Coming together in times of Social Distancing

This is a time of big changes - both internal and external. What we experience during these times of adversity is a function of our inner diaglogue and inner work.  Less is more during these times - more time to be silent and still so we can take a look within.  However, that can be extremely overwhelming and unsettling which can make returning back to the same old patterns very tempting.
That's why you join this program.  To gain clarity, guidance as to how to navigate through this journey and to know you are not alone.  There is power in numbers and support.  You will feel the group support and get connected with others who are having the same experiences.  This is empowering.  This gives voice to our worries.  This can also give us wings to fly and transform like never before.
These times can be a very powerful catalyst to our personal growth.  Let these times of adversity be the times of great opportunity for us to co-create.
Together we can and we will!
I have extended this program to meet weekly to keep us all connected and moving in a positive direction. For the same price of $25 per month, you can attend as many sessions as you like.

Once a week on Wednesdays; alternating weekly 10am and 8pm

Wednesday, April 22nd - 10am

Wednesday, April 29th - 8pm.

May sessions TBD

Please scroll down for cost and how to join


What to Expect

Each session witll have a guided meditation after the introductions.

I will share my insights, teachings to help you shift from a place of difficulty to a place of opportunity.  Our mind set and our perspective is very important during these times.  You will get to know all the members as much as you want to, ask questions, share and I hope to guide you through your challenges and that becomes the learning for everyone.

To Summarize:

  1. These are live on line sessions and are not recorded.  Your  participation is needed.
  2. Share what you feel comfortable sharing.  More than the details, it is about your experiences and to shift those experiences.  You are welcomes to email me your questions prior to the session at
  3. it's an unwritten understanding that what is shared remains highly confidential amongst the participants.
  4. $25 per month after.  You can attend one session or all.
  5. To join: 1. Subscribe 2. Register for each session that you want to attend.   Scroll below for links

"If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

Cost and How to Join

  1. $25 per month.  This is a subscription program.
  2. Register for each session in order to attend.

Comments & Feedback

” Real help in real time, real solutions”


” Opportunity to heal life’s problems in a forum, to have honest real conversations and get support”


” Clean clear tools on Ayurveda”


” Access to Meena’s wisdom at a low cost”