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It's my greatest joy to work with clients individually and witness the positive changes in their health and their life.  Experience is a great teacher and a motivator.  In order to experience the great health, one must make a commitment.  It has been my experience throughout my life that when we make a commitment to that which serves our Higher Self, the Universe  bends over backwards to line up the resources.

Here is an explanation of the work that we will be doing together.

What is Ayurvedic Consultation?

To diagnose the imbalances by reading the pulse (at the surface, organ layer, tissue layer, energetic layer, deeper layer of the body) examining the tongue, face, way of talking, walking and posture. It also includes your complete medical history including current and past medications, dietary history including any herbs, supplements, or vitamins, sleep and exercise routines, any other factors that may affect your health such as family and work dynamics.  This is a comprehensive consultation that takes into account everything affecting your health.

What is Ayurvedic Counseling?

Broader and deeper work to uncover the root causes of long standing health issues; health in Ayurveda is physical, psychological, spiritual.  For example, where counseling may only focus on mental/emotional challenges, Ayurvedic Counseling understands that one's lifestyle can affect their mental/emotional health and physical symptoms are not separate from one's mental/emotional health.

Ayurvedic Counseling incorporates all the areas of one’s life that can affect the health; person’s unique make-up and imbalances, diet and nutrition, lifestyle changes, psychological, energetic and Spiritual.

Your work with me includes both the consultation and counseling. Disease shows up in the physical, its created in the non-physical. The work is to heal where it was created.

Why You Should Consider Ayurveda?

There is no other health model that addresses all aspects of one's health and life.  The mother of all natural medicine, Ayurveda is time tested and the call of our times where we are falling in despair of ill-health. Currently, we are facing mental health crisis due to the pandemic; without a Spiritual anchor we are lost.  Ayurveda is a deep, broad and sophisticated system that connects you to your Truth. There is no other system or wisdom that understands the human being  like Ayurveda does.

Ayurveda is the mother of all natural medicine and is a complete art and Science of health, healing and longevity.  In Ayurveda, health and life are used synonymously; when health is there, life works beautifully.

If you have been struggling with your physical, mental/emotional health, can't find the answers from the Western medicine, know there is more to you than just your symptoms and diagnosis, want to heal and live a purposeful life, then look no further.

Why work with me?

I walk the talk. Like you, I have had many challenges in my life that I have overcome and come on the other side expanded and evolved. I often say, "I am the lab for all the teachings"  and it has been true so far.  More than the trainings, this work is very personal for me as I have experienced it first hand. There is nothing that I will teach you that I haven't experienced myself.

It pains me to see people struggle with their health because I know that they can get better if only they knew how. My vision is to see you get on with your happy, healthy and purposeful life. That life is within your reach.

In working with me, you receive the benefit of my roots in India in Ayurveda, and 35 years combined of teaching Yoga and practicing Ayurveda and having worked with hundreds of individual clients.

New Clients

It's a great joy for me to introduce you to Ayurveda and it's healing power.  So much of it will resonate with you as it will align with your nature, it's like coming home to yourself.  You will learn so much by experiencing it and it will stay with you for life.

Our current crisis has drawn a greater awareness to the importance of our health by surfacing the state of our health; both physical and mental. It's my hope that we are finally ready to look at our whole health and stop fragmenting our health into physical, mental and Spiritual. With this work, you will be able to not only get the whole big picture that makes sense but also gain practical knowledge on how to apply it in your daily life. To align your lifestyle to your greatest health and vitality is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself, your family and your community.

I invite you to schedule you  30 minute complementary consultation with me so we can get to know one another and it's a good fit, we commit to 3 months and then evaluate, and possibly continue if it's a good use of our energies and time.


Continuing Clients

With the passage of time, the changes in our life and our environment can create health challenges.  Left unattended, our health can worsen and in turn affects the quality of our life. To maintain vibrant health in any age is a continuous attention to prioritizing our health.  The best cure is prevention.

Ayurveda is a dynamic system that recognizes the changes in one's life, body and environment and meets you where you can so you can continue to enjoy radiant health, prevent disease and continue to grow and evolve. Having the right guidance and support can make all the difference and can guide you to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

This is a maintenance and preventative care program for those who have already been working with me.  With my guidance and support, I can ensure that you stay on the track and that you continue to grow. .

