Success Stories

Patti Pieczarka, 68, Practicing Yoga for 18 years

Patti is our Yoga Icon. All of our students know Patti as she has been the most dedicated and determined student for the last 18 years. She practices 3-5 times a week, attends all special events and workshops and meditation retreats. Patti is an inspiration to so many of our students. Patti has transformed completely and she has become the person she truly is.

“When I started, I was full of fear, stiff and overweight. Yoga has completely changed my life and it is the best things I have done for myself. Yoga has helped me overcome compulsive eating, speed up recovery from knee surgery and I feel so much love and peace. I feel much younger. I am much more active and enjoy my life so much more”

Doris Thome, 81, Practicing Yoga for 3 years

” I never thought that I would do Yoga at my age. But once I started, I could not stop. I am more flexible, strong and have more energy. I had rotator cuff issue with my shoulder and needed cortizone shots. I have been attending Meena’s therapy class and I have not needed the cortizone. Yoga has improved my golf game. My message to you is: Try it and you will be amazed at what you can do”

Doris is fun, feisty and never backs away from doing everything she can do.





Rebecca Bailo Cottrell, 60, practicing Yoga for 8 years.

“Initial reason was vanity. I didn’t want to shrink. I got a lot more than that. My spine is not shrinking, At one point, I was actually 1.5 inches taller. I usually do not stick to things, but I had spiritual experiences during shavasna. That was way cool. The practice has softened my intensity, I am much more flexible and have more core strength. It does not matter what you can or can’t do. You are not in competition with others.It is an easy thing to do for the rest of your life and will benefit you for the rest of your life. For example, if you are a runner, you will eventually stop. Just the breathing alone will help you. If you can’t do anything else, you can do Yoga. Regardless of your age, ability, and health, you can do Yoga at The Yoga School of Milford. The teachers will accommodate you and will offer variations and adjustments.”Becca is the voice of Yoga. She has a bubbly personality and lights up the class everytime. She won’t let you leave without giving you a hug every time. We love you Becca!


Linda Gepper, 67, practicing Yoga for 4 years.

I was never able to move as well as I can without Yoga. And I am the poster child for morbidly obese, If I can do it, anyone can do it”

Inspite of the challenges, Linda never gave up. And together have figured out many many ways that work for her and makes her feel better. So glad to have you in classes Linda!”




Cinnamon Ressler, 46, practicing Yoga for 5.1/2 years.

” I started doing Yoga due to pinched nerve. My doctor suggested Yoga. I started attending Meena’s Special Needs class. She fixed my back and I graduated to other classes. At least 5 times, when I started to slip on ice, I had better balance and a strong core so I stopped myself from falling. I always feel better and much more productive when I come to class”
” You just have to try it and that is the only way for you to get rid of the Yoga myths”
Cinnamon is disciplined, has a great sense of humor and does everything with a stride. She is positive and delightful always.




Cindy Hemingway, 50, practicing for 13 years.

“I had back issues and was averting back surgery. I was recommended back surgery with caging system. I quit running and started doing Yoga and haven’t had to have surgery. I get peace, tranquility, and overall physical well-being from the Yoga practice”” I recommend it to anybody with physical and emotional issues. Yoga is much more than physical exercise. The benefits are life long and surpass any other kind of exercise”Cindy is a model student, eager to learn, dedicated and disciplined. She is known and loved by many students and she keeps me on my toes. It is always a pleasure to have you in class.




Kathy McDonnell, 70, practicing for 4 years.

“The only exercise I ever did before Yoga is curves and I hated it. They did the same thing every time and that turned me off of exercising. I thought I never would be able to sit on the floor and Now I do. Thanks to Yoga! It has made a big difference in the way I feel and move at my age. I have muscles that I never felt before. I have flexibility, joints are more fluid, walking feels more sturdy and balanced, I am calmer and sleep better. I enjoy the other students and the teacher”

Kathy has been working with me diligently for the last 4 years. I see big changes in how she moves than when she first started. For those who think you have to be first flexible to do yoga, let this story inspire you to do yoga so you can be more flexible.


Jennifer Nimsick, 32, practicing off and on for 4 years.

“Great stress relief, gives me my time since I am always chasing my toddler. Yoga provided a sense of peace since I lost my mom a year ago. It is fun, esp. the cardio Yoga class. I feel lighter when I leave and ready to take on my week. For those of you who believe Yoga is not for them, Keep an open mind and you really won’t know until you try it.”

