What Does Your Health Look Like in 10 Years? 20 Years?

We limit our future planning to how much money we will need, the places we would go to, the things we would buy and the conveniences we will have.  We take our health for granted even when we see illness all around us; we simple neglect to plan for our health.

Without our health to enjoy everything we are planning, we are actually left with nothing.  Health is true Wealth!!!

Consider the hidden cost of staying sick

Opportunities missed, life fully lives, aspirations wasted, dreams forgotten!

Miracle of a Single Step

What if a single step taken today turns out to be the most important step that you took for your health?

That single step is to book a free consultation with me. Follow the steps below and you are already on your way to securing your future health.

  1. I have set aside 4 spots for complimentary consultations per week (30 minutes) on Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm EST. I encourage you to schedule during this time.  If you need another time slot, then schedule during other open slots.
  2. Add your appt. to your calendar as I don't send a reminder.
  3. You will receive a ZOOM link for your appointment on the day of your appointment from mpuri@ayurvedichealingcenter.com.  If you would like a phone consult, please clearly state that.
  4. Read Individual Programs to familiarize yourself with my work, the process, and the cost.
  5. If you need to cancel and reschedule, please do so 24 hrs. prior to your appointment. In the case you don't show up for your scheduled appointment, I am happy to schedule you again in 3 months. 
  6. If you are not yet fully committed to bettering your health, then I recommend that you wait to schdule till you are.