I have learned that when clients take a big break, we end up starting all over again.


"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too."    William Hutchison Murray

New Clients

I work with individual clients in cycles of 3 Month 

  • 12 weekly appointments, 60 min each, except the first appointment.
  • First appointment is 90 minutes - this is your comprehensive Ayurvedic Consultation.
  • Email support for quick questions in between sessions
  • Written recommendations that can include dietary changes, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, and other healing modalities.
  • Guidance on Ayurveda Cleanse if appropriate
  • Recording of meditations, if any.
  • Yoga therapy is included, if needed
  • CAD$2,500 or 3 installments of CAD$900


For cost in US Dollars, click here

For cost in US Dollars, click here

Continuing Clients

  • One 60 minute sessions per month
  • E-mail support in between sessions for quick questions
  • 12 month commitment
  • CAD$200 per month


For cost in US Dollars, click here


"There are pivotal moments in life, which can change your direction. I had one of those moments when I met Meena. I had been through a number of physical trials that resulted in my relationships taking a turn for the worse. I started yoga and then Aryuveda with Meena. As I worked with her, I discovered things about myself that I had never known before. That awareness has transformed my relationships and allowed me to grow in ways that I didn’t think were possible. Her gentle guidance helped me to understand where I was coming from and how to deal with the issues. The breathing and meditation techniques have also helped me to deal effectively with stress. The dietary changes have helped me live a healthier lifestyle.  I can’t say enough about what she has done for me.  Client Name Withheld


"Meena was very welcoming and knowledgeable. I felt at ease and appreciated her expertise. The center is lovely. Full of light and comfortable. I will be back many times to work with Meena." Jeanne Tomlinson


"Meena Puri is an amazing healer and spiritual guide. She is attentive, caring, and proactive. I am very blessed to have found such a genuine, skilled practitioner to help me care for my body temple on this journey. Furthermore, her assessments of disease and ailments are never separate from the heart and spirit, which is the missing link with many medical practitioners. To anyone who is searching for an excellent Ayurvedic specialist, I wholeheartedly recommend Meena Puri." L.T.


"Meena was a life saver - literally! I visited her office because I was feeling intense anxiety that made my heart feel like it was beating laboriously. She put one hand on my upper back and one hand on my upper chest and listened intently. She then told me there was a mechanical issue with my heart and that I needed to see a cardiologist immediately. She was absolutely right. A couple days later I had emergency open heart surgery for a ruptured valve. I consider Meena one of the angels who saved my life. She is a kind, caring soul who takes the time to really get to know and understand her patients unique health situation and goals. He wisdom runs deep and her knowledge of all aspects of body, mind and spirit is vast. I consider myself fortunate to have such a gifted practitioner of Ayurveda and Yoga in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking optimal health." Colleen Kilpatrick


"I began seeing Meena in the spring of 2018 after having digestive issues. My doctor was unable to pinpoint the source of the problem but Meena asked questions regarding my diet and eating habits and attitudes about food. She then suggested a plant based diet and helped me to develop a new lifestyle that focused on awareness. This comprehensive plan alleviated my symptoms very quickly. I would highly recommend the Ayurvedic approach and Meena for her knowledge, guidance and wisdom. She has been a blessing on my path to emotional, spiritual and physical healing." Stephanie Krogstad


"Meena's knowledge and wisdom of healing is vast and I have experienced great improvements in my health thanks to her guidance and recommendations. What I love about Ayurveda and Meena's teachings is that you are involving all senses in your healing process. From food to self-care, herbal supplements, meditation, and more, you will enjoy the process of becoming healthier because the new habits you cultivate will please your senses and bring more pleasure to your daily routine." Bethany Betzler


"Meena with her knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga has had such a positive meaningful influence of living in my day to day experiences. Her practice offers a holistic approach creating lifestyle changes to Balance Body and Mind. I truly trust and embrace all her individual attention. I have been with Meena for ten years and thank you for changing and enriching my life with peace and happiness." Karen Baron


