How is this program different?

I have been teaching the concepts for deep and integrated healing way before Covid, even before my 2nd book Six Steps to Emotional Freedom  was published.

**My learning has deepened exponentially and you get to benefit from my experiences - this program is designed for deep healing

**I have built into the program somatic healing tools & techniques - pulling from my over 25 years of experience of teaching Yoga. Trauma is in the body - we must heal it from the body.

**This is the highest level of group support I provide.

One of my driving intention in creating group programs is community - an invaluable element needed for deeper healing. We don't heal in isolation; being understood and witnessed plays a key role.

This program is for you

  • You are stuck in dysfunctional relationships repeating the same old pattern
  • You struggle to make positive changes to improve your health whether it is diet or lifestyle and come in your own way
  • You experience bouts of anger, anxiety, isolation, depression
  • Your feel nothing is working but can't find what it is
  • Your physical health is suffering
  • You desire a deeper and a meaningful life and really want to get to know yourself, connect the dots of your life and make sense.
  • You want to learn how to manage your energy
  • You have a nagging feeling that you are not doing what you are meant to do
  • You have worked with me before and are ready for deeper healing

The cost of not healing is too high. Our unresolved experiences and traumas shortchange us in every area of our life; creating struggle where there could be ease, illness where there could be vibrant health, anxiety and depression where there could be purpose and joy, painful relationships where they could be a source of love and support. Truthfully, it robs us of the life we could live.  If you rather live a life that is internally driven and fulfilling, click the button below and join now.  Your community will be stronger because of you.

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Begins January 2024 - 6 month guideline

January:  Awareness - an ever deepening processing of making conscious what's in the sub-conscious; closing the gap between our beliefs and the reality of our inner body, knowing your predominant old patterns

February:  Acknowledgment - through and within the body, working through the the layers of resistance, breaking the walls

March:  Acceptance - The seed of self-empowerment, cultivating deep self love for your whole self, cultivating an open and expanded heart to break away the walls, allowing the Love and Light to permeate your entire being

April:  Appreciation - Seeing "into" your suffering and challenges, who you are from them, seeing the treasures hidden within them, knowing yourself this way for the first time, connecting the dots

May:  Application - Living the learning, walking the talk, role of body, mind and soul, integration, becoming yourself - who you were meant to be

June:  Anchoring - becoming your own anchor, feeling self-love, compassion, trust in self and others, compassion for others, allowing the Universe to work through you



Two, 2hr. live sessions each month plus monthly Q&A

Days/times tentatively  weekdays 12-2pm or weeknight 7-9pm or a combination of. Will be finanlized with input from attendees


US $222 per month or $1200 one-time payment

$295 per month or $1600 one-time payment after Dec. 15th

How to Join

  1. Choose the payment plan that works best for you.
  2. Attend the onboarding and orientation session
  3. Schedule out the time for the sessions and that's it.


1:1 pairing within the group if both participants are willing to

Private FB group if needed.

Digital copy of  Wake Up and Heal:  6 Steps to Emotional Freedom.

Email support for 6 months - responses in Q&A sessions

Lifetime access to all the material

"If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

Register Here

Monthly US$222 per month for 6 months or

One time payment of US$1,200

Comments & Feedback


I am fortunate to have Meena Puri in my world. Her teachings are practical and easy to follow. The change is instant and permanent because her masterful meditations make one align body and mind through heart. That in turn unifies the perception of self, surroundings and beyond. I would recommend her to anyone, even if they do not have an issue. My daughter, born and raised in USA, attended one of Meena’s yoga sessions along with me and she told me- “I like your yoga teacher”!. – Padmini

Denise Rackham

I have been on my healing journey for a long time. I have been working on all aspects of my life bringing in all sorts of healing modalities to help my body restore it self to perfect balance. But there was just something in my sacral Chakra I could not heal it was buried too deep. And my Throat Chakra was restricted as well. My throat would not allow my singing voice to come out. I knew I needed to turn to an Ayurvedic Master to complete my healing. I found my Master Meena was able to shed light and tune into the root of my problems and taught me how to go within and heal my trauma. All healing comes from within and it was so helpful to have met such a beautiful soul that listens and creates a safe space for me to open up so she could tune right into the the areas of my life to truly heal. My singing voice is back and the rest of me has made a huge shift that now I can bring what I have learned and share with others who are on their healing journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Meena you are a light unto this world and I appreciate all you have done for me.


