Are You Ready to Change Your Life in 2022?

If there is anything that our current times have made clear, it's these two things.  First, it just can't be about me, it must be about us.  Second, there is no way for us to make meaning of what we are experiencing individually or collectively without the lens of  Spirituality.  Frankly without a Spiritual anchor, humanity is drowning.  If you are reading this, then you and I are the lucky ones but it also means that you and I bear the responsibiltiy to pulling others up. It can't be any other way.

Our mental health or lack thereof has surfaced like never before, every second person you meet is experiencing anxiety or fear or having panic attacks, there are so many of us feeling isolated, depressed, unmotivated and lacking direction and purpose.

Our collective suffering is screaming for solutions. This a a time of healing, a time to wake up. This is the time to end the suffering of millions of years for our selves, our families, our communities and our world.

It starts with you and I; when we heal, we heal the world around us.

We have so much information, yet nothing is working.  We can talk about Spirituality, yet be so far removed from it. Knowedge unapplied and unintegrated into one's living is just that - knowledge.  This Program is the answer to the call of our times. The relevance and the need for these teachings can't be overemphasized in light of our current mental health crisis. 

We are in this liminal space straddling the 3D and the 5D world; we are caught between the temptation of the ego and the call of our hearts.  What direction will we take?

So, here is my question to you? Can you commit to yourself for a year?  Do you feel worthy enough to live the way you desire so deeply?  Are you ready to get to the other side of your challenges and heartache?

Yes!  Click below to get started!

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The Results of One Year Commitment to Yourself

  • Your past and all of its traumatic experiences no longer dictate your behaviors, actions and choices.  You are free and healed and can see the gift in all past traumas and tragedies
  • You deepen your awareness of youself and "get" your life journey so far - this aligns you to your deepest knowing.
  • You begin to eat in ways you never did before.  Through the lens of Spirituality, you heal your relationship with food and are in your best health yet.
  • You have a deeper sense of yourself and develop compassion and self-love
  • Your relationships improve
  • You feel a flow in your days, a certain ease about your tasks, a softness towards whatever surprises may come along the way e.
  • You are beginning to dream the dreams that you had forgotten;
  • you feel well, balanced and rarely get sick or agitated
  • you feel free and purposefull; you become a model of a happy healthy life for those around you
  • You will keep adding to this list throughout the program

Are you ready to make a One-Year Commitment to Yourself?


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More than a Program, It's a movement!

"Let's stop waiting for the world to get better before we live  better.
Let's heal ourselves and become whole; let's shine our light out; our beautiful world needs us"

There is a dream stirring in my heart. I dream of a different world; a world that allows healing because it understands that to be the purpose of our human life. Pure Consciousness, the stuff of our making, seeks to express itself in every aspect of our living. And it sees you and me through our pain and suff ering. It is beckoning us to grow... Continue reading

Time has come for us to remember that we are Spiritual beings experiencing a human life.  Our life on this physical plane often takes us further and further away from this Truth causing much pain and suffering. Path of Spirituality is a path of healing and awakening to this Truth. It's the path of returning home to ourselves again and again; each time more evolved, more like ourselves, more connected to our Truth, more whole and ultimately living our human life from this remembering of our Spirituality.

Spirituality is HOW we do everything; it's about penetrating the deep layers of our own psyche so there is more of us available to live and to create the life we desire and ultimately to be a beacon of love for those around us.  We move toward becoming who we are designed to be - the multidimension being, the Possible Human.

Spirituality is not separate from how we eat or interact with others. It's not about meditating our troubles away but rather to infuse this remembering into every breath we take and into every moment we live.

let's stop waiting for the world to get better before we live  better.  Let's heal ourselves and become whole; let's affect the world rather than the be affected by the world. 

Ascended Master's Platform - I am honored to be featured in Ascended Master's Platform and to have this course be available in that platform  Spiritual Mentorship Program featured in Ascended Master's Platform

What Makes this One-of-a-Kind Program?

