The Yoga School

This picture to the right is of many long time students.  Among them is Peter Binkert ( in Blue shorts).  With over 10 years of consistent attendance, full presence, determination and an unforgettable sense of humor, Peter was an inspiration to many  students.  His legendary headstand,  and bold and perfectly articulated “OM” will forever be etched in our minds and hearts.   His energy and presence will forever be part of The Yoga School of Milford.

” Going with the flow” was not Peter’s motto.  “Only dead fish go with the flow” one of many comments that he made to me pretty much sums him up.  A True Yogi!IMG_0071-1

Founded in 2002, The Yoga School of Milford has served over 2000 students from all walks of life.  Whether it is relief from physical pain or mental challenges, many continue to find answers in the offerings at our School.  What sets  The Yoga School apart is the quality of instruction, therapeutic and alignment details, Individualized Yoga Therapy and   Spiritual Guidance.

We have put together a team of  dedicated teachers who bring their own unique approach and  perspective to the Yoga teachings.  We offer classes for all levels and abilities.  We invite you to take the first step by attending a class and the rest will unfold for you.   If you are a new student, please refer to “New to Yoga” tab.

Our vision is to provide a calm and tranquil place in the heart of the community for people to connect, to grow and to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.  Healthy people make healthy communities.  Join us in creating a healthy Milford community!