Healing To Awaken

Caroline Myss describes retreats to beautifully:  "A retreat is a permission to "Vacate" your ordinary consciousness and slip into the mystical part of your nature so you can ask soul-sized questions that reveal not answers to you, but truth.  Examples of the questions include:  What are my higher instincts?  How do I respond to them?  What are the natural impulses of my soul?  How well do I know the content of my own soul?  Am I deliberately silencing guiding impulses becuase I live a distracted life?  How am I a different person today than I was a year ago? What new directives are rumbling in my soul, telling me to make differnent choices?"

Our mind can't answer such questions.  We must create "inner space" to not only ask these questions but to hear the truth.



Retreats are a powerful way to embody the teachings that heal.  We experience healing and forever shift.

This is where united , we hold a safe container for all the participants to dive into the depths of their soul and be witnessed as we transform.  Reteats are a potent way to cultivate our higher faculties, to undo the programming and conditioning and fine our authentic selves.

As we transform and heal, the world around us heals as well.  So, in order to heal the world, let's begin with healing ourselves.

We will practice Heart Based Meditation technique as a basis and use many other techniques and teachings to keep moving deeper.  There is no end to the deep - it's a bottomless pit.  Each layer takes us closer and closer to the true Love that we are.


Mark Your Calendars!

October 17th - 23rd, 2022, in Toronto

Stay tuned for details...


Insights from the Last Retreat

  1. Improved quality of life by raising our level of awareness. Moment to moment awareness is what creates a quality life.
  2. Quality of life lies in our ability to "feel" and our ability to think is expanded when we integrate it in the feeling sense.
  3. To feel the subtleties of our being is a process and an art; we learn it by cultivating it.
  4. There is a deep place within us that is at peace at all times regardless of what's happening outside of us.  The meditation practice is a tool to build a connection with that place.
  5. Life is meant to be enjoyed; the enjoyment is in our ability to feel, it is not in what we are doing but how we show up in what we are doing.
  6. This is a bonus point!  If you are too busy to meditate, then you are too busy.

Magic is within; retreats guide us there!




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Past Retreats

Heal Your Life Meditation Retreat Oct. 4th-6th 2019

Song of the Morning, Vanderbilt, MI If you are a Spiritually minded woman craving to let go of the past and step into the next season of your life with ease, experience joy, feel anchored in love and open to what’s possible, then join Meena Puri in this highly experiential and potent weekend in a…

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Pilgrimage to India – Feb 2019

We had an unforgettable trip with 11 beautiful souls.  Those who joined will talk about their experiences for years to come.   Enjoy the pictures here

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The meditation weekend retreat is quite worthwhile. Although it’s hard to carve a full weekend out of your busy life, your meditation practice is so fortified, that it keeps giving back, every day of your life. Not only do you have to stop buzzing around with daily activities, your time at the retreat is of such high quality, it’s like gaining time. I leave feeling richer, smarter and a little more evolved. This is my fourth year attending the retreat and every year, more doors open to me, and I love the opportunities they supply. And, most people think (myself included, in my first year) that time is going to drag on, and how can you possibly meditate so much. But, time absolutely flies by and it is not all meditation. Most time we meditate for at a time is 30 min. There is discussion, Yoga and sharing of your experiences. It is difficult to describe, but it truly is enriching.

Lisa H.

Attending the retreat was a great reminder of the importance of prioritizing meditation and connecting with my heart. I loved the fact that we had groups from across the country on the retreat as well, really felt the collative energy as well.  We have installed so many of your  suggestions in our lives.  I loved the chapatis and chai at the retreat – a good reminder of your book.

Mary S.

I realized that rest is very important mentally, physically and emotionally.  I re-committed to trying to get more rest in my day to day life, better sleep. I recommitted to putting more meditation into my life…I think it can be very restorative and calming

I think meditation can promote positive change in terms of self control, self love, self care and one success builds on the next success and so on and so on. I fell more calm and peaceful.  I felt less reactive.  The group itself (both in the room and remotely) also inspired me to continue practicing meditation.

Just “doing” the meditation, having a scheduled time that I join a group, forced me to commit to the intention.  Left to my own devices I do find it challenging to keep up a practice, but I am trying.  I’ve meditated 3 x in the last week after attending the retreat.

Loved the cauliflower and sautéed onion dish, the naan, the soup, all of it.  But the cauliflower dish and the naan was my favorite.  The food is another goal, its another example of healthy living and healthy eating.

Claire C.

I so enjoyed the winter 2020 retreat.  It was nourishing, challenging, enlightening, and heartfelt.  Thank you for tending each of us and for tending the process. I got much needed rest and new appreciation for a rested nervous system.  I appreciated the instruction and explanations from not only my teacher, Meena, but from her teacher as well.

I was inspired to continue to develop my practice.  The support of teachers and community is inspiring.  I was inspired by the presence of love and humor. There is such amplification and encouragement when practicing with a group!

Meena is nourishing literally and figuratively!   The aromas, the flavors, her attentiveness to each person at her table — all are fuel for the body and soul.   She created dishes from the pantry of her heart and soul.  Some of her recipes can be found in her cookbook (that is actually an “eating for life” book).  Eating with Meena is truly fulfilling.

Chuck H

I realized the importance of deep rest and relaxation. I have been more diligent about resting after my meditation.  Paul Dugliss is a great teacher and being with others was important as I learned so much from them.  The bonus was experiencing and enjoying food from Meena’s kitchen.

Jackie B.

At the beginning of the weekend, my mind and spirit was full of all the troubles around me and I felt sick. Now, at the end of the retreat, I feel full, content and at peace. I feel strongly grounded and ready to live my life.

Denise H.

A wonderful experience to spend a weekend with like minded students learning and sharing. The weekend meditation allows me to fully immerse and have a deeper experience. It provides a wonderful opportunity to recharge and refocus on the meditation practice. Meena, as always, combines the learning with her wonderful insights.