Ancient(over 5000 years old)  and a reservoir of profound wisdom, Ayurveda is synonymous with Consciousness, Prevention, Longevity, Holistic, Science of Life, Spiritual and Healing.  Just what’s needed in the times of extreme stress, noise, prescription drugs and a distorted sense of health.  We don’t need to prescribe to that.  We can choose, rather, to live an internally driven life, leading to real health, joy and peace.  Only then, we may be of service to our fellow humans, otherwise, we are all contributing to the perpetual cycle of ill-health of our families, communities , nations and Country.  I am here to tell you that there is another way!  Read on!

We care more about what caused your symptoms to begin with and work there. We look at the whole picture, i.e., we understand that disease can have its origin on many levels: physical, mental/emotional, energetic, spiritual and  that everything affects everything else.  For this reason, Ayurveda’s approach to healing is individualized, is multi-tiered, so problems can be addressed on the appropriate level.  This is designed to be complementary to conventional medical treatments or to be used alone. The diagnostic tools are high touch and no machinery is involved.

FREE Initial Consultation

This is the Discovery Phase which will help you assess your health goals and to identify the obstacles in achieving them.  It helps me discover what type of guidance and support are you ready to receive in achieving those health goals and in our 30 minutes together, we will decide if you are ready to embark upon your most important health journey!    Go ahead and fill out the Initial Consultation Questionnaire  and look forward to speaking to you soon.  In this consultation, we will guide you to the best program for you.

We offer On-line Appointments

Distance does not come in the way in you getting the help you need.  Please fill out the Client Info and Consent Form and email to us prior to your first appointment.  In person clients can either email or bring the form with them.

The Next Step:  Choose a Program 

The value we receive only comes through when we make a commitment for a short term for the sake of long term gains.  We are not bandaging the symptoms, rather eradicating the root of the symptoms.   It is a process that requires a systematic, individualized, mindful and focused approach.  We have developed our programs into some of the most common and chronic conditions that we have helped our clients with.  Here they are!

  • Healthy Gut, Happy Life 
  • Better Sleep  
  • Overcoming Anxiety 
  • Transitioning to Menopause
  • Healthy Heart
  • Headaches Be Gone 
  • No More colds/flues
  • Pain Relief/Management
  • More Energy/Strong Immunity

Family Package/Customized Programs – We offer family wellness packages!  And will be happy to talk with you about your unique situation and come up with something different that will work for you!

Length of the Programs

Short Term ($580 discounted 20%  $465)

Recommended for those dealing with a health issue for close to a year.  This will include First comprehensive consultation plus 3 follow ups and email support for the duration of the program.  Duration of the program is 2 months or less.

Intermediate ($1,010 discounted 25%  $765)

Recommended for those struggling with a health issue for about 5 years.  This will include First comprehensive consultation plus 6 follow ups and email support for the duration of the program, which is 4 months or less.

Chronic ($1,330 discounted 30%  $965)

Recommended for those struggling with a health issue longer than 5 years.  This will include First comprehensive consultation plus 8 follow ups and email support for the duration of the program, which is 6 months or less.

Our Process

During our initial no cost, no obligation consultation, we will recommend the program suitable for you.  We try our best to create a system for all of our clients so it is understandable, easy and focused.  However, each situation is unique and we may customize the duration of the program according to your unique needs, life situation.  The programs may be repeated as many times as needed to help you to get to the health you desire.   There is no end of healing and to become your true Self.  This is a journey and the path is revealed when we begin the journey, not necessarily before hand, but we do our best to “predict” and guide you.  Here is more on the consultations:

  1. A comprehensive 60-90 minute consultation ( $150), comprising of Pulse, tongue, facial diagnostics, Complete Medical history including current and past medications, Dietary history including any herbs or supplements, vitamins, Symptoms and current medical diagnosis, if any, Sleep and exercise routines, Other factors that may affect your health such as family and work dynamics.  Written recommendations that can include dietary changes, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, and other healing modalities.
  2. 30-60 minutes follow ups ($110).  The follow up appointments are the Key in ensuring that you get the help you need to stay on track.  May include the diagnostics again, reviewing prior recommendations, charting your experiences including how you feel and the effect on your health, receiving the next set of recommendations.  Some of these appointments may be done on line.  Follow ups are a must to making adjustments, altering dosing of the herbs, coaching to make additional lifestyle changes.
  3. My unlimited email support for the duration of the program ($50 per month)

Post Program Support

Equally important so you navigate your health journey with ease, confidence and resources.  With seasonal changes, and life changes come changes in our health and throws us off balance.  Continuous health is a result of continuous mindfulness, willingness and adjustments that are needed to maintain it.  Don’t struggle alone, we only know what we know.  Schedule an appointment and reach out so you are not stuck.  Some of the appointments may be done on line.

Email Support

Alternatively, you may just want some guidance, support or encouragement as you continue to make healthy changes.  At times, we forget why we are doing what we are doing – this is our “ego” talking as It likes the “status quo” . When we are resisting, we may actually believe our “ego”.  It is not real!  Keep on going!  Be willing to move through the internal battle.  The monthly email support ($50 per month) will help you do just that.  You can pay month by month and there is no contract or anything to sign.  We just want to make sure that in your struggles to make your life healthier, you don’t give up!  We believe in you and are confident that you can and you will!