From tension to migraines, headaches can be most debilitating affecting normal functioning and tasks impossible to achieve.  According to Ayurveda. although migraine headaches can occur from  imbalances in any of the doshas, they frequently occur due to pitta imbalance.  The excess heat can move into the cardiovascular system and affects the blood vessels around the brain.   The imbalances most of the time start with the gut and if not corrected moves to other areas of the body.  For that reason, it is not a coincidence that most people who suffer from migraine headaches also suffer from weak digestion.  Weak digestion can lead to food sensitivities therefore causing immediate headaches when the allergen food is consumes. 

Some of the symptoms of migraine headaches are: sensitivity to noise, light, vomiting, light headedness, pounding headache, change in vision to total debilitation for the duration of the headache.

Ayurvedic treatment plan is  a comprehensive and multi-tiered one.  From changing diet to life style, taking herbal formulas and managing stress through meditation are some of the things that work very well in reducing and many times eliminating the headaches all together.  Ayurvedic Therapies such as using soothing nose drops, Shirodhara, cooling herbs ate highly effective. Please note that sometimes the headaches are secondary as a side-effect of some medications, in which case, the approach may be different.

What you can do?

  • Avoid direct sun, in the case of headaches caused by excessive heat( pitta imbalance)
  • Walk in the moon light or water
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Drink 1/4 cup aloe juice by itself or mixed in with 3/4 cup pomegranate juice
  • cilantro juice, and cilantro pack over the forehead
  • Soak coriander seeds overnight and drink the water in the morning
  • Cooling pranayama, curling the tongue and “sucking” the breath in