Modern day stress places huge demands on the heart physically, mentally and emotionally.  Heart is among the three most vital portions in the body.  Heart is the seat of the prana (life force) and the ojas ( the essence of healthy tissues).  Matters of the heart do affect the health of the heart.  Preventing the heart disease with early detection through pulse diagnosis, having a heart healthy diet and lifestyle are some of the preventative measures used in Ayurveda. Happiness is the best medicine for heart and Ayurveda is all about how to create happiness.  Real health, according to Ayurveda is not just lack of symptoms in the physical body, but bliss and joy in all the senses.  So, if you are in for creating real happiness and joy, look no further!

Some of the causes of heart disease is overconsumption of heavy food, physical over exertion, anxiety, fear, mental stress, lack of love and support,  injury, suppression of natural desires and feelings, intensity in thought and life,  obesity, consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, high toxicity and acidity in the blood, family history and high blood pressure.

High cholesterol by itself is not the cause of heart disease, the underlying cause is inflammation, toxicity and wear and tear of the arterial wall.

While both men and women are susceptible to Heart disease, men are more prone to this disease even at an early age. Ayurveda offers prevention, treatment and rejuvenation.  It is best to prevent heart disease so emergency measures are not needed.

What you can do

  • Minimize stress
  • Practice Meditation
  • Panchkarma Therapies
  • Schedule a consultation as a preventative measure
  • Maintain your optimal weight
  • Avoid eating out
  • Minimize consumption of animal protein
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