Online Course:  Begins October 11th

I am so excited to collaborate with Liza Baker on this transformational coaching program.  It's sure to kick your mind-set into a place where you are thinking of food in the most enjoyable, fun and nourishing way. Join us in this 3 week transformational journey to heal your relationship with food.

Full-time health coach and nonprofit consultant, self-published author, blogger, podcaster, and woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe—Liza (Leeza) brings her passion, knowledge, and experience to the table to help you reach your health goals.

Her sweet spot as a coach is supporting overworked, over-scheduled, overtired, and OVER. IT. ALL. women in the mission-driven/nonprofit sector. More simply: Liza’s mission is to support you in being well while doing good.

Liza received her health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and an AAS in Culinary Arts from the Cooking + Hospitality Institute of Chicago. She lives in a half-empty nest in Ann Arbor, MI and is passionate about health and happiness, education and empowerment, SOLE/SOUL food and social justice. She’s currently looking at the pandemic as one of possibilities to grow healthier humans, organizations, and communities.



3 Sundays In October:  Oct. 11th, 18th, 25th 2-4pm

From the comfort of your own home.

These are live and highly interactive sessions and will be recorded.

You will be emailed the on-line link once you register.


  1. 45 min individual session with me and Liza - we'll help you book during the course.
  2. Heart Based Meditation (HBM) technique
  3. My e-book
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Get to the Root of Food Addiction

Nothing like the holidays to re-surface all of our conditioning around food!

All of our resolve on food around the holidays goes out the window because we have misdiagnosed the problem. All the healthy substitutes, willpower and self-control isn’t enough to resolve our addiction and disconnection from food because the problem isn’t the food, rather its our beliefs and conditioning about ourselves and it shows up in our relationship with food. With hyper focus on food, its’ difficult to see the real problem.

No recipe, no diet and no miracle food is enough to heal our relationship with food; we must dig deeper and once we do, it’s a game changer. It will not only shift your perspective for good, it will give you your health and yourself back so you can show up completely for your life and use food as fuel and medicine as it intended to be.

If you have been searching for an answer to your food struggles, have food addictions, are confusion about your cravings, are overwhelmed with information and diet plans, have low energy, experiencing anxiety about food, have food sensitivities, are over analytical about food yet don’t feel healthy, then join this journey into food and come out on the other side feeling calm and confident.

This Video explains it more

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs,
but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition" Thomas Edison




The program has limited seating so please sign up early. 

The 8-week program coming up in 2021

Module 1 – Journeying back and Remembering

In this module we will journey back to the time where dieting and weight loss was not part of our vocabulary and food was simply a way to nourish and celebrate. The deep wisdom of those times is needed in our modern life where we have forgotten what food is meant to do and how to eat to realign and balance our thinking and our health.  Weight gain, obsession with food, calorie counting, searching for the perfect diet are symptoms of a deeper problem. Like any other substances, food has become the misguided solution. Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry yet the problem is continuing. It’s because we are trying to solve the wrong problem.

Module 2 – Identifying our Individual Challenges

We are all unique and experience the challenges in our own unique way.  What’s your challenge?  How do you experience it?   How does it show up for you.  How do you tend to handle your challenges?  What solutions may work for you?  This is an important session so all the participants can really get to know themselves and what they need in transforming their relationship to food and how to use the information in this course to be successful.

Module 3 – A Deeper look into our challenges, Connecting the dots and Expanding your Awareness

Our biggest problem surrounding food is our subconscious beliefs about ourselves and about food resulting in guilt, shame, and psychological hunger that can’t be satisfied with food. Our second biggest obstacle is our lack of awareness and inability to respond to stress in meaningful and healthy ways. Adding to that a society that promotes overconsumption, addiction and hyper focus on food creates a perfect ground for dysfunctional relationship with food. It’s for each one of us to look deeply and become aware of where our challenges lie. We will learn how to recognize the deeper problems and how to resolve them. Moreover, we will learn how to cultivate our own wisdom, intuition and take our power back.  A deeper look into our challenges, connecting the dots and expanding your awareness

Module 4 – The Bigger Context: Ayurveda – a reservoir of solutions

Ayurveda – the art and science of life and longevity is the answer to our modern-day suffering. Not only this system provides a bigger context, its forte’ is to get to the root of our problems. This path from knowing to doing is riddled with complexity, conflicting information and our own lack of understanding about ourselves. We need clarity and a deeper understanding in order to integrate our knowing into our living. This is where Ayurveda can fill the gap. It provides a system to heal our relationship with food, a system that brings us clarity, common sense and wisdom, a system that provides a bigger context and that is relevant and usable for everyone. Most importantly, Ayurveda provides a system that promises lasting health while ending our battle with food once and for all.

Module 5 – Understanding our unique nature – Body/Mind

Transforming guilt into enjoyment, emotional eating into emotional intelligence is the result of looking at the bigger picture, expanding our awareness and can lead us to viewing food as the medicine that it is.  What we need is identity transformation and Consciousness is the way. How we respond to life and stress depicts our choices and our eating and our food choices affects not just the physical body but also our behavior.