"As a student of Meena’s for over a decade my life has been enriched by her teachings of yoga. The Yoga School of Milford is more than just the physical practice of yoga. It is also engages the mind and the spirit through the practice of the breath and meditation. Meena has also worked with me on dietary issues and stress management through her Ayurvedic Healing Center. At the center we work one on one to recognize blocks and develop strategies that works for me to create a healthier environment and a healthier me. I am very grateful for the many teachings of Meena’s.?" Tekla Hall

"Meena is an amazing woman and doctor! She is knowledgeable and gentle and does an amazing job of helping you find things that will either maintain your balance or help to correct your imbalances. I recommend going to see her as soon as you can as Ayurvedic medicine is one for prevention, It is far easier to STAY healthy then it is to GET healthy. I just finished a cleanse with her and I feel brighter and more ready for whatever comes my way. She tailors it to your needs and adjusts the different therapies to work to heal you more. I recommend this PK therapy (Panchakarma) to any one of any age." Cheyenne Boinais

"Meena Puri is the real deal in Ayurveda and self care. I have a hard time grasping the concepts in Ayurveda but I trust Meena so I do not question her advice.She is caring, knowledgeable and soft spoken. I have learned how to meditate from her and practice Kundalini Yoga.Her vegetarian cooking is delicious. Try one of her Panchkarma therapies for a total relaxing experience. Invest in yourself with Meena. You will not be disappointed!" Debra Schultz

"Meena, is very intelligent and genuinely wanted to help me. I felt comfortable with her and her office setting and didn't feel like a number. She gave me a real alternative to (ineffective) prescription drugs for me and my situation. Actually, she gave me a whole action plan of alternatives and it is working much better than drugs." David Ellis

"The teachings Meena shares are mind-blowing --- in a good way.   The teachings invite an opening of the mind, which leads to an opening of the heart, which is where healing can happen. I'm beginning to notice and more clearly see old patterns that reflect my fears.  While a little aggravating, this way of seeing and sensing spark my curiosity and hope for eventually transforming that fear-based energy." Claire Casselman


Dearest Meena:  I first contacted you almost one year ago regarding RA, sadness & poor health. One of my issues was osteoporosis & a scary dexascan. I feared my bones were disintegrating. So I stuck with your nutritional & emotional advice and just received results of follow up dexascan. I have significant increase in bone density in most areas measured and NO increase in osteoporosis measured at all!

In addition to your prescribed herbs/food and open hearted & compassionate mindful practices, I have committed to a yoga practice that focuses on scoliosis. My height has NOT decreased👍 And I have not experienced any falls. Couldn’t wait to share with you and share my gratitude🙏


"There's no substitute for the best! I have experienced several other yoga teachers, but Meena is by far the best I have encountered and I keep coming back! I have been practicing with Meena on and off for ~6 years and have made it a priority to grow my practice under her advisement for the past few years. Her yoga instruction has not only strengthened my body, but through her gentle guidance has also nourished my soul. When my life got tough she taught me to Meditate which has improved my mental health and well being. She introduced me to Kundalini which also has many benefits for the body and brain. I honestly can't say enough good things about her teachings - hard to put into words, but once you experience it, you realize how good it is and how much you needed it! Her teachings have saved me many times over through prevention of physical and mental illnesses - can't put a price on that! Much Love!" Marci McGuire


"Meena Puri is a one-stop shop. I started seeing Meena for fatigue, allergies, and digestion issues and within a week of making slight changes to my diet, supplements, and routine I felt lighter in my body, congestion ceased, and I had more energy. Meena gave me easy guides to restart my meditation routine and with her gentle, yet earnest guidance, I began worrying less and feeling more grounded and centered with a clearer mind. Meena provides deep knowledge of the body, insight into calming the mind, and sage advice regarding connecting to what really matters in life – living from your center. I recommend Meena Puri for practical advisement and guidance on holistic healing in our daily lives." Julie Law


