Growing into our True Selves is an organic process.  It is not a one shot deal and it is not about “getting there”, rather it is small yet powerful revelations, little insights and those subtle AHA moments that continue to take us closer and closer to our Truth.  These powerful insights come when we put ourselves in a new experience, or create time and space to go inward.  These insights hold the power to transform us in a big way and if we don’t ground ourselves or ask “what does this mean” or “what do I do with this”, these insights can fizz out and evaporate.  The reason why we may ignore is because we just don’t know what to do with them, or we get scared, or our life and psyche is just not aligned to “hold” those insights and make them useful.

That’s what the retreats, workshops and special events are meant to do.  You are creating space for you to shift in a significant way that can totally transform your life.  In any spiritual journey, it is of utmost importance that we attend these retreats, workshops as much as we can.  I can tell you that each time I participate in an immersion, retreat or a workshop, I return changed in a way that I would not have known before hand.  All I know that in order for me to continue to grow, I need to take the time to dive into experiences that solidify my sense of who I am, why am I here and how best can I accomplish that.  So scroll below and see what interests you.  Use your intuitive mind to decide, not the rational mind!  I look forward to seeing you at one of these events.



Your Journey Home Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica

January 13th – 20th

Costa Rica 2018

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Saturday, January 6th, 1-4pm  Crazy Wisdom Community Room Ann Arbor

A2 workshops 2018

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5 Keys to Breaking Habits

Sunday, February 25th, 1-4pm  Crazy Wisdom Community Room Ann Arbor

A2 workshops 2018

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Spring Equinox Home Meditation Retreat

Sunday, March 18th, 9-5:30pm

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Song of the Morning Weekend Meditation Retreat

Tentatively scheduled for Weekend of Oct 12th

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