Meet Your Future Self - Vibrant, Free, Fulfilled

A Post Pandemic Retreat to Heal, Grow and Create

Why Retreat?

One of the major cause of lack of motivation to better our health is that we simply don't have a reference point. We are ok with the 'status quo" becuase it's what we know and what we are comfortable with.  It's like if you've never tasted icecream, you continue to happily eat the real bad candy. But what a pity that would be?  To have never tasted icecream?  ( as you can tell, I love ice cream.  Is there anyone who does not?)

The instant gratification culture that we are currently in makes us dable from one thing to the next, "trying" that new thing and quickly moving on yet expecting magic anyways.  It's a dilemna. We wonder why we fall of the wagon so frequently?

The answer is simple!  We don't stick with one thing long enough.  we hover over the surface and not go deep but expect deep transfoming results.

We retreat so we can create a new experience, so we have a contrast or a reference point as to how good, healthy and happy we can actually feel.  It's like tasting icecream for the first time and never eating bad candy again.  Second reason to attend to go deep, to build on the prior day, to get to the deeper layers, to come closer and clower to the Truth of who we are.

This is the only way we get to ask big soul size questions and be empty enough to hear the answers.  This is where we connect with a community of witnesses and get to witness others transformation.  This is where healing takes place, this is how we shift to a new level.

Why Now?

I think we all know the answer to that.  Has there ever been a more oppotunued time to heal our past, to forget a new path, to create the life we want?  I don't know of such time before this one.

The ground beneath us is shifting, pushing everything that needs change to the surface. To say we are emotionally charged, confused and overwhelmed would be an understatement.  We are stradling the old and the new and it isn't an easy task.

This is also the pivotal time, asking us to choose consciously and live intentionally.  What does that mean?  We must raise the level of our Consciousness so we can expand the "seeing" and "knowing".  This is deep inner work and retreats are the way.

Is This Retreat For Me?

This retreat is open to a limited number of people.  So I need to get specific as to who this retreat is for?

  1. You truly value your health on every level:  Mind Body Soul and it is your priority - which means you are willing to spend your time, effort and resources in investing in Yourself.
  2. You are ready to let go of the past!  You are ready to forgive, to heal and empty your backpack and become free of the past
  3. You want to grow, evolve and to be the best version of yourself you can be and are ready for direction, guidance and support
  4. You want to heal your painful relationships
  5. You want to connect to your soul, tune in to your purpose and walk the path of your evolution and ascensiion.

Are you that person?  If yes, then I welcome you to this retreat.  Scroll down and register.

The transformation energy is so high in the next few months. When you say YES to yourself, the Universe is going to pour out all the support for you.

This is soul level Self care. We can't undermine the urgency for us to transform and forge a New Path and live aligned with our deep Truths. If the pandemic has taught us anything is that we must invest in our health and healing.


A delight for your senses, this retreat will take palce in the stunning countryside in Brighton, Ontario at the Lotus Heart Centre

Take solace in the 20 acres of serene views, walking trails, a small pond, freshwater streams, a saltwater pool, gourmet vegetarian cuisine; curated to nourish you deeply on all levels. The big question, What's possible for me?, naturally arises and we are ready to listen to the answers.

When we are deeply nourished, we glide through life's challenges, our vision is enlivened, we heal and transform with ease.  You will be cacooned in a safe container of love and support, so you can let go with ease, connect with yourself and shift at the somatic level in witness with others.

Your job is to just be with yourself and we will take care of the rest. Here you naturally slip into the subtle and mystical part of yoruself that reveals your truth and your soul's calling.  The healer, the anchor and the magic is waiting inside, I will guide you there.

Dates and Cost

Yoga retreat

twice daily yoga practices.  The morning will start with 2.5 hrs. of meditation, breath and Yoga therapy and afternoon of yin and restorative yoga and inspiring wisdom teachings. October 13th - 16th, 2022


Need a non-refundable deposit to secure your space

Lotus Heart Center
448 Old Wooler Road
Brighton, Ontario, Canada
More Info Here


5Nights (Sunday Oct. 15th to Thurs, Oct. 19th) 

Pay in full, CAD$2,195

Or 3 Payment Options - $800

Registration Closes Sept. 30th.

We are offering a One Time Scholarship of $CAD350 for New Retreat Attendees with financial hardship, but you must qualify. 

There are a limited number of scholarships available - please email me at to qualify by no later than Sept. 30th. 

