In the world of fixing, improving and navigating the web of societal conditioning, Spiritual healing is a breath of fresh air  awakening us to the knowing that we are whole, at the perfect place and time in our lives.  It is in this place that the process becomes more of Self-discovery than of self-improvement.

In our human life, most of us struggle with a myriad of fears, disorders, illnesses and conflicts resulting from our belief system that attracts this struggle to us like a magnet.  Before we realize, this way of living becomes a norm for most.  This creates a separation or gap between our Truth and the state of our life resulting in an internal turmoil.  This turmoil is a little messenger for transformation, if we pay attention and choose it to be.

Spiritual healing is a process of connecting with that Truth and becoming whole again.  Our struggles lessen, life becomes more enjoyable, we begin to recognize and resonate with ourselves, our past conditioning and beliefs naturally shed away, the changes become more internally driven than externally imposed and we begin to live our Truth more and more.   This changes the internal environment, energy and vibration and the outer life begins to simply mimic that internal vibration.  The obstacles that we once perceived simply make way for our calling/purpose/mission that leads to happiness and joy.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.  This choice is not willed or pretentious.  No amount of convincing the mind that “I am Okay” when the internal environment is screaming, ” No, I am not” will be enough and only creates a bigger internal conflict.  Remember our conflict is NEVER with others but it shows up as such simply mirroring the internal conflict.   The task then is to connect deeply with what is heartfelt, having the courage to simply feel what we feel.  This spares our energy to heal rather than to control.  This is not about making believe, not about parroting affirmations..(these are temporary relief system that are useful but don’t create lasting results).  When we go to the root of suffering and work at that level, we eradicate suffering for once and for all.  Spiritual healing is about creating an inner state that does not fluctuate with the fluctuations in life.   Without that type of inner work, we forever remain at the mercy of our circumstances and we don’t need to.  There is another way and Spiritual healing is THAT way!  This is our ultimate human journey.

Healing is an organic  process and must be allowed, not scheduled.  What shows up we may have never even fathomed, but that’s what we work with to allow the process of healing to take place.   Allowing is a skill that we practice to get better at it.

We can always take a pill!  And at times, it may be necessary for a short term so we can think straight.  But in the longer run, If we want to truly heal, then this is for you.  Feeling overwhelmed, depleted, lacking  a sense of purpose, lacking joy, experiencing relationship conflicts, feeling anxious and depressed, feeling stuck, have addictions, have undergone trauma in your life are some of the clues that you may need to consider Spiritual Healing.

Healing ourselves deeply heals all of our relationships and that’s how we heal the planet.   The healing work is not separate from Ayurvedic consultations and programs, rather it is part of the Holistic approach where our physical challenges are not separate from our emotional and psychological challenges.  We guide you where we see you stuck and help you move forwards.