Jennifer is very brave and strong. Glad to have her as a student!





Ginny Borzi, 83, practicing for 9 months.

“Yoga makes me feel good, keeps me active and limber and I have more mobility. I broke my femur before starting and with Yoga I am recovering. I have better balance.”

“You are never too old to do Yoga! Take a beginner’s class and choose a teacher who knows therapy and alignment”

Ginny is delightful. I want to be like her when I am at that age! Thank you Ginny! You truly are inspiring!





Heidi, 70 , practicing for 9 years.

“The practice helps me get rid of aches and pains. I had pain in my groins for a couple of weeks and it disappeared after attending one class. I have been attending Meena’s Special Needs class for a while. I have more flexibility, easier movement and my sciatica pain is all gone as well. Not to mention, I am in a much better mood all the time and the practice gives me a sense of well-being. And as a bonus, I meet really wonderful people in the class”
“Even if you have never exercised before, Yoga is something that everyone can do it. You must try it”

Heidi has a great sense of humor, is very mindful in taking care of her body. The class wouldn’t be the same without her!



Kim Jurado, 53, (irregularly) practicing Yoga for 5 years.

“I began practicing at the Yoga School of Milford, with Meena Puri, to stay physically active. Tendonitis pain in my hip, which my doctor, chiropractor and a massage therapist were not able to alleviate, kept me sedentary for 8 months and I didn’t want to become a couch potato. After a dozen Yoga classes, to my amazement, my tendonitis was gone and I went back to hiking several times a week.

More recently, I was out of town for 18 months and brought home a severe case of “tennis elbow.” I saw two doctors in two towns and was prescribed an arm band, which didn’t help me, and offered steroid injections, which I turned down. I’ve attended 5 Yoga classes and my range of movement is already 50% greater. I sleep much better. I have considerably less pain and was able to “do” my hair this morning for the first time in months! Yippee!

In one of Meena’s weekend workshops I learned this very important tip: give a new posture 25% effort and see how it feels. If it doesn’t feel right, back off and talk with your instructor about it — often it is just a matter of tweaking your posture a tiny bit.”


Richard George, 48, practicing for 4 years.

” I was compelled to look into Yoga as I learned about Maharishi, George Harrison and Ravi Shankar. I wanted to understand more! I got all that and more…. I enjoy the physical training, it pushes me more than I would push myself. I have gained strength, balance and flexibility and a big help in riding horses. Body does not come with an instruction manual, and Yoga teaches me about my body.”

” I have had a few other instructors. But Meena is very skilled and has a great way of connecting with her students and make things understandable without a lot of pressure. I recommend her every opportunity I get. There is a lot of fear in Men about Yoga. They think perhaps it is not a male thing to do. It is not true. Don’t be afraid, just show up and try it”



Lani Wright, 59, practicing for more than 10 years.

” Before yoga, I suffered from anxiety, stress and was always tight from workouts. After yoga, I am calm, relaxed and much more flexible. The practice also healed me from post traumatic stress”
“Yoga can heal you!”

Lani is now one of our teachers. Her classes are gentle and tailored to the students in the class. We are happy to have her join our team!



Nancy Roggers, 59, practicing Yoga off and on for 10 years.

  • ” This is what I get from Yoga:
    Peaceful Mind
    Fluid, flexible body – helps me with my work which is very physical.
    I have a pinched nerve in my neck. Started Meena’s Yoga Therapy class and haven’t had to see my chiropractor.
    Sciatica also is no longer a problem
    More inner/core strength

I am much calmer, day to day issues are not a big deal. It is not necessary to know anything, do what you can do. Meena has a way to help students get into their body. Concentration on the breath is very meditative. More than an exercise, practice of Yoga is a spiritual experience.”

Wolfgang Bruehl, 51, practicing Yoga for 5 years.

” Yoga has helped me be more flexible and to relax quicker. It is much more a workout than what I originally thought. Many people think that if they are not flexible, they can’t do Yoga. That is not true, and you actually will get more flexible once you start practicing.
My balance has greatly improved. I feel more stable and centered. I like the group classes, it is fun to connect and share with other students. The studio location is in my home town, so very convenient.
I can’t imagine a better teacher than Meena Puri, She is very engaging and infuses life lessons and spirituality into the practice. I love listening to her insights at the beginning and end of the class.
So, my advice to those who are still not practicing Yoga is: Try it and don’t be afraid. Do what you can do and it only gets better. Don’t get sidetracked by the stereotypical yoga models. In reality, Yoga practice is nothing like that.”