Often when we think of Sprituality, we get images of light and people meditating away. That can be the end result of Spirituality but the path to Spiritualiy is ofen laiden with grit and gruel; a never ending process of feeling deeply, connecting the dots and awakening. It's a container of the whole of our human life that holds all of our experiences. The truth is that there is nothing that is outside of Spirituality; our mental/emotional challenges are not any less Spiritual than our meditating, praying or eating.  This is true Holism.

The program entails all aspects of our health, healing and well-being and much of it is structured to be experiential. Spirituality is about experiencing our own spirit in everything we do; it's about walking the talk.

Another very powerful and unique about this program is utilizing the ancient, time-tested teachings and the living wisdom of the Vedas. Being born and raised in a culture of Yoga, Ayurveda and Spirituality has been an asset in my own growth and evolution and I bring that to you adding depth to the program. There is a need to go back to our roots, to what we know, to who we are designed to be.  The unrest that we are all experiencing can't be overcome by taking a pill.  This work is very personal to me because I live it and am convinced that it will bring the same growth and healing to you as it has for me.

This is a year long independent program

The program begins January 2022 but you may enroll any time.  You commit to one year from when you enroll and the teachings will revolve to the beginning but will continue to become deeper.  Remember, spirituality is timeless; that renews itself at every layer of our digestion of the teachings and experiences.

It does not matter where you are on your journey; the state of your health or what you know. You begin as you are and will grow from your level of Consciousness.

Without support and guidance, we tend to go back to the familiar same old way of being; a mentor will see you to the other side of your challenges.  This is my promise to you and it will be a priviledge for me to take you to your new life.

This program is for anyone who is ready to wake up and transform their life. It does not matter where you are on your journey; the state of your health or what you know. You begin as you are. This is an independent program which means that everyone will begin where they are and grow and evolve from that place.  You will continue to learn and go deep with the teachings and experiences and digest them at a deeper layer.

Dates and Details

Orientation ( TBD) and Q & A:  For those who have enrolled and those who are thinking about it but have questions

The program opens January 11th, 2022

There are 3 things that will take place each month.

  1. Group Session (6-9pm of 2nd Tuesday)   Jan 11th, Feb 8th, Mar 8th, April 12th, May 10th, June 14th, July 12th, Aug 9th, Sept. 13th, October 11th, Nov. 8th, Dec. 13th.
  2. Individual Integration Session - Please schedule individually - on the 3rd or 4th week of each month
  3. Group Q&A - end of the month (12pm, last Friday of each month)

Peer Group - All attendees will be assigned to a peer group that will meet once a month for support and growth.  Dates to be determined by the group.

Bonuses and More...

  1. Private FB Group for connection, sharing and support
  2. Ongoing access to me via email
  3. Free Download of Heart Based Meditation Technique
  4. Free Download of my 21 Day Meditations
  5. Free Download of my book

Please note

  1. These are Live on-line sessions.
  2. All sessions will be recorded; hoever I ask that you attend all sessions.
  3. All course material and the course audios will be available for lifetime usage. .
  4. You agree by joining the course that you will maintain confidentiality of the participants and support one another
  5. By joining the course, you give me permission to use your questions and discussions as part of the recordings.



2022 - Monthly Calendar

January 2022  Begin As You Are

It's 2022!  You have landed! Let's pause and breathe! Where have you been and where are you headed? This is the time to connect some dots, clarify intentions and begin again. What inside of you needs voice?  What do you need to be done with?  What do you truly need and desire? This is Consciousness in action.

February 2022  Love is our Highest Expression

Through the whole specturm of our feeling sense, Love is seeking to be expressed.  How can we comprehend this?  How can we cultivate this most potent energy within our own hearts?

