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What if you could turn your health around without medications and their side effects?

What if you can secure your future health by living well today?

You CAN!  A complete Science of longevity, disease prevention and health maintenance, let Ayurveda get to the root of your physical and mental imbalance and return you back to wholeness now and for your future.

Let's work together for 4 weeks and let the magic of Ayurveda unfold in your life. 

What's the one thing that you would like to work on?

Frequent Colds and Flues, Sleep Issues, Digestive Issues, Hot flashes, Skin issues, weight gain, detox, chronic aches and pains, headaches

Relationship difficulty, lack of purpose, Anxiety, fear and worry, limited beliefs?

Or you simply want to learn how to:

Create daily healthy practices, Bring Yoga in your expercise routine, learn to meditate, How to cultivate the heart and live from the heart.

Ayurveda's wisdom is vast and deep that helps us in every area of our life.

We will meet once a week for 60 minutes except for the first appointment which is 90 minutes.  You will be given written recommnendations and will have email support for the whole 4 week period.


How to Begin

Follow these steps to begin working with me

  1. Scroll Down and make the payment
  2. Complete this one page Client Information Form -OnLine
  3. Schedule your  First 90 min appointment
  4. Once the above 3 steps are completed, I will emial you the zoom link.
  5. We will schedule subsequent appointments at your first appointment.


Bonuses Once You Sign Up

-Heart Based Meditation (HBM) technique, (Value $150)

-My first book, Healing Your Relationship With Food:  The Ayurveda Answer, (Value $30)

-My second book, "Wake Up and Heal: 6 Steps to Emotional Freedom", (Value $20)

-My 21 Day Guided Meditations to Healing, (Value $79)

"Sleep, Digestion, Meditation, Purification are the 4 pillars of Health in Ayurveda. If we can manage these pillars, we ward off all disease of the body, mind and soul"

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs,
but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition" Thomas Edison


CAD$995, US$775 ( approx)



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Yin-Long Qiu

Good morning Meena,

I greatly enjoyed your book as a gift given to me by Sebastian. I have been teaching “Plants and Human Health” and “Practical Botany” since 2010. I myself grew up in a family with deep roots in plant-related professions. My paternal side was a nursery-owner and my maternal side was a land-owner before the Communist Revolution in China. When I grew up, I was always in an environment filled with plants, especially in a nursery where my grand-parents used to own and later worked. I studied horticulture and my wife studied botany in college, and later in grad school we both studied botany and my wife specialized in medicinal plant taxonomy and identification. She even tried to start a herb company in Ann Arbor about ten years ago, but it did not work out. My research is in plant phylogenetics and evolution. When student enrollment in my plant evolution class dropped to a point that the course git cancelled, as a part of the trend of lack of interest by students in pure science related courses (out of job and career trend shift in this country), I thought hard on what to teach to continue my pursuit of botany teaching interest. Plants for human health and happiness was the topic that I thought students would always be interested. I have been proven correct since both courses now are in full capacity and I even need to increase the upper limit for Practical Botany, a non-major course. In any case, when there is a chance, I would like to meet you, since Ayurveda is something I have only been exposed to very recently and it seems that it will have a great appeal to our society, and I would like to learn more about it. I may recommend your book as one of the books to my students, since they often ask me what to read.

I wish you great luck in your continued pursuit to popularize this great art of living!

Cindy Fatura

Meena is a true holistic practitioner. She considers all factors that impact health.

Cheryl Thrushman

Meena is a well seasoned professional and is passionate about her skills and knowledge, she truly works with each client to make sure they are meeting their goals, as well as making sure they are aware of their potential and helping create wonderful outcomes.

Nancy Stoddard

A while back, Meena taught an Ayurvedic cooking class that I attended. She was patient and kind – and her creations were wonderful. I especially love her tea. She is a masterful yoga instructor as well. It’s so wonderful that I came to know Meena – when she happened to substitute as teacher in a yoga class I was taking in Wixom!

Kathy Amerman, Carls Family Y Board of Directors

We had the great pleasure at the Carls Family YMCA of welcoming Meena Puri to speak at our ‘Take Back Thursday’ Healthy Living forum on two occasions.  Last spring an enthusiastic group learned how important food is to your mental and physical health and how different foods interact to create common health issues.  This fall we learned the importance of drilling down to discover why some of your unhealthy habits can overwhelm you and how to break the cycle.  Meena is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who clearly cares about the health and well being of her community.