Overcoming Anxiety - A 4-week Audio Course

This is our 4-week audio program that will guide you to overcome anxiety; from understanding the nature and deep causes of your anxiety to transmuting the anxiety into love.

The program is organized in 4 modules, 45 minutes long and comes with a workbook that you can print out. Each module contains a guided meditation and daily affirmations that you will work with for a week until the next module. In addition, I will talk about one or two food items and a lifestyle habit that you can pay attention to.

Everyone can do this program, it's easy and effective, no prior experience in meditation is needed.

"Just like a windmill pulls the wind from the periphery into the center and turns it into energy; we use the inner windmill of intention, attention, physical body to channel the energy of anxiety into that energy which is life giving and life sustaining - Yogi's call that Prana."  - Meena Puri


See above.


Angela D.

Each time I listen to these meditations, I calm right down and feel better for hours and days.  Thank you so much for doing this.

Cynthia H.

This has been very helpful, just the breathing in the first two modules helps me tremendously and I go to it over and over again.

Renee C.

Perfect for these times and much needed. I have never been able to breathe before, this taught me how to breathe.

Sunitha Nagana

The webinar was very informative and wonderful meditation.  Thank you.

Mary Schimmel

The webinar was wonderful.  I knew this would be helpful, It has given me a reminder of what I can work on to help with challenges from the external world.


Great Webinar session last night, it was interesting to note how you equated fear/anxiety to energy which can not be destroyed but only transformed.

Manasa Nadig

That was an amazing webinar Meena.  Thank you so much. I have been reading a lot of Brene Brown books and what you said about owning your story and sitting with your fear/anxiety resonated.  It’s a journey to get to where we can acknowledge our anxiety before we can accept it.  Will practice your meditation technique with my 23 year old.  Look forward to more sessions.