March 2022  Food, Our Body and More 

Eating is a sacred act when we bring consciousness into it.  How we eat is not separate from who we are. Bringing presence into eating turns the food into medicine. Our struggles with food are indicative of our deep psychological patterns.  How did the pandemic changed your eating style and habits.  Food is a potent way to Spirituality and healing.

April 2022  Triggers and Traumas

Triggers are a gift of our times and are necessary for our growht and healing.; they are the only ways to access the subconscious, shaping our story and awakening us to the dimensions that we would not otherwise discover. Triggers shed light on our old conditioning and beliefs giving us an opportunity to re-evaluate.

May 2022  Role of Mind/Ego 

Mind IS energy.  Our understanding of the nature of our mind and its intended purpose is key to overcoming our mental health challenges. Our ego formation is the basis of our human experience, the need is to give our ego direction.

June 2022  Spirituality and our Higher Powers

If we want to tap into our higher power, then we must ask big questions. Why am I living through these times?  What's being asked of me? What do I truly feel and sense? This begins to bridge the gap between the known and unknown, between the seen and the unseen. Our power lies in these subtle realms.

July 2022  Opening to doors of our soul

Not all wounds are ours, some are generational, some are of our collective humanity.  These wounds close the doors to our soul as we carry the pain that'a not ours. Our ancenstors will be rejoiced when we end the cycle of suffering that they could not.

August 2022  What the Ancients Knew 

They knew that we are energetic beings and that all of life is interconnected.  They knew the disease is the dis-connect from the Source of all life - Consciousness. How do we connect with that? How our daily practices and our unique make-up can turn the mundane into extraordianry. Our body is our temple for our soul - this simple knowing can heal us in ways we never thought possible.

September  Spiritual Psychology and Our Energetic System

Our physical body is a manifestation of Consciousness.  Our Chakra system is the blue print of how this Consciousness is showing up in every aspect of our life.  This is where our Spiritual Power and our Connection with the Divine lies. .

October 2022  Imagining the unimaginable 

What's possible now that we have cleared so much. Who are you now? The gates of your soul are now open, what do you truly desire and what do you truly need?  Are you ready to embracea and embody your sovereignty?

November 2022  Grief and Finding Forgiveness 

So much of our precious life force is vested in holding on to the trauma.  Understanding who do we truly need to forgive.  How can be shift state in the body by using our own past stories and by re-parenting ourselves?

December 2022  Let Love Be Your Pivot 

Because it's Love that frees us.  Love without consciousness leads to control, fear and manipulation.  Love can heal 7 million years of history and journey.

Healing is a process of growth and wholeness.  Wholeness resides deep in our hearts – underlying field of energy and intelligence that directs all of life, directs intelligence of the body and all of its cells. Connecting to source and purification – is one that can be very easily natural.  Amazing nature of Consciousness is in of itself is purifying, rejuvenative.  It is in it’s nature to bring wholeness.  Mind has difficult time with wholeness.  Heart is the messenger of wholeness, it wants to unite.

We are the conduits between heavena and earth.  Heart is the distinguishing part of the body.  Our work is to guard the heart from our own mind. A broken heart is an expanded and an open heart; it only shuts down from input from the mind.

Spiritual freedom always was, is now, and always will be the reality of your true being. Your spirit was never bound or limited or constrained. You were always free.

We remain lost in the illusion of the meantime before we become who we already are. It takes courage to let go of this way of approaching spiritual practice and embrace the inherent freedom that we are. We have to give up any sense of needing time to become more perfect.  We have to embrace ourselves as we are fearlessly and without reservation.

This is gloriously untrue. The greatest spiritual gift you can possibly ever receive is the embodied life that you are already living. Look around. This is the miracle. We are here. We live in this world, we communicate, we create, we love, we hurt, we awaken - how is any of this possible?  Once you acknowledge the true wonder you are already living, you realize that the most surprising thing is that we could ever have missed it. How could we get lost in the illusion of searching for the miraculous when it is all around us? Craig Hamilton

Payment Options

Cost of the program is CAD$5500

You have the following payment options

  1. One payment of CAD$5,500, due at the time of enrollment.  Savings of CAD$1,100
  2. Monthly Payment of CAD$550

Please note:  This is a heavily discounted program; the cost will go up in March 2022!