To understand your cost in US Dollars, click here

Important Details

What is Included

  • 5-Night Stay or 7-night stay at Lotus Heart Centrein Brighton, Ontario
  • Clean & modest accommodation; and 8 bedrooms each with a private ensuite; share the bedroom (each room has 4 beds, but it is only given to 3 guests and shared bathroom)
  • All bathrooms are shared, but you can have a private bedroom for an additional $125 for the 7 nights
  • Couples can have the suite without any extra charge
  • Bedding, Linen, & Towels for bathing; please bring your own toiletries
  • 3 organic, plant-based, Ayurvedic meals served with superfood elixirs, tea, water, fresh juices & desserts. Gluten free and vegan options available
  • Yoga props including bolsters, meditation cushions, straps, and blocks, please bring your yoga mat
  • Daily morning Yoga, silent meditations, guided meditations, teachings, sharing and Q&A, evening fireside conscious circles (weather dependent) and high vibe conversations - see the schedule below


  • Thai/Ayurvedic Massage for balance - I will provide the script for what's out of balance from your consultation for the massage therapist

What to Bring

  • Beach towel & bathing suit for use of the saltwater pool (the temp gets around 72 degrees, warmer than a lake and swimable, heated with solar blankets)
  • Yoga mat (props will be available)
  • A journal & pen
  • A water bottle
  • An open mind
  • A healthy appetite

I am Ready to Meet My Future Self

  • Pick one of the payment options and make your payment
  • You will get an email with a simple form to fill out for your details that you will scan and email me back
  • You will also get a liability release form, which you can print, fill and email back to me.
  • Those coming from MI can carpool, I will share the contacts with everyone for you to arrange your transportation.  The drive is between 5-7 hours depending on where you are coming from.  I will share the details once you have signed up.
  • You can enjoy the city of Toronto after the retreat if you wish.   I will be happy to share some must see's and do's in Toronto

This is Living Ayurveda

  • The oldest system of health, longevity and disease prevention. Ayurveda is the need of our times.
  • The retreat will have all the elements of living this life
  • Here, we go back to our roots, to the intelligence within and live a radiant, free and fulfilled life


  • Individual 30 minute Ayurvedic Consultation with me:  You will know your mental/emotional/physical tendencies and imbalances and written recommendations to follow. (Value $150)
  • Sound Healing and Channeling  (Value $250)
  • Heart Based Meditation Technique ( Value $150)
  • My first book, Healing Your Relationship With Food:  The Ayurveda Answer, (Value $30)
  • My second book, "Wake Up and Heal: 6 Steps to Emotional Freedom", (Value $20)
  • -My 21 Day Guided Meditations to Healing, (Value $79)

Disclaimers and Cancellation

  • All reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis (single/double occupancy is limited)
  • In shared accommodations, your roommate(s) will be assigned, unless you want to pick your roommates
  • Please notify of any food allergies and your preference of gluten free or vegan
  • Retreat liability contract must be signed and returned prior to the first day of the retreat
  • Your personal space and sanitization are your own responsibility
  • A full refund can be arranged for emergency cancelations, less the deposit if canceled after September 3rd
  • Lotus Heart Retreat Centre & Ayurvedic Healing Center will not be held responsible for any lost or missing items
  • In the very rare instance of injury or illness, Lotus Heart Retreat Centre & The Ayurvedic Healing Center will not be held liable.

Soft Schedule

Thursday, October 13th 

Arrival Day.  Enjoy settling in, having dinner and get oriented

Friday and Saturday

Our day is going to consist of : Daily practices of Morning Yoga, Silent meditations, Sharing, Q&A, Focused Teachings, Exercises, Group work on all topics Healing and Health, time built in for walks and down time.

In Future retreats, we will build upon and do more of the following

Understanding deeper Self Care, Making a commitment to yourself, your non-negotiable contracts, Creating a daily routine that fills you up every day, harnessing your sacred energy, cutting the energetic cords, creating a New paradigm, recognizing your personal power and more... Schedule your massage here or earlier

 Somatic Trauma Healing

We are ready for this here.  This is the last but the most powerful shift you will experience at the cellular level.  Giving special attention to our body and where the trauma is stored.

Dream with the lid Off

Let go of self imposed limitations and ask for what you truly want. Ask and it is given.  Dare to ask today.  We all want to be vibrant, free and fulfilled - the sum total of Happiness.  This is what you came for.  All our our Self Worth Issues will come up for healing and that's how we transform.


Magic is within; retreats guide us there!


Past Retreats

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Pilgrimage to India – Feb 2019

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Mary Schimmel

Wonderful accomodation and food.  Felt very comfortable and taken care of.  The sound healing experience was healing and rejuvenating. The host were very loving.

Retreat is a way to detach from your day to day life. By going to another location and be together with others creates space and time to be open to receive new information, to learn and experience new concepts, new ways to grow and heal.  Being in a group setting is perfect to learn from other’s experiences and the collective energy is invigorating.  A chance to reset and recalibrate.  Also enjoyed the down time alone and time to participate in the outdoor hikes.