Wolfgang is a dedicated student and brings focus, willingness and hard work into his practice. It is great to have him in classes.



Barbara Sudek, 74, practicing for 6 months

“I couldn’t do the things that I do know without Yoga. I am more flexible and that is the only exercise that I can do. I feel so good after the class. Yoga is not about aggressive poses, it is very gently and I especially enjoy the group class and enjoy all my classmates.”

Keep up the good work Barbara!





Lauren Hargadon, 47, practicing for 4 years.

“Yoga is a total Mind/Body/Spirit experience. Falls in line with becoming more spiritual but has tremendous physical benefits as well. I am a runner and have tight hamstrings and I really need Yoga to get more flexible. The practice has helped me through a difficult life transition.”
“If you want to be more present in your life, do Yoga!”

Lauren is definitely someone I notice to have a quiet presence, mindful effort and humility.

Susan Poggione, 54, practicing for 9 months

” Yoga has taught me how to relax. I had back and neck issues and it has helped me learn to resolve them. I am calmer, breathe better and am not as sore and achy when I get up in the morning. Meena Puri is an excellent teacher in correcting alignment and extremely knowledgeable.”
“You have to give it a try. The benefits are spectacular”

Thank you Susan for your participation and for joining our school.

Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Medicine

Playing in the N. H.L. for almost 8 years, took a toll on my body and resulted in many injuries and surgeries that ended my playing career. I became very stiff and had to endure a lot of pain and functioning on a daily basis became a challenge. I had a hard time skating and had to give up hockey and other sports that I loved to play. Simple things like getting in and out of the car, bending down, getting out of bed and just using my body to live became very difficult.  Along with that, I had chronic congestion that also affected the quality of my sleep. Telling my story to countless doctors and therapists left me frustrated as no one really listened or did anything of value to really help me besides prescribing more pain medication.

Meena Puri was the first person who not only understood my physical problems but provided me with concrete steps and solutions to address those issues. That was a welcome relief and gave me confidence that I could get better. Now after working with Ms. Puri for over a year and making lifestyle changes including nutrition, here are my results:

I am skating again and have been coaching hockey this summer.

My congestion is gone. I sleep soundly and through the night.

I have stopped taking all pain medication. No more side effects.

My posture and body alignment is much improved.

I feel more fluid and confident in my body and its ability to heal.

Overall weight and body fat is reduced.

Most importantly, this is only the beginning. I plan on getting better and better and restoring the quality of my life. Working with Ms. Puri and following her guidelines has been the key to my improvement and I am forever grateful. Paul Woods

Kundalini Yoga

That class was simply amazing.  I felt as though I were transported to another dimension, like past lives.  It was bizarre.  It was very powerful. can’t even quite describe what happened but it was profound.  Thank you Meena Puri.  You are a gift to all of us and our community..  I am so glad I attended.   Colleen Kilpatrick

 Another major break through  Nancy McDaniel

Simply fabulous!  I have not stopped thinking since then.

Thank you for your gift of teaching. The Kundalini workshop was such an inspiration  Karen Baron

Kundalini Yoga is the most effective therapy P. Pieczarka

Yoga, Workshops and Vedic Counseling

I have been Meena’s student for a very long time; over 15 years.  Over the years, apart from consistently attending her Yoga classes, I have attended almost every workshop and program that she has offered.  Every time I hear her talk or teach, I continue to digest the teachings at a deeper level.  I have also taken workshops with other teachers, but Meena brings it all together in a way that no other teacher has for me. As a result, I have a great sense of self and self-esteem and I continue to experience an increased sense of awareness, which has had a tremendous affect on all areas of my life, helping me live a meaningful, healthier and happier life. I am able to separate myself from my problems and get a different perspective and look at the bigger picture.  me the peace of mind, inner hope and self assurance that I got from Meena. Since childhood I have been living within a vortex of old beliefs that would recycle over and over, always leaving me insecure and unsure. In one session with Meena not only did she figure out what has been holding me captive all these years but she enabled me to free myself and I walked away with an inner peace and happiness, an assuredness that no matter what happens in life “I” can handle it, and a real understanding of who I am. I have awakened every day since feeling joy, excitement for the new day and real sense that I am all I need to make it through whatever life throws at me and that I will continue to thrive as this person I lost a long time ago. I still have lots of work to do to clear out the many layers of baggage I have built up, but I am finally ALIVE! As they say, if you continue to do as you’ve always done, you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten… That’s what I got with the so-called professionals. I needed something different, something more… and that is what Meena is guiding me to achieve. Meena is the change we could probably all use.  Kim V.

