Women, being the primary caretakers of their family and home, are given special attention in the Ayurveda.  A woman’s health affects the health of her whole family.  Natural givers and doers, most women accumulate stress, toxins and imbalances prior to getting to menopause and these imbalances show up during this stage in a number of ways.  Menopause brings an end to the reproductive cycle and absence of periods for 12 consecutive months is considered as the end of fertility.  Apart from physical changes, this is  time in women’s life where the emotional/mental problems begin to emerge.  Women begin to question the point of their life, search for their purpose, question their relationships/marriage and seek to pay attention to themselves in ways they were never able to before.   Inevitable, for many women transitioning to this phase, past grudges, wounds can show up like never before.  Remember, everything that shows up does so it can be healed.  This is a transition time where women can experience either great agony, depression or great freedom.  Ayurveda will help you transition into your most beautiful self, feel free, reinvent yourself so you can fulfill your bigger calling.

Symptoms of Menopause can include night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, vaginal dryness, loss in libido, lack of sense of purpose, anxiety, low grade depression, relationship conflicts, mood swings.loss of memory and concentration.

A smooth transition to menopause and great health for years to come can be achieved with the help of

  • Balancing Doshas by diet, lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Purification Therapies, ( PK)
  • Healing the past
  • Herbal support