Class Descriptions


Ashtanga Yoga

My old time favorite practice.  We will move through a given set of postures to build strength, endurance and confidence in your body.  This practice builds focus, grit and is highly meditative.  Great class to get your practice in and to work towards a clear goal.

Candlelight Yoga with Massage

Perfect way to end your day and prepare for better sleep!  Come enjoy this very calming, deeply relaxing class with hand and feet massage to wash away the  day’s stress and fatigue!


Deepen Your Practice!

Are you a seeker?  Have you been practicing for a while and are ready for more?  You will learn to refine and deepen the postures with the alignment details and tweaking specific to your body, tap into the other limbs of Yoga and unravel the ancient wisdom that is so relevant in today’s life.  Come join us!

 Kundalini Yoga 

A practice that uses the chanting,  breath work, meditations and physical movements ranging from easy to challenging to energize and profoundly clear the mind. It is a must try class!  Come and experience pure bliss! Open to all!

Mixed Level

Recommended for students

  • Those familiar with Yoga and have spent min. 6 months in Level I class or with teacher approval
  • Those wanting a more challenging and progressive class
  • With teacher’s approval

Class will include sun salutation flow  and may include more challenging postures.  Modify to your level.

Upper Body/Core 

Yoga Therapy with focus on building upper body and core strength.  All levels!

pole girlsYoga Therapy

Learn the yoga basics of simple movements and breathing techniques to de-stress mind and body. Recommended for:

  • Beginners
  • Those with chronic conditions, physical limitations and in recovery from surgery
  • Those needing a slower and gentler practice