Meena's Musings

Do you wish you could change how you feel?


You meditate, you take care of yourself but underneath it all there is that very subtle but nagging feeling of inadequacy, insecurity, anger or fear that you are always trying to reconcile with! I have had clients tell me I have been angry my whole life or feeling abandoned my whole life.

Feeling anxious and fearful, isolated or abandoned, feeling less than, angry! These feelings are common amongst all of us regardless of where we come from, our financial statues or what we do for a living.

In order to change how we feel, we must look deeper, at the energetic layer. So thinking in terms of energy of anger, energy of fear, energy of shame/ guilt energy of abandonment etc.

What do we know about energy?

  1. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed.
  2. Energy seeks to express itself or to be freed.

So for example, let’s look at energy of fear. Our natural tendency is to talk ourselves intellectually out of feeling it like, it’s really ok. I am not going to think about it. We take a drink, we talk to a friend, we eat or we watch something. So we push it away. That’s resistance.

Notice how often throughout the day we talk ourselves out of feeling that which we do.

What happens to the energy if it. It gains more power and making us feel angrier, more anxious, more fearful, more isolated, so we need another drink, more food and more whatever the distraction we are usin

We use affirmations, we meditate more and try to spiritualize it away but to no avail.

Where is the energy of anger? In the body. Our body is a very good host of the energies of all our experiences. If we don’t heal the energy, it’ll erupt as disease in the body.

Remember, seeking freedom from these energies is resistance. What we want to do is free these energies.

To free these energies is to feel what you feel with an open heart, not with the mind.

So opening your heart to that part of you that is in pain is how we feel deeply and free the energies of it. So feel deeply, let the tears flow, let the pain surface – all of it.

To feel is to heal. The pain you experience is ready to know love. Whose love? Your love! Love is what you’ve been looking for . And now you found it! In your own precious, beautiful heart.