Our Healing Community

What if the hospital beds are empty?

What if the drug stores are far and few but local healing communities centers are everywhere?

What if the healing was in sharing the stories of our struggles, another perspective and in being seen and heard and not in the "disorder diagnosis" and/or the pill?

This is the world that I dream of.  This dream stirred inside of my when I published my first book and it remained locked in that book.  The same dream is stirring again.  With our collective vision and desire, we can perhaps make this dream a reality. Read my Blog Here

Real Medicine is that which heals.  Community is medicine, Consciousness is medicine, Compassion is medicine.  The 3 pillars of our Healing Community - Community, Compassion, Consciousness,

This is how we become part of the solution.  This is how we can do  serve humanity.

Let's Begin Here

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We will start with a discussion on my book, Wake Up and Heal: 6 Steps to Emotional Freedom


Please keep in mind that this is not a therpay session

Please keep any personal sharing light, heavy sharing can traumatize our audience

This group will grow and evolve oragnically and we will create guidelines as we need tham


"I have been with you,my wild one, throughout every challenge to your free spirit, encouraging you to rise, believing in you.  When you were shamed, denied, judged and ridiculed, I was there with you.  I went through it all, right along with you.  I knew the time would come when you will be ready to rise above those experiences, to let your wild heart be free.  Now is that time!"

Ride with Spirit Unbroken 

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