Private Sessions

yoga therapyWhy An Individual Session is a Must for everyone?

I was a die-hard  Ashtanga Yogi!  The harder the practice the better and having a very driven personality, I could do it.  I loved it!  I sweated buckets and couldn’t get enough!  Now that I think back, although great teachers, many times felt like cheerleaders who were encouraging us to do more!  A big adrenal kick!  Then I got smarter!  Why?  Yes, you guessed right!  I developed a shoulder injury that led to frozen shoulder which made me slow down my practice, pay attention to my posture and alignment and to my shock I could not believe what I had started to do with my body to compensate for the injury and like a hero, a martyr or something continued on with the same practice. I had to slow down so much that it actually depressed me.  The practice was not the same anymore.  I had to let go of what I knew and start to build my alignment bit by bit. that’s when I started to understand the therapeutic miracles of Yoga and started to practice and teach Yoga Therapy instead of a Yoga class!  “Repeating practice with bad alignment will worsen your alignment and lead to injury and pain.”

What’s the difference?

  1. You must slow down to create space for 2 reasons:  to promote deeper subtle mindfulness and to experience the other limbs of Yoga.  Why?  So your practice becomes more than physical and so what?  The non-physical limbs of Yoga ultimately help the physical part.  Everything affects everything else.  Our body, mind, energy, soul is all One!
  2. Honor your body!  A cliché used in many Yoga studios, but what does it mean?  It is more than feeding it good food and resting it.  It is valuing your body as a vehicle that contains your spirit.  What’s more valuable than your spirit?  Nothing!  So embrace and love your body, listen to what it needs and not what you want to do to it in your head, using the limitations as an access to deeper experience of your practice..( yes, the other non-physical limbs), using the strengths to celebrate.
  3. Pain, stiffness, limitations is where we do the “work” using props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets, belts, chair, stool,  wall, ceiling and the pole( a special feature of our studio)
  4. Instead of “doing” the posture, we build the posture from bottom up, starting with our feet.  When we build the posture, it is ours uniquely as we honored our body in building and creating it.   We learn what to do with each part of our body, how does it fit in with the other parts, how to make the most out of our unique alignment so we gain freedom not only in our body but most importantly our spirit. Because we are no longer sulking over what we can’t do, instead we celebrate what we can!

So there!  Now you know why to schedule a private session!  ($125 for 1, $500 for 5, $875 for 10)

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And if you still need more reasons:

  • You feel unbalanced when walking, sleeping or sitting.
  • Your regular gym exercise lead to more pain or discomfort.
  • You have old injuries, surgeries that haven’t healed and you want to speed up recovery
  • You worry about getting injured in a group yoga class or at the gym?
  • You feel mentally stressed or overwhelmed
  • And because I have recommended it for you.

What you will get?

  1. Complete Postural Assessment
  2. 75 minutes of therapy/education to help you with your “issues”
  3. A take home prescription for better results
  4. Recommendation and/or Application of Ayurvedic Therapies, herbals, Nutrition that will speed up healing

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***When you bundle them up in 5 or 10 sessions, you will save 20% and 30%. You can purchase a single session, however, I recommend that you purchase 5 session package to really “get” it and navigate your group practice with confidence and fearlessness.  Purchase 10 session package is you have chronic pain or other chronic issues.  Once you purchase, I will call or email to schedule your first session.  Congratulations!  You have taken the most important first step in taking care of yourself.