Welcome to your personal guide for your healing journey!  

There are 21 guided meditations, The shortest meditation is 18 minutes and longest is 32 minutes.  You will receive one meditation daily in your inbox for 21 days. They are consciously sequenced in a way to be most potent and to take you to the next level of healing. 

Our current crisis has brought so much to surface globally and personally that needs healing. If there ever was a perfect time to heal, it is now.  The Big Pause has provided the perfect storm for us to go deep within ourselves, heal, evolve and grow.   When we heal ourselves, we contribute to collective healing. 

We come here to heal. We don’t come healed.  The pain is the part of the process, each of us experiencing it in our own stories. 

I started writing these meditations in June, and finished the recordings in early October.  There was a pause in between as I got involved with other projects which was by no accident and I think the later meditations needed this pause so they can be most powerful and relevant for you. 

These meditations contain my most crystalized insights and teachings and are a culmination of years of working with clients and my own experiences. Most importantly, they are a labor of love, the love I feel for you and for the whole humanity especially during these trying times. It is my sincere desire and hope that they uplift you to the next level of your being and bring healing, joy and peace into your life. 

You can come back to these meditations again and again as the teachings remain relevant and will meet you where you are each time and you may find something that you had missed before or experience a deeper knowing.  You can also repeat a particular meditation as long as you like before you move to the next one. So, I invite you to set your own pace for this journey. 

These meditations are for everyone.  No prior meditation experience is needed. You won’t face anything you are not ready to face.  What needs attention will naturally and organically rise to your awareness and these meditations will support you lovingly and acceptingly. 

I am grateful to be part of your healing journey.  Begin when you are ready.   Below is a summary of all the meditations.

Day1 Cultivating Greater Awareness

Day 2 Deepening our Awareness

Day 3 Taming the Mind

Day 4 Intentions and Affirmations

Day 5 Acknowledging What IS

Day 6 Uncovering Your Unique Patterns

Day 7 Becoming One with your Deeper Knowing

Day 8 Allowance

Day 9 Opening to Resistance:  Loving Your Fears

Day 10 Overcoming Guilt and Shame

Day 11 Being a Clean Slate


Day 12 The Art of Expectations

Day 13 Acceptance

Day 14 Forgiveness

Day 15 Protecting Your Energy:  Cutting Cords

Day 16 Loving Your Inner Child

Day 17 Honoring Yourself and Setting Boundaries

Day 18 Trusting the Unknown and Letting Go

Day 19 Shifting Perceptions and Changing Your Mind

Day 20 Connecting with Your Soul

Day 21 Cultivating the Attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation