Overcoming Mental Health Challenges

Our mental/emotional health is challenged during this pandemic.  Isolation, fear of getting the virus, fear of the unknown, change in normal way of life - all have contributed to the challenge that many of us are facing.  These are not easy times; however, I ask that you consider the following to navigate through these times

  1. How we respond to the external is a function of our nervous system.  The strength of our inner world helps us navigate the external with ease.  How have you responded to life's challenges  in the past?  The same is being triggered multi-fold.  The fear is real.  The question is what is being triggered for you?  How is is showing up for you?
  2. Transformation and shift are glorious words, however the process isn't.  We - the whole planet is undergoing this process.  We are asked to persevere, to hold on and trust.
  3. There is no sugar-coating what's happening in the world.  We can't pretend what's happening is okay, we don't have to like it or agree with it, but we have to accept that it is happening and our only task is to be a calm witness to it and do our part.
  4. Trust that you will never be put in a situation that you can't handle.  Do what you know to do and leave the rest to that Creative Force with trust.
  5. The thought of ending life may have crossed many people.  But we don't end our struggles by ending our life; we come back with the same struggles.  Just something to consider.
  6. Ask for help!   NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) has a 24 hour helpline: 800-950-6264
  7. Don't underestimate the power of self-care in maintaining calm and peace.  1. Eat and sleep at a set time 2. Move your body 3. Know your triggers and have boundaries 4. Connect with nature and your own nature by meditating....and do that which brings your peace and freedom.
  8. Scroll down to read on the A technique to transmute mental/emotional energies.  Listen to the "Heal Your Life" live podcast on the A technique.
  9. Learn to meditate.  See the link below to download the Heart Based Meditation technique.
  10. You may also check out the the 2 audio programs that I have created;  Overcoming Anxiety and 21 Guided Meditations for Your Healing Journey  - links below
  11. If you are ready for support and guidance, then consider working with me. Healing past trauma, healing relationships are all part of the work you will do with me. To begin, schedule your complementary consultation with me - link below

The Fundamentals

  1. All of life is energy.  We may call it Karma – which is the energy of action and reaction.  Energy can’t be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed.  Until the energy of suffering or darkness is transformed or freed, it will continue to recycle and hence the reason for perpetual suffering
  2. Our life at this time on this planet is a continuum of all the lifetimes we have lived and our experiences are representations of the energies we have created in prior lifetimes and hence the need to take responsibility for all that we experience and bring it to love.  So what we have before us is a tremendous opportunity to heal all the past energies and Karma.  This lifetime is the journey to healing.
  3. We don’t need to know what happened in prior lifetimes, it is enough to know that our current experiences are not just limited to this lifetime.  Many times, it is one or two common themes that repeat in our life such as feeling abandoned, victimized, feeling separated, or not good enough to name a few.
  4. All of the dark emotions/energies need to be brought to light and love in order to heal them and free them.
  5. Transformation is about freedom and freedom from suffering is not a magic wand, rather it is a process that works in layers.  As we continue to go deeper into healing the dark energies, all that we had held on to or had  tucked away will begin to surface.  We need to stay present and really go beyond the limited event or circumstance, however logical it may seem.  We must allow for these energies to come to surface and open our heart to them to bring them to love.
  6. This work is about taking personal responsibility for all we feel and experience and bring it into the full circle of love.  This is ultimate Self Love.
  7. This work is about coming full circle into our own depth and connecting with it deeply remembering that darkness is part of light and fear is part of love and becoming whole and full spectrum beings.
  8. We repeat the patterns until we heal the energies associated with these patterns.  There are no mistakes, only experiences of these energies until we heal them.

Let’s begin here

There is a lot more to discover.  I have been led to these teachings and work in my quest for answers.  I have been using these teachings in individual counseling work and the experiences of the clients have been nothing short of miraculous, even those who have been meditating their whole life found relief, peace,strength and courage.

All of our prior work in meditations and Consciousness have prepared us for these Higher Teachings.  It is time to end the suffering!  Our world today is perfectly mirroring these dark energies that we all experience.  In healing these energies in us, we heal them for others.  This is how we heal the world.

The A Technique

The A Technique is a powerful method for transmuting energies, given to us by the Heavens, to assist us in healing all our stored-up pain and resistances in life.  This technique has been the basis for transmuting energies for over ten years now. It is a simple yet very powerful technique that literally moves mountains of energy when it is practiced regularly.  It is the foundational process that we use to transform limiting energies, assisting them to expand into a full Spectrum of Love.

This full Spectrum of Love includes not only the Love, joy, and happiness in life, but also the pain, fear and anger that we created during our Journey into the Darkness.  This perception of Love sees all life as being a part of Love.  With our willingness to fully accept life just as it is, it is transformed and expanded into a full Spectrum of Love.  This allows us to have the wisdom and understanding of what we have gained from the pain and suffering, and enables us to live as full Spectrum Beings of pure Love, Loving and honoring all life without exception.

This fulfills our Purpose in Life, so that we can be clear and open channels for the Heavens to flow their Love through us, anchoring Heaven on Earth so that all life on this Planet may live in a Love-based Realm. It is a gradual process of shifting from a fear-based to a Love-based Realm, and you are a Key player in anchoring these energies for life to expand in Love…by beginning with yourself! This simple technique will allow you to experience this shift within yourself, so that you may live as a Fifth Dimensional expression of Humanity and as a being of pure Love.  

Brief Overview of the A Technique

We may work with each concept separately per week or all of them together – according to the need.

