Chronic fatigue is very real to those who suffer from this debilitating illness. But even though symptoms are clear, there are few effective treatments for chronic fatigue, because often there are no easily identified physical causes. The person with chronic fatigue usually knows that something is wrong long before modern medicine can find a cause.

Ayurveda evaluation techniques often give a new perspective on the root causes of chronic disorders. Traditional Ayurveda techniques such as pulse assessment identify depletion in the deep reserves of the body, which if left untreated, may manifest as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia.  This is a great relief to people who’ve been told that their very real symptoms of chronic fatigue are in their head. Finally, they can understand the underlying imbalances and the root causes of their suffering.

Symptoms can range low energy, exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, inability to sleep.( due to an overhaul on the nervous system),  yawing or sighing all the time, low grade fever, feeling spacy or dizzy, irritability,

Chronic fatigue results from overdoing and not taking care of oneself in the sense of sufficient sleep, proper diet.  Digestion is often compromised leading to AMA (toxins) buildup, aggravation of Vata and Pitta dosha, contributing to pain, stiffness and fatigue.  Over time, the metabolism of all the tissues is compromised and the final stage in the pathology becomes involved. Ojas (which is considered the final essence of tissue metabolism and the primary support for our immune system) is gradually depleted, causing the lingering viral or fungal infections that are often associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  What most depletes ojas are fear, anxiety, anger, grief, trauma,  The depletion is exacerbated by many factors including eating too much dry and cold food- including processed food or too much raw food, lack of restful sleep, excessive talking, excessive sensory stimulation, overly strenuous exercise, overwork, travel, excessive fasting and sudden weight loss.

The aim of treatment in Ayurveda is to address the disease process at the deepest level. Specifically, by strengthening and balancing Agni, removing Ama, balancing the doshas, and nourishing Ojas.  Diet, lifestyle, herbal medicines, Ayurvedic detoxification and Panchkarma Therapies all work to help restore the energy, build immunity and return you back to your life. Ayurvedic treatment takes time, especially with chronic conditions. All aspects of treatment should therefore be done with warmth, patience, consistency and regularity.