The Soul Journeys were so deep, it brought up everything I had tucked away for so long and it had impacted my entire life.  I finally see and am waking up.  It’s so difficult but your soothing and loving voice is reassuring and softening me.  Thank you.


I highly recommend Meena’s audio course on Changing One Belief, Healing One Relationship!  Like all her work, it’s deep, insightful, and thought provoking. She explains how beliefs are formed, and then teaches tools and techniques to transcend self limiting thoughts and beliefs that often keep us stuck in old patterns. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a self limiting belief or looking for a primer to get introduced to Meena’s work. You won’t be disappointed!!

Rachel Candy

Hello Meena, I just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I’ve just finished listening to your latest podcast on diagnosis/labels and I just feel so full of gratitude and wholeness right now. I am currently working with Myra Lewin but in the future for whatever reason if our paths crossed I would feel privileged to work with you. You talked about the Inner Critic and Critical Parent and I am just learning about this at the moment and using Lucia Capacchione’s book Recovery of your Inner Child. Please continue to share your wisdom, it is bringing much needed healing, love and light to the world. I am going to try your meditations soon. Thank you from my heart. Much love from England.

Gregory Peterson

This class presented innovative insights into awareness including understanding personal trauma, developing acceptance as a mindset and an introduction to fifth dimension behaviors. Meena’s ability to answer tough and challenging questions from attendees with thought provoking insights was impressive. I am very technical, a mechanical engineer, and regularly asked Meena questions related to the relationship of the numerous spiritual concepts she presented to physical verification. Her responses always made sense and showed a depth of understanding that went beyond the very thorough and comprehensive slides used as the primary course instruction. This class may not be for everyone but, for people with an open mind, it will be thought provoking and a guide for living a more insightful and enlightened life.

Perla F.

Listening to you, Meena, is always helpful as you guide us to deepen awareness and consciousness. It was nice to be in a setting with other women since it centers us in our strengths and fragilities and make it okay.

Mary S.

I think the biggest thing that is resonating with me is the power of the group discussion….it revealed that we all have our own individual challenges, but also revealed insights and possibilities of what could be available to all of us….not linear, not exact, but the possibility of more.

Tekla H.

I always learn something about myself when I take one of your classes, Meena.  I was apprehensive about the breakout sessions, I was worried I really would not have anything to contribute, however, during the session I became aware of what I was needing for myself!  Granting Myself Permission!  I am always waiting for permission from others, always trying to be available for others, looking for approval before moving forward.  Now that I see this in myself, I am taking steps to makes changes for me and add some creativity in my life. Working with Charlotte reminded us if something doesn’t work out, “So What” we can start again and not to take ourselves too seriously.  I need to remember that too.

S. A.

I met Meena in 2019 at a networking event in Milford. She was promoting her book. At the time I was having serious digestive issues and losing a large amount of weight. She and I struck up a conversation which lead to an appointment at her Milford office. I had not been familiar with ayurvedic medicine. I found her very calming and and informative as she began explaining what she practices. I had depleted my  body to the point that I was losing muscle mass. She performed a special massage with an ayurvedic oil formulated for my body type. The experience was truly amazing. Meena uses meditation as a means to control stress. We meditate together during our appointments. She advises me on healthy cooking and recipes for my body type. Over the last few months I have been going through the most stressful period of my life. Meena has helped me calm myself and rid myself of panic attacks and high anxiety. She is so very wise in her teachings. I also like her no no nonsense  approach to life and to my problems in particular. I always feel more in tune with my body and the world around me after our sessions. She brings me a sense of peace and alignment that I can’t seem to get to on my own. I feel stronger mentally and physically after our sessions. My husband swears  I’m much calmer and happier when I am working with her. I highly recommend her for all things spiritually and physically out of balance.

Cindy H.

I liked the program; it got me to stop making an issue out of my anxiety; to stop identifying with it.  I liked the breakout sessions; even though I did not want to do them, I liked what came from them afterwards.

It got me thinking about my purpose and listening to my own intuition better and investigating these areas more.  I liked the set up of the program as well and Charlotte offered a little different angle to the program.

Julie H

I have been seeing Meena for several years now. I first started with her for health and wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective, which also led me to attend her wonderful yoga classes and learning the magic of meditation. In more recent years, I have been seeing Meena for counseling sessions. She is the kindest and most compassionate person I know.

No matter what obstacles life gives me, she listens with such a caring heart and gives me tools and techniques to navigate life’s ups and downs. She has great wisdom and such a loving way of sharing it. I would highly recommend Meena to anyone who is struggling in life. She has been a special gift in my life.