Comments & Feedback

Name Withheld

I just attended the first step in her Simple Steps program and I am so glad I did.  The seminar was excellent!  Everything she said was right to the point and hit the core of the issues.  The program was very interactive and all the participants were engaged in the learning. Once more, I gained a deeper understanding.  Another useful aspect of the program is the built-in support system.  Meena encouraged all the participants to “buddy up”, which really opened more possibilities for everyone.  I felt a deep sense of connection with everyone who attended.  I believe if you attend this program, listen, learn and do the necessary work, your life will improve significantly.  I can’t imagine anyone walking away with less than that.


Meena- thank you again for such a wonderful event! You are such a gifted teacher and healer, and have been a powerful force for the positive in my life….at a time when things have been rather bleak. Anyone, no matter what their circumstances, can benefit from your wisdom and guidance, and from the positive outcomes of Yoga and meditation. Thank you again for generously sharing your gifts with us!

Linda C

I am drawn to Ayurveda for its natural approach to nutrition, relationships and overall well-being.  This program has helped me handle daily tasks in a more relaxed and peaceful manner.

Andrea Fiondo

Meena has way of integrating her vast knowledge of Ayurveda, Kundalini yoga, holistic health involving the subtle body, and safe, effective psychological practices to allow one to gain insight into ones own nature and path. Her sensitivity to the personality and to the infinite nature of her students and clients is evident in the changes they sustain after sessions with her. I would recommend yoga therapy, healing sessions, and her deeper small group workshops to everyone who desires an answer to life’s confrontations. I am deeply grateful to her for her teaching discipline. But above all of this, Meena is led by her heart and third eye. Her compassion for others and her self-love and respect are key components in her abilities. She is a rare find, a treasure in Michigan”.

Name Withheld

As a yoga teacher I have enjoyed this advanced training because we are not focused on yoga postures and poses. I will not learn how to stand on my head in this program, and I am completely okay with that! Instead we are discussing the other seven limbs of yoga and how Ayurveda and yoga beautifully compliment one another. Because of the nature of information in this program, it is open and accessible to more than just yoga teachers. It is valuable for any health practitioner or any person who is called to look deeper into health, healing, and self-awareness. During the short time I have been this program, I am more conscious about viewing myself and the world around me through a lens of compassion.

 Ann Rossman

I truly recommend this advanced training program for all. Meena is a skilled teacher whose explanations are insightful and thought provoking. The program is not rigid. If you have a question or an interest in taking the program in a different direction, Meena will revise and meet you at your interests. It is wonderful to be in the company of a teacher who is completely focused on making the experience personal and meaningful for her students. It has been a pleasure to be a student of Meena  and a student of my own consciousness. Namaste.

Name Withheld

I highly recommend the advanced yoga and Ayurveda training with Meena. I have spent more time self-reflecting over the first three months of the program than I have in probably the last ten years. You see for the last ten years I have been busy with career and family. It has been easy to commit to meeting one Saturday a month, making this program great for even the busiest of people.

Kim V.

