Changing ONE Belief, Healing ONE Relationship - An Audio Course

Our thoughts create our reality; beliefs create our thoughts; our experiences create our beliefs.  Our habits result from subconscious beliefs and in turn reinforce those beliefs keeping us stuck in a  pattern.  In othe words, habits are the symptoms of deeply held beliefs and the root cause is the experiences that have shaped those beliefs. The KEY is to heal those experiences and create a paradigm shift. 

The quality and state of our relationships is directly linked to the beliefs we hold.  Our close relationships mirror all that we are not yet willing to acknowledge and change within ourselves. The most powerful way to change our relationships is to change ourselves first which mean doing the deeper inner work to heal our past experiences.

How we do one thing is how we do everything.  We tend to repeat the same patterns in most of our close relationships.  When we heal even one relationship, we end up healing all of our relationships. Healing our relationships is about healing ourselves at the deep root level.

Merely changing habits becomes difficult as our will power wanes.  We lose interest as there is too much effort and not enough results. This is one of the reasons change is difficult because we are not digging deep enough and we are not able to connect all the dots on the surface layer of just our habits and behaviors. There is magic in changing just One belief as it unfurls our power and our deeply held desires clearing away the path before us.   

How do you know you are ready for this type of work? Caroline Myss puts it perfectly, "Your inner self stages a revolution in some physical way in your life, in your psyche, in your marriage, in your body through an illness, in your sexuality, as a way of making a statement that you no longer can continue in your present life.  A new "Self" has arisen and that inner part of you will not be repressed, abused, controlled or contained any longer."

Can you relate to any of it?  Are you experiencing the inner revolution that is beckoning to be unleashed?  Many of us are experiencing the winds of change and the time is ripe to do this work.  What's erupting out of these tumultuous times is our desire for empowerment, our need to be ourselves and to find our voice and experience joy in our lives.  We expereince inner strength, clarity, deep focus and reverance for our Self and this transforms our relationships.

When we heal ourselves, we heal those around us.  Just one person doing this work can change the karma of the entire family.

I am using the term "relationship" in its broader sense.  Your relationship with food, with nature, yourself is all part of your relationships.

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Session 1 Reflection and Awareness

Healing on any level begins with awareness.  Through reflection exercises, you will bring deeper awareness to your current mental/emotional state.  If you have been journaling,  you may see a pattern emerging.  What is that one pattern that's showing up in your close relationships?  We are talking about a behavior or a habit pattern.

We will dig deep into this pattern to get to its origin to uncover the experiences or truama that shaped it. Just like a weak area of our body gets repeatedly injured, that pattern gets triggered and played over and over again.

What is the One belief that you developed as a result?  Where in the body is this belief?  We will also learn how to tune into many faces of resistance and how to work thourgh it.

You will become clear on your ONE deeply held belief that is coming in the way of you experiencing the fullness of your being.

Session 2 Your Most Significant Relationship

Scan across your relationships and notice where that ONE belief is showing up. The truth is it's most likely showing up in most relationships.  Pick ONE relationship that has the most impact on you.

What are your experiences of this relationship? What is this relationship showing you or mirroring for you.  We will work on our willingness to see it without judgment or guilt.  Leaning to simply acknowledge and truly observing is a skill that we will cultivate here.

You will be able to connect the dots of your past experiences to your current expereince in your relationship.

Session 3  Bigger Perspective

With the deeper insight of how our beliefs have affected our relationships, we have set the ground for deeper work and healing.  This is where we expand our mind, our perspective and ask the bigger questions to see the whole picture.  Why did I go through these experiences?  Why did the experiences repeat?  What am I asked to see?  How do I shift my perspective on those who have harmed or hurt me in the past?

First we must sit with the understanding that we have chosen all of our experiences at the soul level.  The question is why?

Second thing to understand is that all truths are half truths, our memory is flawed and only serves and solidifies our beliefs, distorting the story. This is meant to keep us safe until we are ready to see the whole truth. This is the nature of the mind.  And to clearly understand that mind IS energy and our deep understanding of energy will help us look beyond the people and the details to see the bigger pictur

The new perpective will help us break the cycle of trauma response.


Session 4  De-Programming and removing the blocks

We are all somewhat victimized by the culture and socities that we are born into.  This is our collective human dilemna.  It's meant to be part of our journey, it's meant to cover up who we are.  Why?  I don't know.  I just know it is so!  Possibly because that's the whole game of life - like playing hide and seek. so we can have some fun uncovering ourselves.  This is serious work, but don't take it so seriously.  Enjoy the ride.

Programming and conditioning also form our beliefs that we dont' question because we don't know to question.  We take them as the truth and it never even occurs to us to think beyond it.  Under everything we do habitually is a program running the show, only we are totally oblivious to it.

