Online Care

There is a lot going on with Holistic Health. Confusion is normal as one does not know which modality to follow and which one will work best with them.  Everything can work for someone; what works for you is a matter of what resonates and makes sense for you and your life.  Here is why to consider Ayurveda and see if it resonates with you.

  1. You are struggling with Chronic Illness?  A new RAND study found that 60 percent of American adults now live with at least one chronic condition; 42 percent have more than one. They account for hundreds of billions of dollars in health care spending every year. The problem is only going to get more urgent. Chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure increase with age and when left untreated, chronic diseases can be debilitating and reduce a person’s quality of life.
  2. The energy of your youth is wavering?  Does it take longer to recover from a cold or overdoing an activity?
  3. You are experiencing more conflict and less joy in your relationships?  Perhaps many emotional patterns have come to surface?
  4. You want to maintain robust health as you age?

If you are ready to embrace whole health, I invite you to work with me for a month. This is a LIMITED TIME offer and is heavily discounted as I normally work with clients for a cycle of 3 months.

  • One 90-minute comprehensive consultation that will reveal your constitution and your current imbalances. Read More Here
  • Two 1-hr. follow up appointments
  • Written recommendations after each appointment
  • recording of any guided meditations if needed.
  • cost CDN $497
  • Once you make the payment, I will send you a link to schedule all your appointments.

For cost in US Dollars, click here