Consciousness teaches us that we are not just part of nature, we are nature. That connection expands our awareness to a much deeper awareness of the energy and quality of food and what it means to have a balanced diet and our ability to digest life and food is the most important aspect of our eating and our health. We will understand how the five elements relate to our nature and our food choices and depict our tendencies. We will also learn how to take into account seasonal changes, changes in our own body and how the different times of day and night affect our digestion and our metabolism. We will also understand our own constitution, our imbalances and how to use this sophisticated system of Ayurveda to return back to balance


Module 6 – Integrating Nature (the seasons, the times), properties of food ( tastes, digestive effect, food combining) with our nature, our digestion leading to conscious eating and living

One of the pillars of great health is great digestion – a concept that is looked over or considered only superficially in all of our hype about food and nutrition. With the deeper understanding of our challenges, our body’s unique make-up and our unique tendencies to go out of balance is a great foundation to understand how to build our digestion and the type of foods that will bring us back to balance. We will discuss eating for your specific imbalance and how to maintain that balance in different seasons. Becoming more conscious increases our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our body, to realign with our nature and the nature around us. We will discuss the balancing diets for Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Moreover, we will learn how to make the meals Ayurvedic and how to stock the pantry to make Ayurvedic meals. What’s most important is that it broadens your understanding and gets you to think about food in a whole new way. It is that type of thinking that is needed in order for us to see food as the medicine that it truly is.

An Ayurvedic meal is a combination of different tastes, textures suitable for your unique make up and imbalance, perfect for a specific time of the day/night and for a specific season. It seems like a tall order, but understanding the Ayurvedic nutrition makes it simple and enjoyable. Imagine having the power to customize your meals to your needs and to be able to put that together yourself rather than looking at a take-out menu or what’s been sitting in your freezer. More than giving our health back, this kind of involvement in our life and in our health empowers us. That which empowers us makes us healthy. We will learn how to turn our meals into that which is health giving. Planning and stocking the pantry appropriately goes a long way in the ease of preparing meals. There is no better life than a life lived consciously and that’s what Ayurvedic wisdom is all about. Once you learn some of the basics, you can easily build upon them and feel confident in cooking for yourself and your family.

Module 7 – Eating to balance and to heal

Understanding the intelligence of our digestive system and our body is vital to making food choices and learning how to turn our food into medicine. We will continue to elaborate on the practical uses of this info and how to adapt and use these tools to eat in a way that creates lasting health.  Food is the celebration of life and is at the center to our sense of home and community. We will learn how can we bring more thought and awareness into creating healthy meals for our families without feeling stressed. Through food we get to experience the world around us. When the world around us feels bitter and alone, food provided sweetness and warmth until we realize that no amount will suffice to experience the connection we need. Understanding the food is the means to fuel our body and maintain our health so we can do what we came her to do. Resolving the deeper causes of our dysfunction with food, we can truly enjoy our meals and feel comfort and satisfaction. Anything less than that creates toxicity in our body. We will talk about Ayurvedic Cleanse and how this ancient process of purification is a prevention tool. To feel this connection, we must be still and silent regularly and often enough. This is where meditation comes in. A daily regular meditation is the best way to purify the mind and the better eating follows an aware and calm mind.

Module 8 – Using Ancient wisdom into our modern day tools for healthy eating

We’ll spend this session wrapping up all we have learned with plenty of time for questions. We will review the important learning from each module so we can make this knowledge stick. We will take some time to formulate our action steps as we move forward with confidence. Once we can learn how to apply Ayurvedic Principles to food, we can apply them in other areas of our lives, such as sleep habits, our relationships and our way of thinking. Life takes on meaning once we can connect the dots of our being and understand who we are and what we are here to do. We will walk away with the understanding and knowing that food is our ally in helping us fulfill our purpose on this planet.


We had the great pleasure at the Carls Family YMCA of welcoming Meena Puri to speak at our ‘Take Back Thursday’ Healthy Living forum on two occasions.  Last spring an enthusiastic group learned how important food is to your mental and physical health and how different foods interact to create common health issues.  This fall we learned the importance of drilling down to discover why some of your unhealthy habits can overwhelm you and how to break the cycle.  Meena is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who clearly cares about the health and well being of her community.  Kathy Amerman, Carls Family Y Board of Directors


"A while back, Meena taught an Ayurvedic cooking class that I attended. She was patient and kind - and her creations were wonderful. I especially love her tea. She is a masterful yoga instructor as well. It's so wonderful that I came to know Meena - when she happened to substitute as teacher in a yoga class I was taking in Wixom! Nancy Stoddard


"Meena is a well seasoned professional and is passionate about her skills and knowledge, she truly works with each client to make sure they are meeting their goals, as well as making sure they are aware of their potential and helping create wonderful outcomes." Cheryl Thrushman


"Meena is a true holistic practitioner. She considers all factors that impact health." Cindy Fatura