Add Ayurveda ( Special For Yoga Students)

I am just tickled to find this picture, as this is how I have been teaching people how to pronounce Ayurveda!  So here you have it!

Being a Yoga practitioner and teacher before my Ayurveda training and practice, I can tell you how incorporating Ayurveda made my Yoga better.  The creaks and cracks I had started to experience in my Yoga practice disappeared.  My Yoga practice was no longer fighting against the not so Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet, instead everything was working with everything else to make everything better.  The practice became more enjoyable, deeper and the lifestyle followed in the same direction, enhancing the practice even more, bettering the lifestyle even more and so on.  You get the picture.

When we begin to understand Ayurveda, we realize that our so called “healthy lifestyle”  isn’t really that healthy.  Definition of healthy is very different than our normal definition, it is not about eating salads, drinking smoothies and working out like crazy.  It is instead eating ,exercising according to what makes our body work optimally and bringing inner peace and tranquility.    Incorporating Ayurveda will change your whole game plan for the better and I encourage all of my students to do just that, incorporate Ayurveda in your already “healthy” lifestyle and your life will truly become healthy in a way that uniquely serves you.

FREE Initial Consultation

This is the Discovery Phase which will help you assess your health goals and to identify the obstacles in achieving them.  It helps me discover what type of guidance and support are you ready to receive in achieving those health goals and in our 30 minutes together, we will decide if you are ready to embark upon your most important health journey!

Go ahead and fill out Initial Consultation Questionnaire for you no cost, no obligation 30 minute FREE consultation with me and then I can direct you in the right direction for you.

I believe Ayurveda and Yoga will provide you not only with a framework and context of real health, but also will give you very effective tools on how to get and maintain that health so you become the captain of your own ship.  It is my vision to educate, guide and support you in your journey to healing so they can do what they came here to do joyfully .


As our Yoga Student, You will receive additional 10% off of all our Ayurvedic Services and packages!