Virtual Course:  Begins January 10th

I am excited to collaborate with Liza Baker of Simply: Health Coaching on a transformational coaching program guaranteed to change your relationship with food for the better - and for good.

Join us for a 3 week transformational journey to heal this vital relationship in your life.

Module 1 | “When you eat at the refrigerator, pull up a chair.”

Food: fuel for our bodies or a Band-aid for our emotions? Do we eat to live or live to eat? In this module, we’ll get in touch with what’s really happening at the table (and on the couch, and in the car and….)

Module 2 | It’s the food. And it’s more than the food.

How do you show up at the table and in the kitchen? How about in the rest of your life? In this module, we take a look at the idea that how we do anything is how we do everything—and we identify some choices that might serve us better going forward.

Module 3 | Finding your sweet spot

How did you used to eat? How should you be eating? Are these even the right questions to ask? In this module, we create a roadmap you can follow to heal your relationship with food once and for all.



3 Sundays, 2-4pm starting January 10th

  • January 10th
  • January 17th
  • January 24th


Join us on Zoom from the comfort of your own home for these live, highly interactive sessions

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Two FREE 45-minute individual sessions—one with each of us!

-Heart Based Meditation (HBM) technique

-My e-book, Healing Your Relationship With Food:  The Ayurveda Answer

-PDF of Liza’s cookbook, Fl!p Your K!tchen

Your investment: CAD$295 for 3 sessions + all the bonuses!

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Meena Puri, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author and Yoga teacher brings over 35 years of experience of working with clients of all ages, abilities and challenges.

She delivers confidence, inspiration and practical tools for her clients so they CAN take necessary steps to heal on all levels of their being.

She is known for her sense of humor and no-nonsense approach to life's challenges.  She has helped her clients overcome the fear and confusion on cooking and eating healthy without the special recipe and diets.

In her book, "Healing Your Relationship With Food:  The Ayurveda Answer",  she points out the hidden struggles that we tend to miss in our chase for yet another diet and recipe and reminds us to bring the most important ingredient in our diet - enjoyment of food. She imparts the same ease and fun of being in the kitchen to her clients that she experiences herself.


Full-time health coach and nonprofit consultant, self-published author, blogger, podcaster, and woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe—Liza (Leeza) brings her passion, knowledge, and experience to the table to help you reach your health goals.

Her sweet spot as a coach is supporting overworked, over-scheduled, overtired, and OVER. IT. ALL. women in the mission-driven/nonprofit sector. More simply: Liza’s mission is to support you in being well while doing good.

Liza received her health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and an AAS in Culinary Arts from the Cooking + Hospitality Institute of Chicago. She lives in a half-empty nest in Ann Arbor, MI and is passionate about health and happiness, education and empowerment, SOLE/SOUL food and social justice. She’s currently looking at the pandemic as one of possibilities to grow healthier humans, organizations, and communities.

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs,
but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition" Thomas Edison




The program has limited seating so please sign up early. 

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We had the great pleasure at the Carls Family YMCA of welcoming Meena Puri to speak at our ‘Take Back Thursday’ Healthy Living forum on two occasions.  Last spring an enthusiastic group learned how important food is to your mental and physical health and how different foods interact to create common health issues.  This fall we learned the importance of drilling down to discover why some of your unhealthy habits can overwhelm you and how to break the cycle.  Meena is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who clearly cares about the health and well being of her community.  Kathy Amerman, Carls Family Y Board of Directors


"A while back, Meena taught an Ayurvedic cooking class that I attended. She was patient and kind - and her creations were wonderful. I especially love her tea. She is a masterful yoga instructor as well. It's so wonderful that I came to know Meena - when she happened to substitute as teacher in a yoga class I was taking in Wixom! Nancy Stoddard


"Meena is a well seasoned professional and is passionate about her skills and knowledge, she truly works with each client to make sure they are meeting their goals, as well as making sure they are aware of their potential and helping create wonderful outcomes." Cheryl Thrushman


"Meena is a true holistic practitioner. She considers all factors that impact health." Cindy Fatura