Not all programming is bad and needs to change, only the one that is causing the pain, suffering and limitation. We are meant to change or revist our habits, the programs that run the habits from time to time and we need a level of Consciousness to know when it's time to upgrade or change.

What are the old conditioning and programming underneath your habits, behaviours, beliefs. This is where you will begin to feel your own power, your power to choose.

Session 5 Restoring Your Self-Esteem

Being able to connect the dots. having insights and tapping into our own power are part of the Higher Faculties that we all are born with.  However, we can never trust this inner knowing without a healthy dosage of good old self-esteem.

The process of restoring self esteem is the same process of self-forgiveness.  This is where we begin to fill our broken consciousness, connect to oursleves deeply and trusitng our inner voice.  We begin to feel whole.

Self-sabotage begins to transform into self care, judgment transforms into acceptance, shame turns into vulnerability and guilt replaced with innocense.  Once the process begins, there is no stopping it.

This is about Spiritual re-parenting ourselves to our heart's content.

Session 6  Rewrite Your Story

In this session, we will integrate all the learning and rewrite our story.

What's the new belief?  Where did you shift? How did your ONE relationship change? This is the transformation that you have created.

**Warning** This will change more than just ONE relationship; it may change all of them.

Magic Begins with just ONE single step!

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Comments & Feedback


I highly recommend Meena’s audio course on Changing One Belief, Healing One Relationship!  Like all her work, it’s deep, insightful, and thought provoking. She explains how beliefs are formed, and then teaches tools and techniques to transcend self limiting thoughts and beliefs that often keep us stuck in old patterns. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a self limiting belief or looking for a primer to get introduced to Meena’s work. You won’t be disappointed!!

Gregory Peterson

This class presented innovative insights into awareness including understanding personal trauma, developing acceptance as a mindset and an introduction to fifth dimension behaviors. Meena’s ability to answer tough and challenging questions from attendees with thought provoking insights was impressive. I am very technical, a mechanical engineer, and regularly asked Meena questions related to the relationship of the numerous spiritual concepts she presented to physical verification. Her responses always made sense and showed a depth of understanding that went beyond the very thorough and comprehensive slides used as the primary course instruction. This class may not be for everyone but, for people with an open mind, it will be thought provoking and a guide for living a more insightful and enlightened life.

Cindy Fatura

Meena is a true holistic practitioner. She considers all factors that impact health.

Cheryl Thrushman

Meena is a well seasoned professional and is passionate about her skills and knowledge, she truly works with each client to make sure they are meeting their goals, as well as making sure they are aware of their potential and helping create wonderful outcomes.

Nancy Stoddard

A while back, Meena taught an Ayurvedic cooking class that I attended. She was patient and kind – and her creations were wonderful. I especially love her tea. She is a masterful yoga instructor as well. It’s so wonderful that I came to know Meena – when she happened to substitute as teacher in a yoga class I was taking in Wixom!

Kathy Amerman, Carls Family Y Board of Directors

We had the great pleasure at the Carls Family YMCA of welcoming Meena Puri to speak at our ‘Take Back Thursday’ Healthy Living forum on two occasions.  Last spring an enthusiastic group learned how important food is to your mental and physical health and how different foods interact to create common health issues.  This fall we learned the importance of drilling down to discover why some of your unhealthy habits can overwhelm you and how to break the cycle.  Meena is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who clearly cares about the health and well being of her community.

Name Withheld

If everyone could only just begin this type of work, the world would be unbelievable.  It gives you a peek at the potential.  I think, that is hope.

Name Withheld

I have realized that I have some deeply buried self confidence issues, stemming from lack of self worth.  I realize this with my mind.  But, to realize it with my heart, and really feel it, is a whole new experience.  And to bring that into my heart and love it, just diminishes it.  Super cool.


Dropping into the heart allows for dropping pretenses and allowing for authenticity.  Thank goodness.  I’ve been so tired of living a protectionist life.

S. Morris

Meena teaches from the heart in this series. She understands you even when you don’t quite understand yourself. Then she guides you until you understand.  If you really want to know what is in your heart do this work.

Perla F.

Listening to you, Meena, is always helpful as you guide us to deepen awareness and consciousness. It was nice to be in a setting with other women since it centers us in our strengths and fragilities and make it okay.

Elena D.

I participated in Meena’s “Igniting Change – Finding Your Fire” program and I loved it. Meena’s wisdom and insight are just what I needed amidst this COVID winter. The program helped me gain a balanced perspective and started off my year in the right direction.

Mary S.

I think the biggest thing that is resonating with me is the power of the group discussion….it revealed that we all have our own individual challenges, but also revealed insights and possibilities of what could be available to all of us….not linear, not exact, but the possibility of more.

Tekla H.