I have been Meena’s student for a very long time; over 15 years.  Over the years, apart from consistently attending her Yoga classes, I have attended almost every workshop and program that she has offered.  Every time I hear her talk or teach, I continue to digest the teachings at a deeper level.  I have also taken workshops with other teachers, but Meena brings it all together in a way that no other teacher has for me. As a result, I have a great sense of self and self-esteem and I continue to experience an increased sense of awareness, which has had a tremendous affect on all areas of my life, helping me live a meaningful, healthier and happier life. I am able to separate myself from my problems and get a different perspective and look at the bigger picture.  me the peace of mind, inner hope and self assurance that I got from Meena. Since childhood I have been living within a vortex of old beliefs that would recycle over and over, always leaving me insecure and unsure. In one session with Meena not only did she figure out what has been holding me captive all these years but she enabled me to free myself and I walked away with an inner peace and happiness, an assuredness that no matter what happens in life “I” can handle it, and a real understanding of who I am. I have awakened every day since feeling joy, excitement for the new day and real sense that I am all I need to make it through whatever life throws at me and that I will continue to thrive as this person I lost a long time ago. I still have lots of work to do to clear out the many layers of baggage I have built up, but I am finally ALIVE! As they say, if you continue to do as you’ve always done, you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten… That’s what I got with the so-called professionals. I needed something different, something more… and that is what Meena is guiding me to achieve. Meena is the change we could probably all use.  Kim V.

Playing in the N. H.L. for almost 8 years, took a toll on my body and resulted in many injuries and surgeries that ended my playing career. I became very stiff and had to endure a lot of pain and functioning on a daily basis became a challenge. I had a hard time skating and had to give up hockey and other sports that I loved to play. Simple things like getting in and out of the car, bending down, getting out of bed and just using my body to live became very difficult.  Along with that, I had chronic congestion that also affected the quality of my sleep. Telling my story to countless doctors and therapists left me frustrated as no one really listened or did anything of value to really help me besides prescribing more pain medication.

Meena Puri was the first person who not only understood my physical problems but provided me with concrete steps and solutions to address those issues. That was a welcome relief and gave me confidence that I could get better. Now after working with Ms. Puri for over a year and making lifestyle changes including nutrition, here are my results:

I am skating again and have been coaching hockey this summer.

My congestion is gone. I sleep soundly and through the night.

I have stopped taking all pain medication. No more side effects.

My posture and body alignment is much improved.

I feel more fluid and confident in my body and its ability to heal.

Overall weight and body fat is reduced.

Most importantly, this is only the beginning. I plan on getting better and better and restoring the quality of my life. Working with Ms. Puri and following her guidelines has been the key to my improvement and I am forever grateful. Paul Woods


"Meena is one of the most effective teachers I've known. She teaches with clarity, integrity, warmth and humor. Being in her presence is to be seen, accepted, gently challenged and encouraged. I'm becoming more aware that my habit is to use thoughts to change my feelings -- who knew I can use my heart's connection to the vast healing energy to transform and heal my troublesome feelings? Meena knows, and she generously and enthusiastically imparts the teachings. I'm so grateful!" Claire


"Good evening Meena. You may or may not remember me and that's OK.  I wanted to reach out however and say thank you.

In the spring of 2018 my wife and I visited you. At the time, we were very curious to learn about Ayurvedic medicine and were excited to find a local practitioner. To make a long story short, you and I discussed many things, one of which was my drinking. I would have 1-2 beers every night, and anywhere from 4-6+ on weekend nights. I thought this was normal, since basically everyone in my social circle adheres to this behavior.

You looked me right in the eye and said, "well, that's just alcoholism". At the time, I sort of scoffed and brushed off your advice to reduce my drinking; I didn't want to hear that it was a problem. It took me almost a year, but your words kept coming back to me: "well, that's just alcoholism". This past March 1st, I quit drinking 100%. Zip, zero ,zilch. I've lost 25 pounds and now have an unlimited membership at Citizen Yoga and attend class several times per week.

I've never felt better. And it really all started because you were the first person to tell me the truth about the amount I was drinking, so for that I would like to say a very heartfelt and grateful thank you!" Ryan Storzbach


Thank you Meena for your compassion, knowledge, courage and strength to bring Ayurveda, Yoga and healing into our lives.  Suzy M.