Yoga, Workshops, Ayurveda

I just attended the first step in her Simple Steps program and I am so glad I did.  The seminar was excellent!  Everything she said was right to the point and hit the core of the issues.  The program was very interactive and all the participants were engaged in the learning. Once more, I gained a deeper understanding.  Another useful aspect of the program is the built-in support system.  Meena encouraged all the participants to “buddy up”, which really opened more possibilities for everyone.  I felt a deep sense of connection with everyone who attended.  I believe if you attend this program, listen, learn and do the necessary work, your life will improve significantly.  I can’t imagine anyone walking away with less than that.

I have been Meena’s student for a very long time; over 15 years.  Over the years, apart from consistently attending her Yoga classes, I have attended almost every workshop and program that she has offered.  Every time I hear her talk or teach, I continue to digest the teachings at a deeper level.  I have also taken workshops with other teachers, but Meena brings it all together in a way that no other teacher has for me. As a result, I have a great sense of self and self-esteem and I continue to experience an increased sense of awareness, which has had a tremendous affect on all areas of my life, helping me live a meaningful, healthier and happier life. I am able to separate myself from my problems and get a different perspective and look at the bigger picture.  Patti P.

Yoga and Meditation

Meena- thank you again for such a wonderful event! You are such a gifted teacher and healer, and have been a powerful force for the positive in my life….at a time when things have been rather bleak. Anyone, no matter what their circumstances, can benefit from your wisdom and guidance, and from the positive outcomes of Yoga and meditation. Thank you again for generously sharing your gifts with us!  Susan


Dear Meena, Your magic just continues!  I injured my shoulder a year ago.  I’ve been able to bring it back about 85-90 %, but not pain free.  Well, after the shoulder work yesterday I am now 100%!  Swam 20 laps today without even a twinge.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! A very grateful Linda Gepper

Good morning, Meena.  Wow!  When I swam this morning, I concentrated on stretching my consciousness from one end of the pool to the other.  As I swam the line, I stretched my left leg past the limit of my mind as I kicked.  And…no pain in my hip!!!  I’m still pain free a couple hours later.  Thank you for being my teacher!  Linda

Meditation Retreat

A wonderful experience to spend a weekend with like minded students learning and sharing.  The weekend meditation allows me to fully immerse and have a deeper experience.  It provides a wonderful opportunity to recharge and refocus on the meditation practice.  Meena, as always, combines the learning with her wonderful insights.  Denise H.

Meditation Retreat

At the beginning of the weekend, my mind and spirit was full of all the troubles around me and I felt sick.  Now, at the end of the retreat, I feel full, content and at peace.  I feel strongly grounded and ready to live my life.  Jackie B.

Meditation Retreat

The meditation weekend retreat is quite worthwhile.  Although it’s hard to carve a full weekend out of your busy life, your meditation practice is so fortified, that it keeps giving back, every day of your life.  Not only do you have to stop buzzing around with daily activities, your time at the retreat is of such high quality, it’s like gaining time.  I leave feeling richer, smarter and a little more evolved.  This is my fourth year attending the retreat and every year, more doors open to me, and I love the opportunities they supply.  And, most people think (myself included, in my first year) that time is going to drag on, and how can you possibly meditate so much.  But, time absolutely flies by and it is not all meditation.  Most time we meditate for at a time is 30 min.  There is discussion, Yoga and sharing of your experiences.  It is difficult to describe, but it truly is enriching.  Attending the weekend retreat is like getting a shot in the arm – it reboots your practice. You have to try it to believe it  Cindy H.


There are pivotal moments in life, which can change your direction. I had one of those moments when I met Meena. I had been through a number of physical trials that resulted in my relationships taking a turn for the worse. I started yoga and then Aryuveda with Meena. As I worked with her, I discovered things about myself that I had never known before. That awareness has transformed my relationships and allowed me to grow in ways that I didn’t think were possible. Her gentle guidance helped me to understand where I was coming from and how to deal with the issues. The breathing and meditation techniques have also helped me to deal effectively with stress. The dietary changes have helped me live a healthier lifestyle.  I can’t say enough about what she has done for me.  Client Name Withheld

Thank you Meena for your compassion, knowledge, courage and strength to bring Ayurveda, Yoga and healing into our lives.  Suzy M.


