Ayurvedic Nutrition

Fwrong dietood and nutrition is at the core of Ayurvedic Medicine.  Ayurveda’s integrated approach to nutrition understands the effect of food on the body and the mind.  Sattvic food is the purest diet that leads to true health, maintain a balance in the body and mind.  Rajastic food can destroy that balance and feed the body at the expense of the mind.  Tamasic food benefits neither the mind nor the body.    Preparation, food combinations, the environment, our internal experiences and the timing of the meals is as important as eating the meal.  Our ability to digest the food, which is related to our unique physiology and our digestive ability, is of great importance.  Through digestion, we recreate the body. If the digestion is weak, even the most nutritious foods will create toxins (AMA).


Food conveys life energy.  Life energy is not the same as calories. Calories give the body “fuel” to burn, not necessarily give the body vitality and luster.  When we eat food that has sufficient calories but does not supply the energy we might miscalibrate our feedback system.  Because energy is lacking in the food the body can signal to continue eating when excess calories have already been consumed.  This is why it is hard to stop eating “junk” food.


order of eatingOur body continuously seeks to maintain balance. The lack of balance and nutrients creates cravings and can deplete the body. By incorporating all the tastes in our meals and getting nutrient dense food we can balance the body and stop the cravings. Ayurvedic food is used synonymously with Indian food, but the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition are applicable to any type of food.


Ayurvedic Cooking Made Easy! 

Videos will be added from time to time so everyone can begin to use the Ayurvedic Principles in the cooking.  Watch the short videos below:

Ayurvedic Basic Spice Mix

Ayurvedic Spice Water

How to make Ghee




Chana Masala ( source of protein, dietary fiber)

Recipe Here

Served with rice, pita bread, side of salad, veggie

Vata ( can add an extra tsp of ghee as tend to be drying)

Pitta (eat with a salad, or a side of greens)

Kapha ( garnish with lemon, extra black pepper, parsley)



Karhi Pakorha  ( Rich in Calcium, Protein and Probiotics) 


Recipe Here

Vata  ( garnish with 1-2 tsp of ghee)

Pitta  ( avoid chili in the recipe)

Kapha ( use extra ginger and avoid pakorha)


Khicharhi  ( A complete meal, great for Spring time)

Recipe Here

For June 14th

Balancing for all doshas!

Comfort food!

Also great for when you are not feeling so good



Mutter Paneer ( peas and ricotta cheese) 

Recipe Here

Great with cucumber and onion salad

Since the dish is little on the heavy side, serve with something light like rice or chapatti.



Sabut Masoor ki Daal ( Brown Lentil Soup)

Recipe Here

Great summer dish.

It is cooling and pacifying to all doshas.

Intentionally prepared without onions and tomatoes to keep it very light and Sattvic.( pure).

Adding more ingredients ie onions and tomatoes and garlic makes any dish more Rajasic.  ( heavy, made for the Raja – King)

Food that is devoid of any nutritional value, energy(prana), old, cold and stale is Tamasic.