Anxiety disorders are on the rise affecting more than 40 million adults every year.   Anxiety is persistent worry, uneasiness, uncertainty that  can lead to panic attacks, depression and nervous breakdown.  The drug solution does not work for long time and we are missing something.  Ayurveda explains the missing link.

Anxiety is an accumulation of Vata in the nervous system but however, the real problem is in the gut, not the head.   More often than not, most mental disorders are deeply affected by subtle and obvious digestive health issues.  Poor digestive health is the root cause of many physical and mental/emotional disorders.   Eating a diet that aggravates Vata such as cold salads, raw foods, cold drinks, eating irregularly all lead to aggravated vata in the gut.  Weak digestion and heavy diet can lead to inflammation in the gut that permeates the “gut-brain axis’ leading to anxiety and depression.

Other symptoms that are related to anxiety are chronic stress and burnout, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, bloating and other digestive health issues, constipation.

The good news is that anxiety is totally treatable.  Changing diet, adding herbs to repair and reboot the gut, maintaining regularity and learning to meditate are some of the ways Ayurveda treats anxiety. Meditation and Mental Health

Adding  daily massage called Abhiyanga  leaning specific pranayama (breathing) techniques, adding yoga to your lifestyle will help you further in maintaining a strong mind/body.