Meena's Musings

Self Love


To love someone unconditionally, we must love ourselves unconditionally.  We hurt when we don’t get the love we believer we deserve. We forget that others can only treat you the way you treat yourself.


In this continuous expanding concept of Self Love, we teach others hoe to not only love us but how to love themselves.


Love is the strongest force and energy which is experienced in its ever expanding field as acceptance, trust, connection, belonging, tenderness, humility, oneness, Divinity and much more.  When we begin to experience this Love within ourselves, we experience this Love in others beyond their words, their actions.  We see them.  That’s all we ever need to do.


Judgement of right and wrong, good or bad softens: we begin to see the Truth or what’s Real.  I read this quote somewhere, “When you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all” Love is the creative force, Love is the Creator.  Love is God and God is Love!  To really know love is to see it in everything and everyone❤️

Self-Love is the only thing we ever need to teach others!