline Binkert, Group coach
Jackie is an executive coach with extensive experience supporting leaders and other professionals to create positive change.   She works in such industries as manufacturing, service, finance, and healthcare.  She is an author, has been a dedicated student of Yoga and spirituality and brings her expertise in helping the students integrate and sustain the learning.

The program begins Sept. 21st and will continue till April.

The orientation is on Sept. 17th at 11am and is mandatory to attend for all participants.

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How to apply

Please fill out the Advanced Teacher Training Application 2016  and email me at  mpuri@ayurvedichealingcenter.com

Independent Study/Mentorship

If you are interested in mentorship or independent study with me, please send me an email at mpuri@ayurvedichealingcenter.com