A Membership Program

Mind Body Soul is a membership program designed spicifically to guide you to heal your mind, body and soul and live as an integrated Whole Being that you are designed to be.

This is how we navigate these times of great change with ease, grace and expansion.  What comes in the way of our happiness and greater health?  It's our physical body, our thoughts and emotions and our disconnect from the Truth of who we are. This program is meant to guide you to overcome these blocks, connect the dots and live as a Whole Being.

Our mind, body and soul are integrated and when we can live in harmony with each aspect of our being, we experience the fullness of who we are.  This is what you can expect each month.

1st Week of the month - Mind Matters: Meditations, teachings, deeper understanding of our thoughts and emotions, conflict resolutions in relationships and more..

2nd Week of the month - Body Matters:  Movement, Alignment, nutrition, body care, body image, body love, meditations, body awareness

3rd Week of the month:  Soul Matters:  Higher teachings, Consciousness, soul purpose, soul alignment, medittions and more


Of like minded people just like you looking for answers, aspire to reach their human potential, wanting to have enough energy, motivation, inspiration, expressing their highest while on this planet, on the path to self discovery, self healing and evolution. In being seen and heard, we heal.  In community, we heal.

When we heal individually, we heal collectively.  Time is NOW.  We must rise and shine our light into the world.  This is Real Medicine!  The one that integrates our living with our knowing and our aspirations with our actions.

Together, we foster Community, Compassion, Consciousness.

This is how we become part of the solution.  This is how we serve our beautiful world.

How It Works

You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.  Scroll down for the options available

You will have access to 3 one hour live zoom sessions; teachings for the first half hour and Q&A the last half hour.  You may send your questions or topics you would like me to talk about ahead of time

All sessions to be held on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 12-1pm EST

ist session - Body Talk; 2nd session - Mind Talk; 3rd session - Soul Talk

All sessions are recorded and available for lifetime usage

Membership Bonuses

Heart Based Meditation (HBM) technique, (Value $150)

-My first book, Healing Your Relationship With Food:  The Ayurveda Answer, (Value $30)

-My second book, "Wake Up and Heal: 6 Steps to Emotional Freedom", (Value $20)

-My 21 Day Guided Meditations to Healing, (Value $79)

-access to my past podcasts, living wisdom videos, blogs ( priceless)


"I have been with you,my wild one, throughout every challenge to your free spirit, encouraging you to rise, believing in you.  When you were shamed, denied, judged and ridiculed, I was there with you.  I went through it all, right along with you.  I knew the time would come when you will be ready to rise above those experiences, to let your wild heart be free.  Now is that time!"

Ride with Spirit Unbroken 

Membership Cost

Monthly:  CAD$65, US$50 (approx)

Yearly:  CDN$575, US$450  (Savings of CAD$205 and US$150)

  • Join at the beginning of the month
  • You can cancel anytime, just do so on the 25th of the month so you are not charged the following month.

Subscription to Mind/Body/Soul

Subscription to Mind/Body/Soul