The Intelligence of Emotions - A FREE Masterclass Series

We are so excited to bring to you this timely Masterclass series with Ascended Master, Meena Puri who blends the ancient wisdom with our modern lifestyle to give you the best of both worlds in the most practical way in a time in our history where we need it the most. Born into a lineage of Ayurvedic Doctors and healers, Meena is a unique presenter who having lived most of our adult life in U.S. and Canada knows all too well the challenges that we face individually and collectively and why this knowledge and wisdom needs to be in every household and every community.

Our first series of this Masterclass is on the Intelligence of Emotions.  Stay tuned as we bring additional series during the summer months so you can find the healer within.

Our emotions absolutely dictate the quality of our life, our relationships and our health.  The intensity of our emotions can't be denied, its no wonder that we either seek to avoid or to indulge our emotions.  This extreme management of our emotions is what keeps us stuck in the perpectual cycle of emotional suffering.

There is a better way!

A way that allows us to tap into the intelligence of our emotions and use them as a tool for healing, transformation and evolution.

Join our FREE Masterclass series for a deeper understanding of our emotional world and how we can use this as a catalyst for change.

The Intelligence of Emotions; June 14th, 21st, 28th; Tuesdays at 3pm 

June 14th:  Part 1: Deeper look into our Emotional World

The topics we will explore:

What are emotions?

Why do we tend to ignore, neglect or talk ourselves out of feeling what we feel?

Where have we been?  Understanding the mental flow and role of conditioning in our emotional health today.  Differentiating between mind made and real emotions

June 21st:  Part II: The Wisdom of The Triggers and tuning into your responses

The topics we will explore:

The role of our subconscious

Triggers - an invitation to Wholeness

Our unique pattern of response

June 28th:  Part III: From Emotional Addiction to Emotional Resilience 

The topics we will explore:

The role of our childhood experiences in our emotional world today

Can we truly heal from all childhood trauma?

Trust our emotions to navigate our life

What is emotional resilience?

Ready to Take a Deeper Dive?

Now that you have set up a winning foundation, where do you go from here?

Healing is a process and beginning the process is the key.  Are you ready to move along this process and dig deep into your own emotional world, connect the dots, expand your perspective, knowing and most importantly heal from the painful emotions? You absolutely can.

Join our very potent 2 session course and make a quantum jump in your healing now.

6 Steps to Emotional Freedom, Details and Register

Please note

  1. Attend via Zoom from the comfort of your own home
  2. Come ready to explore and to step into something new


"If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

Comments & Feedback

Perla F.

Listening to you, Meena, is always helpful as you guide us to deepen awareness and consciousness. It was nice to be in a setting with other women since it centers us in our strengths and fragilities and make it okay.

Mary S.

I think the biggest thing that is resonating with me is the power of the group discussion….it revealed that we all have our own individual challenges, but also revealed insights and possibilities of what could be available to all of us….not linear, not exact, but the possibility of more.

Tekla H.

I always learn something about myself when I take one of your classes, Meena.  I was apprehensive about the breakout sessions, I was worried I really would not have anything to contribute, however, during the session I became aware of what I was needing for myself!  Granting Myself Permission!  I am always waiting for permission from others, always trying to be available for others, looking for approval before moving forward.  Now that I see this in myself, I am taking steps to makes changes for me and add some creativity in my life. Working with Charlotte reminded us if something doesn’t work out, “So What” we can start again and not to take ourselves too seriously.  I need to remember that too.

S. A.

I met Meena in 2019 at a networking event in Milford. She was promoting her book. At the time I was having serious digestive issues and losing a large amount of weight. She and I struck up a conversation which lead to an appointment at her Milford office. I had not been familiar with ayurvedic medicine. I found her very calming and and informative as she began explaining what she practices. I had depleted my  body to the point that I was losing muscle mass. She performed a special massage with an ayurvedic oil formulated for my body type. The experience was truly amazing. Meena uses meditation as a means to control stress. We meditate together during our appointments. She advises me on healthy cooking and recipes for my body type. Over the last few months I have been going through the most stressful period of my life. Meena has helped me calm myself and rid myself of panic attacks and high anxiety. She is so very wise in her teachings. I also like her no no nonsense  approach to life and to my problems in particular. I always feel more in tune with my body and the world around me after our sessions. She brings me a sense of peace and alignment that I can’t seem to get to on my own. I feel stronger mentally and physically after our sessions. My husband swears  I’m much calmer and happier when I am working with her. I highly recommend her for all things spiritually and physically out of balance.

Cindy H.

I liked the program; it got me to stop making an issue out of my anxiety; to stop identifying with it.  I liked the breakout sessions; even though I did not want to do them, I liked what came from them afterwards.

It got me thinking about my purpose and listening to my own intuition better and investigating these areas more.  I liked the set up of the program as well and Charlotte offered a little different angle to the program.

Julie H

I have been seeing Meena for several years now. I first started with her for health and wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective, which also led me to attend her wonderful yoga classes and learning the magic of meditation. In more recent years, I have been seeing Meena for counseling sessions. She is the kindest and most compassionate person I know.

No matter what obstacles life gives me, she listens with such a caring heart and gives me tools and techniques to navigate life’s ups and downs. She has great wisdom and such a loving way of sharing it. I would highly recommend Meena to anyone who is struggling in life. She has been a special gift in my life.