I have been Meena’s student for a very long time; over 15 years.  Over the years, apart from consistently attending her Yoga classes, I have attended almost every workshop and program that she has offered.  Every time I hear her talk or teach, I continue to digest the teachings at a deeper level.  I have also taken workshops with other teachers, but Meena brings it all together in a way that no other teacher has for me. As a result, I have a great sense of self and self-esteem and I continue to experience an increased sense of awareness, which has had a tremendous affect on all areas of my life, helping me live a meaningful, healthier and happier life. I am able to separate myself from my problems and get a different perspective and look at the bigger picture.  me the peace of mind, inner hope and self assurance that I got from Meena. Since childhood I have been living within a vortex of old beliefs that would recycle over and over, always leaving me insecure and unsure. In one session with Meena not only did she figure out what has been holding me captive all these years but she enabled me to free myself and I walked away with an inner peace and happiness, an assuredness that no matter what happens in life “I” can handle it, and a real understanding of who I am. I have awakened every day since feeling joy, excitement for the new day and real sense that I am all I need to make it through whatever life throws at me and that I will continue to thrive as this person I lost a long time ago. I still have lots of work to do to clear out the many layers of baggage I have built up, but I am finally ALIVE! As they say, if you continue to do as you’ve always done, you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten… That’s what I got with the so-called professionals. I needed something different, something more… and that is what Meena is guiding me to achieve. Meena is the change we could probably all use.

Cindy Fatura

Meena is a true holistic practitioner. She considers all factors that impact health.

Cheryl Thrushman

Meena is a well seasoned professional and is passionate about her skills and knowledge, she truly works with each client to make sure they are meeting their goals, as well as making sure they are aware of their potential and helping create wonderful outcomes.

Nancy Stoddard

A while back, Meena taught an Ayurvedic cooking class that I attended. She was patient and kind – and her creations were wonderful. I especially love her tea. She is a masterful yoga instructor as well. It’s so wonderful that I came to know Meena – when she happened to substitute as teacher in a yoga class I was taking in Wixom!

Kathy Amerman, Carls Family Y Board of Directors

We had the great pleasure at the Carls Family YMCA of welcoming Meena Puri to speak at our ‘Take Back Thursday’ Healthy Living forum on two occasions.  Last spring an enthusiastic group learned how important food is to your mental and physical health and how different foods interact to create common health issues.  This fall we learned the importance of drilling down to discover why some of your unhealthy habits can overwhelm you and how to break the cycle.  Meena is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who clearly cares about the health and well being of her community.

Name Withheld

If everyone could only just begin this type of work, the world would be unbelievable.  It gives you a peek at the potential.  I think, that is hope.


Dropping into the heart allows for dropping pretenses and allowing for authenticity.  Thank goodness.  I’ve been so tired of living a protectionist life.

S. Morris

Meena teaches from the heart in this series. She understands you even when you don’t quite understand yourself. Then she guides you until you understand.  If you really want to know what is in your heart do this work.

Perla F.

Listening to you, Meena, is always helpful as you guide us to deepen awareness and consciousness. It was nice to be in a setting with other women since it centers us in our strengths and fragilities and make it okay.

Elena D.

I participated in Meena’s “Igniting Change – Finding Your Fire” program and I loved it. Meena’s wisdom and insight are just what I needed amidst this COVID winter. The program helped me gain a balanced perspective and started off my year in the right direction.

Mary S.

I think the biggest thing that is resonating with me is the power of the group discussion….it revealed that we all have our own individual challenges, but also revealed insights and possibilities of what could be available to all of us….not linear, not exact, but the possibility of more.

Tekla H.

I always learn something about myself when I take one of your classes, Meena.  I was apprehensive about the breakout sessions, I was worried I really would not have anything to contribute, however, during the session I became aware of what I was needing for myself!  Granting Myself Permission!  I am always waiting for permission from others, always trying to be available for others, looking for approval before moving forward.  Now that I see this in myself, I am taking steps to makes changes for me and add some creativity in my life. Working with Charlotte reminded us if something doesn’t work out, “So What” we can start again and not to take ourselves too seriously.  I need to remember that too.


The teachings Meena shares are mind-blowing — in a good way.

The teachings invite an opening of the mind, which leads to an opening of the heart, which is where healing can happen.

I’m beginning to notice and more clearly see old patterns that reflect my fears.  While a little aggravating,  this way of seeing and sensing spark my curiosity and hope for eventually transforming that fear-based energy.