1. Awareness – become aware of what is taking place and your participation in every situation in your life.

4. Appreciation – as you accept these energies, your heart will naturally open to feel appreciation for everything these energies have shown you.

2. Allow – consciously open your heart to every energy you are feeling throughout the day and allow Love to flow for them.

5. Application – when you begin to apply these principles in your life, you bring this work into reality…to live it…to be it… You bring all of your suffering and pain to a “Full Circle of Love” to set yourself free!

3. Acceptance – accept these energies just as they are, allowing them to flow through your heart in complete acceptance — without the need to change them by putting them into categories or judging them in any way — you will give them their freedom.

6. Anchoring – anchoring of Heaven on Earth brings your entire life’s Journey to a ‘Full Circle of Love’ within you, which allows the Heavens to flow their Love and Light freely through you, fulfilling your Purpose in Life.

The A Technique is the foundation for transmuting energies and creating a new way of life .

You are the KEY to set yourself free!!!

Overcoming Anxiety

This is our 4-week audio program that will guide you to overcome anxiety; from understanding the nature and deep causes of your anxiety to transmuting the anxiety into love.

The program is organized in 4 modules, 45 minutes long and comes with a workbook that you can print out. Each module contains a guided meditation and daily affirmations that you will work with for a week until the next module. In addition, it also includes one or two food items and a lifestyle habit that you can pay attention to.

21-Day Meditation for Healing

These meditations contain my most crystalized insights and teachings and are a culmination of years of working with clients and my own experiences. Most importantly, they are a labor of love, the love I feel for you and for the whole humanity especially during these trying times. It is my sincere desire and hope that they uplift you to the next level of your being and bring healing, joy and peace into your life.

Rather than abstract spiritual teachings, these meditations are personal and relevant for your healing.  Read More 

Heart Based Meditation Technique

You can learn the Heart Based Technique by downloading this audio.  There are 2 files.  This program contains the technique and everything you need to learn.  Schedule 2 one hour periods on two consecutive days and you will have the technique and start practicing.

This a free program, you may donate if you like.

Heal Your Life Live Podcasts

These podcasts contain the detail live discussion on the A technique.  It contains the attendees questions and my responses.  We unpacked this technique in great detail and deeper understanding.  These are now made available to everyone.  These ancient teachings have a tremendous wisdom needed for our Great Shift.  Enjoy the listening!

Feedback from Students of Heal Your Life Sessions

"Stepping out of the situation and into love has been a huge transformation in my life!  Trust the process and embrace ALL emotions that come with it during this course. At times during the sessions I thought, well where is this going or what is this emotion about….but through the 4 two hour class each week and the self work I did during the week, I came full circle and had that AHA moment where it all came together and the light bulb came on!

I cannot recommend this course enough….I was very skeptical going in but continued with the lessons and came out with a huge awakening and understanding of myself!  Thank you, Meena!!"   Kelly Bruce

"I can get into my head with the best of them. It’s when I began to drop my mind into my heart that the healing began.”Immense gratitude to Meena for her wisdom, guidance and humor to show me the way.

Meena’s teachings are “simple” yet far from easy. The work of dropping into our hearts and soothing the inner darkness that causes our own and universal suffering takes diligence, dedication and faith. The payoff? My heart is opening, I’m letting go and stepping into my true self, and healing is happening.  Thank you Meena!"  Lisa Hesse

"The teachings Meena shares are mind-blowing — in a good way.

The teachings invite an opening of the mind, which leads to an opening of the heart, which is where healing can happen.

I’m beginning to notice and more clearly see old patterns that reflect my fears.  While a little aggravating,  this way of seeing and sensing spark my curiosity and hope for eventually transforming that fear-based energy.

Meena is one of the most effective teachers I’ve known.  She teaches with clarity, integrity, warmth and humor.  Being in her presence is to be seen, accepted, gently challenged and encouraged.
I’m becoming more aware that my habit is to use thoughts to change my feelings — who knew I can use my heart’s connection to the vast healing energy to transform and heal my troublesome feelings?

Meena knows, and she generously and enthusiastically imparts the teachings.   I’m so grateful!" Claire

"Meena teaches from the heart in this series. She understands you even when you don’t quite understand yourself. Then she guides you until you understand.  If you really want to know what is in your heart do this work."  S. Morris

"Dropping into the heart allows for dropping pretenses and allowing for authenticity.  Thank goodness.  I’ve been so tired of living a protectionist life."  Claire

"I have realized that I have some deeply buried self confidence issues, stemming from lack of self worth.  I realize this with my mind.  But, to realize it with my heart, and really feel it, is a whole new experience.  And to bring that into my heart and love it, just diminishes it.  Super cool." Name Withheld

"The webinar was very informative and wonderful meditation.  Thank you." Sunitha Nagana Overcoming Anxiety Webinar attendee

"The webinar was wonderful.  I knew this would be helpful, It has given me a reminder of what I can work on to help with challenges from the external world." Mary Schimmel Overcoming Anxiety Webinar attendee

"If everyone could only just begin this type of work, the world would be unbelievable.  It gives you a peek at the potential.  I think, that is hope." Name Withheld

"Great Webinar session last night, it was interesting to note how you equated fear/anxiety to energy which can not be destroyed but only transformed." Srividhya Overcoming Anxiety Webinar

"That was an amazing webinar Meena.  Thank you so much. I have been reading a lot of Brene Brown books and what you said about owning your story and sitting with your fear/anxiety resonated.  It's a journey to get to where we can acknowledge our anxiety before we can accept it.  Will practice your meditation technique with my 23 year old.  Look forward to more sessions." Manasa Nadig  Overcoming Anxiety Webinar attendee