I’ve been practicing “breathing” into areas that are tight or otherwise problematic and I can’t believe how much that mental shift manifests into actual physical changes.  The yoga breathing and meditation helps me stay in balance like I haven’t been able to do before.  In the past, I have really struggled with my nerves when competing.  While I was still very nervous this summer, I was able to keep it in check and in the productive realm.   I do not say it enough, but thanks for all you do.  Dawn W.

I was diagnosed with IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer).  Chemo left me with cognitive issues and out of balance.  I have been taking Meena’s special needs class for 4 months.  I have noticed a big difference in my ability to balance, I do not stutter as much I did before, it has been so beneficial for my mind and body that I have now my daughter in law and my friend join the classes.  I love it and will do it for the rest of my life.  Susan L.

I started taking yoga with Meena to alleviate problems I was having with sciatica. Since then, my pain has seriously diminished and can now once again walk pain free. In addition it has improved my flexibility and balance. I can’t recommend Meena’s classes enough.  Dennis H.

This story goes to the best Yoga teacher in the world. Thank you a lot Meena. I have been doing Yoga with Meena for many years and have noticed that I have been paying more attention to my breath. Yoga works every muscle in the body, including your neck, head, hamstrings, quads and so much more than you could imagine. But when I’m in class all I really think about is the breathing and also what Meena is telling me to do. Awareness is very important in Yoga. It takes a lot of effort to do some of the exercises. Yoga helps you to stay fit. Even though I have Cerebral Palsy I can do a lot of the different Yoga poses. I think the most important thing that I can focus on in my Yoga class is just to be aware of what kind of movements your body can do for certain amount of time.  Erin O

I have now worked with Meena Puri for several years. I will say my fear and depression are presently no longer an issue in my life. The physical benefits are quite obvious also. Spiritually, I feel connected to my God and fellow life here. I’ve learned to love myself and be thankful for people and things in life. This has been a process and not an event. The changes are very subtle. Meena is a wonderful teacher and human being. She is very skilled at pushing her students to the point that they bend but do not break: physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Donald M.

I’ve been doing Yoga with Meena on and off for over three years. It has improved my riding of horses, always gets me centered and gives me energy. I notice when I don’t practice Yoga, my endurance and flexibility is not the same. I have recommended Yoga with Meena to several other dressage riders who also feel it has greatly improved their riding.  Nancy T.

I have been dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil and change in my life this past year. Outwardly I function fine, but the inward functioning was very chaotic and tended to be negative. Since starting yoga classes with Meena, I find that my mind and body are becoming much less stressed. My mind does not have the opportunity to race and go a million directions because I am concentrating on my breath and the yoga position I am working on. Meena’s gentle voice and peaceful words have brought much needed calm to my life. The only stress I have is when I don’t think I will be able to go to my yoga class!!!  Barb L. 

I started doing yoga with Meena because I was having back pain. I’d had lower back pain for many years, but it was getting pretty intense, and I was a runner. I went to a chiropractor for almost a year, and tried sever other alternative homeopathic remedies, with no real improvement. I finally went to a neurosurgeon, who wanted to sign me up for surgery right away. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and herniated disc, and he wanted to put a metal caging system in my back. I opted out of that. I quit running, altered my exercise routine, and fit in yoga. Eventually, I realized the more yoga I did the better I felt. That was about four years ago, and now I do yoga at least three time a week. Yoga is the one and only thing that has worked for me. Yoga has done so much more for me than the physical aspect I was looking for. I am much more peaceful and a better person than I was before yoga. I have learned so much about myself. I absolutely love it, and recommend it to everyone.  Cindy Hemingway 

Since I started doing yoga I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my 63 years. I watch what I eat and workout, but yoga with Meena is the core of my strength, flexibility and vigor.  Peter Binkert

Yoga has made me feel stronger and relieved pain and stiffness in my knees and has allowed me to feel calmer in the face of change in my life. Meena has a gift for helping the student fine-tune the approach to postures. Her explanations allow me to accomplish much more than I expected. There are always new surprises.  Karol L.

Years ago I attended a yoga class, but left very uninspired. Then I found The Yoga School of Milford and because of the dedication, compassion and guidance,( not to mention a great sense of humor), from Meena, yoga has become a mainstay of my life. Meena teaches the true essence of yoga, the total integration of mind, body, spirit and I must say that I am most grateful that she has come into my life. If your ‘re looking for a Yoga instructor….they don’t come any better than Meena Puri!  Becky W.