Meena is one of the most effective teachers I’ve known.  She teaches with clarity, integrity, warmth and humor.  Being in her presence is to be seen, accepted, gently challenged and encouraged.

I’m becoming more aware that my habit is to use thoughts to change my feelings — who knew I can use my heart’s connection to the vast healing energy to transform and heal my troublesome feelings?

Meena knows, and she generously and enthusiastically imparts the teachings.   I’m so grateful!

Lisa Hesse

I can get into my head with the best of them. It’s when I began to drop my mind into my heart that the healing began.”Immense gratitude to Meena for her wisdom, guidance and humor to show me the way.

Meena’s teachings are “simple” yet far from easy. The work of dropping into our hearts and soothing the inner darkness that causes our own and universal suffering takes diligence, dedication and faith. The payoff? My heart is opening, I’m letting go and stepping into my true self, and healing is happening.  Thank you Meena!

Kelly Bruce

Stepping out of the situation and into love has been a huge transformation in my life!  Trust the process and embrace ALL emotions that come with it during this course. At times during the sessions I thought, well where is this going or what is this emotion about….but through the 4 two hour class each week and the self work I did during the week, I came full circle and had that AHA moment where it all came together and the light bulb came on!

I cannot recommend this course enough….I was very skeptical going in but continued with the lessons and came out with a huge awakening and understanding of myself!  Thank you, Meena!!

“Stepping out of the situation and into love has been a huge transformation in my life!  Trust the process and embrace ALL emotions that come with it during this course. At times during the sessions I thought, well where is this going or what is this emotion about….but through the 4 two hour class each week and the self work I did during the week, I came full circle and had that AHA moment where it all came together and the light bulb came on!

I cannot recommend this course enough….I was very skeptical going in but continued with the lessons and came out with a huge awakening and understanding of myself!  Thank you, Meena!!

S. A.

I met Meena in 2019 at a networking event in Milford. She was promoting her book. At the time I was having serious digestive issues and losing a large amount of weight. She and I struck up a conversation which lead to an appointment at her Milford office. I had not been familiar with ayurvedic medicine. I found her very calming and and informative as she began explaining what she practices. I had depleted my  body to the point that I was losing muscle mass. She performed a special massage with an ayurvedic oil formulated for my body type. The experience was truly amazing. Meena uses meditation as a means to control stress. We meditate together during our appointments. She advises me on healthy cooking and recipes for my body type. Over the last few months I have been going through the most stressful period of my life. Meena has helped me calm myself and rid myself of panic attacks and high anxiety. She is so very wise in her teachings. I also like her no no nonsense  approach to life and to my problems in particular. I always feel more in tune with my body and the world around me after our sessions. She brings me a sense of peace and alignment that I can’t seem to get to on my own. I feel stronger mentally and physically after our sessions. My husband swears  I’m much calmer and happier when I am working with her. I highly recommend her for all things spiritually and physically out of balance.

L. Cartwright

I attended the 6A training and have used it already in my psychotherapy practice.  I was practical and easy for clients to understand.  Many thanks for providing it.  It was excellent!

Cindy H.

I liked the program; it got me to stop making an issue out of my anxiety; to stop identifying with it.  I liked the breakout sessions; even though I did not want to do them, I liked what came from them afterwards.

It got me thinking about my purpose and listening to my own intuition better and investigating these areas more.  I liked the set up of the program as well and Charlotte offered a little different angle to the program.

Julie H

I have been seeing Meena for several years now. I first started with her for health and wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective, which also led me to attend her wonderful yoga classes and learning the magic of meditation. In more recent years, I have been seeing Meena for counseling sessions. She is the kindest and most compassionate person I know.

No matter what obstacles life gives me, she listens with such a caring heart and gives me tools and techniques to navigate life’s ups and downs. She has great wisdom and such a loving way of sharing it. I would highly recommend Meena to anyone who is struggling in life. She has been a special gift in my life.