I always learn something about myself when I take one of your classes, Meena.  I was apprehensive about the breakout sessions, I was worried I really would not have anything to contribute, however, during the session I became aware of what I was needing for myself!  Granting Myself Permission!  I am always waiting for permission from others, always trying to be available for others, looking for approval before moving forward.  Now that I see this in myself, I am taking steps to makes changes for me and add some creativity in my life. Working with Charlotte reminded us if something doesn’t work out, “So What” we can start again and not to take ourselves too seriously.  I need to remember that too.


The teachings Meena shares are mind-blowing — in a good way.

The teachings invite an opening of the mind, which leads to an opening of the heart, which is where healing can happen.

I’m beginning to notice and more clearly see old patterns that reflect my fears.  While a little aggravating,  this way of seeing and sensing spark my curiosity and hope for eventually transforming that fear-based energy.

Meena is one of the most effective teachers I’ve known.  She teaches with clarity, integrity, warmth and humor.  Being in her presence is to be seen, accepted, gently challenged and encouraged.

I’m becoming more aware that my habit is to use thoughts to change my feelings — who knew I can use my heart’s connection to the vast healing energy to transform and heal my troublesome feelings?

Meena knows, and she generously and enthusiastically imparts the teachings.   I’m so grateful!

Lisa Hesse

I can get into my head with the best of them. It’s when I began to drop my mind into my heart that the healing began.”Immense gratitude to Meena for her wisdom, guidance and humor to show me the way.

Meena’s teachings are “simple” yet far from easy. The work of dropping into our hearts and soothing the inner darkness that causes our own and universal suffering takes diligence, dedication and faith. The payoff? My heart is opening, I’m letting go and stepping into my true self, and healing is happening.  Thank you Meena!

Kelly Bruce

Stepping out of the situation and into love has been a huge transformation in my life!  Trust the process and embrace ALL emotions that come with it during this course. At times during the sessions I thought, well where is this going or what is this emotion about….but through the 4 two hour class each week and the self work I did during the week, I came full circle and had that AHA moment where it all came together and the light bulb came on!

I cannot recommend this course enough….I was very skeptical going in but continued with the lessons and came out with a huge awakening and understanding of myself!  Thank you, Meena!!

“Stepping out of the situation and into love has been a huge transformation in my life!  Trust the process and embrace ALL emotions that come with it during this course. At times during the sessions I thought, well where is this going or what is this emotion about….but through the 4 two hour class each week and the self work I did during the week, I came full circle and had that AHA moment where it all came together and the light bulb came on!

I cannot recommend this course enough….I was very skeptical going in but continued with the lessons and came out with a huge awakening and understanding of myself!  Thank you, Meena!!

S. A.

I met Meena in 2019 at a networking event in Milford. She was promoting her book. At the time I was having serious digestive issues and losing a large amount of weight. She and I struck up a conversation which lead to an appointment at her Milford office. I had not been familiar with ayurvedic medicine. I found her very calming and and informative as she began explaining what she practices. I had depleted my  body to the point that I was losing muscle mass. She performed a special massage with an ayurvedic oil formulated for my body type. The experience was truly amazing. Meena uses meditation as a means to control stress. We meditate together during our appointments. She advises me on healthy cooking and recipes for my body type. Over the last few months I have been going through the most stressful period of my life. Meena has helped me calm myself and rid myself of panic attacks and high anxiety. She is so very wise in her teachings. I also like her no no nonsense  approach to life and to my problems in particular. I always feel more in tune with my body and the world around me after our sessions. She brings me a sense of peace and alignment that I can’t seem to get to on my own. I feel stronger mentally and physically after our sessions. My husband swears  I’m much calmer and happier when I am working with her. I highly recommend her for all things spiritually and physically out of balance.

L. Cartwright

I attended the 6A training and have used it already in my psychotherapy practice.  I was practical and easy for clients to understand.  Many thanks for providing it.  It was excellent!

Cindy H.

I liked the program; it got me to stop making an issue out of my anxiety; to stop identifying with it.  I liked the breakout sessions; even though I did not want to do them, I liked what came from them afterwards.

It got me thinking about my purpose and listening to my own intuition better and investigating these areas more.  I liked the set up of the program as well and Charlotte offered a little different angle to the program.

Julie H

I have been seeing Meena for several years now. I first started with her for health and wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective, which also led me to attend her wonderful yoga classes and learning the magic of meditation. In more recent years, I have been seeing Meena for counseling sessions. She is the kindest and most compassionate person I know.

No matter what obstacles life gives me, she listens with such a caring heart and gives me tools and techniques to navigate life’s ups and downs. She has great wisdom and such a loving way of sharing it. I would highly recommend Meena to anyone who is struggling in life. She has been a special gift in my life.