There were so many aha moments and revelations during the retreat.  Meena’s teachings are deep and I benefit greatly from her insight.  Thank you Meena

Kadhim Taki

The facility is very well designed and conducive for such retreats.  Beautiful view all around and very comfortable. Food was healthy, creative and full of Spirit (energy)

Meena’s work is so important and more people need to learn the teachings.  I was able to use my previous practices and experiences to combine in the retreat teachings and connect more from my heart to the world around me.

The retreat reinforced my belief in opening our heart to the abundance of blessings that every person is gifted with.

Tejinder Gill

The retreat was a beautiful experience.  Being in a space that allows silence from the outer world and then allows me to experience the silence in my inner world. The importance of actually creating time and space for doing the inner work can’t be overemphasized.  Being away from the day to day of my life and being in the environment of retreat and in nature and being with others on the same path and same intention to heal, and having a teacher like Meena Puri who is passionate about supporting others to heal and evolve – all of this contributed to my learning and healing during the 3 days.


The retreat center is beautiful and peaceful.  The meals are out of this world. I am grateful for this experience and for taking the time to be here.  Thank you Meena.  This experience made me committed to attend future retreats and to continue to do my inner work, self love and heal.

Name Withheld

The meditation weekend retreat is quite worthwhile. Although it’s hard to carve a full weekend out of your busy life, your meditation practice is so fortified, that it keeps giving back, every day of your life. Not only do you have to stop buzzing around with daily activities, your time at the retreat is of such high quality, it’s like gaining time. I leave feeling richer, smarter and a little more evolved. This is my fourth year attending the retreat and every year, more doors open to me, and I love the opportunities they supply. And, most people think (myself included, in my first year) that time is going to drag on, and how can you possibly meditate so much. But, time absolutely flies by and it is not all meditation. Most time we meditate for at a time is 30 min. There is discussion, Yoga and sharing of your experiences. It is difficult to describe, but it truly is enriching.

Lisa H.

Attending the retreat was a great reminder of the importance of prioritizing meditation and connecting with my heart. I loved the fact that we had groups from across the country on the retreat as well, really felt the collative energy as well.  We have installed so many of your  suggestions in our lives.  I loved the chapatis and chai at the retreat – a good reminder of your book.

Mary S.

I realized that rest is very important mentally, physically and emotionally.  I re-committed to trying to get more rest in my day to day life, better sleep. I recommitted to putting more meditation into my life…I think it can be very restorative and calming

I think meditation can promote positive change in terms of self control, self love, self care and one success builds on the next success and so on and so on. I fell more calm and peaceful.  I felt less reactive.  The group itself (both in the room and remotely) also inspired me to continue practicing meditation.

Just “doing” the meditation, having a scheduled time that I join a group, forced me to commit to the intention.  Left to my own devices I do find it challenging to keep up a practice, but I am trying.  I’ve meditated 3 x in the last week after attending the retreat.

Loved the cauliflower and sautéed onion dish, the naan, the soup, all of it.  But the cauliflower dish and the naan was my favorite.  The food is another goal, its another example of healthy living and healthy eating.

Claire C.

I so enjoyed the winter 2020 retreat.  It was nourishing, challenging, enlightening, and heartfelt.  Thank you for tending each of us and for tending the process. I got much needed rest and new appreciation for a rested nervous system.  I appreciated the instruction and explanations from not only my teacher, Meena, but from her teacher as well.

I was inspired to continue to develop my practice.  The support of teachers and community is inspiring.  I was inspired by the presence of love and humor. There is such amplification and encouragement when practicing with a group!

Meena is nourishing literally and figuratively!   The aromas, the flavors, her attentiveness to each person at her table — all are fuel for the body and soul.   She created dishes from the pantry of her heart and soul.  Some of her recipes can be found in her cookbook (that is actually an “eating for life” book).  Eating with Meena is truly fulfilling.

Chuck H

I realized the importance of deep rest and relaxation. I have been more diligent about resting after my meditation.  Paul Dugliss is a great teacher and being with others was important as I learned so much from them.  The bonus was experiencing and enjoying food from Meena’s kitchen.

Jackie B.

At the beginning of the weekend, my mind and spirit was full of all the troubles around me and I felt sick. Now, at the end of the retreat, I feel full, content and at peace. I feel strongly grounded and ready to live my life.

Denise H.

A wonderful experience to spend a weekend with like minded students learning and sharing. The weekend meditation allows me to fully immerse and have a deeper experience. It provides a wonderful opportunity to recharge and refocus on the meditation practice. Meena, as always, combines the learning with her wonderful insights.