Igniting Change - Finding Your Fire!

Are you shook up inside with what's happening in our world? Do you feel there is something big here for you -a greater shift that is happening inside of you?  Feels like you are sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to fly and break free of old conditioning and listen to your soul's calling?  No matter how many times you try to quiet that inner voice, how many times you have tried to dim down or dumb down, there it is again and again beckoning you to listen.  If you said yes to any of this, then this program is for you.  Read on!

Welcome to this time of great awakening!  We are in the thick of the process of transformation, kind of like child birth, only much much longer. Here, everything we neglected or pushed away is being revealed; all those times we did not take a stand for ourselves, all those painful experiences we pushed away, all those times we second guessed ourselves for the sake of safety and status quo - I mean EVERYTHING! This time our soul is retaliating and saying No More!

What's coming up is what's needing to be healed and transformed.  This isn't easy, to say the least.  But how incredible that the whole Universe is providing such a big container for us to heal our soul and rise to it's calling. Are you ready?

If you are still reading, then I am excited to have you join Charlotte Kaye and myself in this 3-week powerful, transformative journey.  From remembrance of your purpose and stepping in your power like never before and aligning with that power and purpose to bring expansion, presence, joy and wonder in your daily life. Yes, that's where we are headed and we are excited for you to join us.

Meena Puri, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author and Yoga teacher brings over 35 years of experience of working with clients of all ages, abilities and challenges.

She delivers confidence, inspiration and practical tools for her clients so they CAN take necessary steps to heal on all levels of their being.

" I am in awe of the opportunity our current crisis is providing for us to evolve and grow into 5th Dimensional Beings and for me that means life is going to become a whole lot easier and joyous if we steer ourselves in the right direction, answer our calling and do the work."

Charlotte Kaye is a women’s life coach, decluttering coach and host of the Airy Fairy Feminist podcast. Through her services she helps women be who they are and do what they want, guilt-free. 

"What I love most about my work is that I get to support my amazing clients in bringing their most authentic, confident selves to the forefront of their life. I love to help people to discover their true calling in life and incorporate that into what they do in real authentic ways.  I truly believe that when we are following what lights us up we can smash the patriarchy and collectively manifest world peace."


Begins Sept. 15th, Tuesdays, 7-9pm.

  • September 15th
  • September 22nd
  • September 29th

Session 1, Sept. 15th : Power

We have spent decades stuck in the mental flow and lost sight of our own power.  There is a realm beyond the mind that holds the power and we have it within our reach. It's connection with this power that ignites the big shifts.  

Exploring the shift from thinking to feeling, ego to intuition, fear to trust, masculine to feminine, 3D-5D.  This is where we are headed and this session will get us ready to be there and teach us how to be there.

Session 2: Purpose

There is a reason why we are living through these times.  There are no mistakes.  How do we use this time to ask ourselves the bigger questions? Our healing and expansion is hidden in the bigger questions. Where in our lives we may have abandoned ourselves and ignore the subtle messages and experiences. You will also learn a very powerful technique to heal past trauma and conditioning and to be in current experiences.  Listening to our inner voices and tuning in to our energy to lessen the struggle and amplify the joy and ease. 

Session 3:  Align

Using our learning from the first 2 sessions to connect the dots of our lives.  Connecting the dots of our beliefs to our habits that lead to our  physical symptoms, changing our old paradigm so changes become effortless and you create your best life and  best health. 


  1. Heart Based Meditation Technique
  2. Free download of my book:  "Healing Your Relationship with Food:  The Ayurveda Answer"
  3. A 45 minute individual exploratory session with Charlotte and Meena for NEW participants only!  The purpose of these sessions is to expand options for all the participants.  Those who already work with me will have an opportunity to explore with Charlotte and vice versa.

Please note

  1. Attend via Zoom from the comfort of your own home
  2. Come ready to explore and to step into something new

"If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

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Registration will close August 31st.

Limited seating, sign up early.


Comments & Feedback

"I have been seeing Meena for several years now.  I first started with her for health and wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective, which also led me to attend her wonderful yoga classes and learning the magic of meditation.  In more recent years, I have been seeing Meena for counseling sessions.  She is the kindest and most compassionate person I know.

No matter what obstacles life gives me, she listens with such a caring heart and gives me tools and techniques to navigate life's ups and downs.  She has great wisdom and such a loving way of sharing it.  I would highly recommend Meena to anyone who is struggling in life. She has been a special gift in my life."  Julie H


"I met Meena in 2019 at a networking event in Milford. She was promoting her book. At the time I was having serious digestive issues and losing a large amount of weight. She and I struck up a conversation which lead to an appointment at her Milford office. I had not been familiar with ayurvedic medicine. I found her very calming and and informative as she began explaining what she practices. I had depleted my  body to the point that I was losing muscle mass. She performed a special massage with an ayurvedic oil formulated for my body type. The experience was truly amazing. Meena uses meditation as a means to control stress. We meditate together during our appointments. She advises me on healthy cooking and recipes for my body type. Over the last few months I have been going through the most stressful period of my life. Meena has helped me calm myself and rid myself of panic attacks and high anxiety. She is so very wise in her teachings. I also like her no no nonsense  approach to life and to my problems in particular. I always feel more in tune with my body and the world around me after our sessions. She brings me a sense of peace and alignment that I can’t seem to get to on my own. I feel stronger mentally and physically after our sessions. My husband swears  I’m much calmer and happier when I am working with her. I highly recommend her for all things spiritually and physically out of balance."  Fondly  S.A.



” Opportunity to heal life’s problems in a forum, to have honest real conversations and get support”


” Access to Meena’s wisdom at a low cost”