What Does Your Health Look Like in 10 Years? 20 Years?

Have you asked yourself this very important question?  Most of us haven't!  The only thing that matters in the end is if we are able to do the thing we want to do, if we are able to experience being fully alive.  Ill health is what comes in the way.  So many people have all the riches in the world, but they are too sick to enjoy them.

We are at a pivotal time where we must choose our health over everything else, as without our health, life loses meaning.

Our health is the sum total of our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health.  Two things are clear:  we can't heal one without the other and there is no one size that fits all.

Ready to be healthy from inside out? Let's schedule your individualized planning session.  But first answer the following 3 questions

  1. How committed are you?  From a scale of 1-10, anything less than 7 indicates you are not yet ready.
  2. Are you willing to invest time and resources in achieving the health you desire?  If the answer is NO, please visit us when the answer is YES
  3. Are you ready to invest NOW?  If the answer is no, please come back again when you are.
  4. Only one appointment per person is available.  If no show, your next appointment is US $97.

This is a 30 min FREE session, my gift to you.  In this session, we will together understand the gaps between your current state of health and what you desire and create a plan for you to achieve your desired results.

Please find a quiet place, bring your notebook and a pen and get ready to dive in.


Disease happens by default.  Health we create consciously.

Doing the deeper inner work to heal on all levels is a necessity if we want to step into our bright future.  And the myth that we can do it ourselves is just that - a myth, and resistance at its best.

We often miss the hidden cost of keeping the status quo - opportunities missed, aspirations and dreams forgotten.

The health problem that you don't resolve becomes your most expensive problem!

More from Our Happy Clients

Debra Schultz

Meena Puri is the real deal in Ayurveda and self care.  I have a hard time grasping the concepts in Ayruveda but I trust Meena so I don’t question her advice.  She is caring, highly knowledgeable and soft spoken.  I have learned how to meditate from her and practice Kundalini Yoga.  Her vegetarian cooking is delicious.  Try one of her panckharma therapies for a total relaxing experience.  Invest in yourself with Meena.  You will not be disappointed.

Karen Baron

Meena with her knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga has had such a positive meaningful influence of living in my day to day experiences. Her practice offers a holistic approach creating lifestyle changes to Balance Body and Mind. I truly trust and embrace all her individual attention. I have been with Meena for ten years and thank you for changing and enriching my life with peace and happiness.

Stephanie Krogsted

I began seeing Meena in the spring of 2018 after having digestive issues. My doctor was unable to pinpoint the source of the problem but Meena asked questions regarding my diet and eating habits and attitudes about food. She then suggested a plant based diet and helped me to develop a new lifestyle that focused on awareness. This comprehensive plan alleviated my symptoms very quickly. I would highly recommend the Ayeurvedic approach and Meena for her knowledge, guidance and wisdom. She has been a blessing on my path to emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

Colleen Kilpatrick

Meena was a life saver – literally! I visited her office because I was feeling intense anxiety that made my heart feel like it was beating laboriously. She put one hand on my upper back and one hand on my upper chest and listened intently. She then told me there was a mechanical issue with my heart and that I needed to see a cardiologist immediately. She was absolutely right. A couple days later I had emergency open heart surgery for a ruptured valve. I consider Meena one of the angels who saved my life. She is a kind, caring soul who takes the time to really get to know and understand her patients unique health situation and goals. He wisdom runs deep and her knowledge of all aspects of body, mind and spirit is vast. I consider myself fortunate to have such a gifted practitioner of Ayurveda and Yoga in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking optimal health.

Leila T.

Meena Puri is an amazing healer and spiritual guide. She is attentive, caring, and proactive. I am very blessed to have found such a genuine, skilled practitioner to help me care for my body temple on this journey.  Her ability to take you exactly where you need via her intuitiona dn guided meditations right on the spot is astonishing.  Furthermore, her assessments of disease and ailments are never separate from the heart and spirit, which is the missing link with many medical practitioners. To anyone who is searching for an excellent Ayurvedic specialist, I wholeheartedly recommend Meena Puri.


Suzy Morris

Meena began helping me get on track with digestion, emotions, wisdom and life 10 years ago. The learning I received is priceless!
Don’t wait, connect with Meena now!!🙏🏻💙🙏🏻

Jeff Petrucci

I’ve been working with Meena for about 6 months now. I came to her with an interest in learning more about Ayurveda and how it could help with my overall health and well being, specifically with issues I had with acid reflux, asthma, and weak digestion. In our time together we have worked on these issues, as well as areas far beyond just nutrition such as meditation and spiritual growth. We really dove deep into the root causes of the diseases. Through my work with her and in conjunction with lifestyle adjustments, I am now free of acid reflux and off my asthma medication of 16 years! I truly feel healthier than ever before. I’m very grateful for her help along my healing journey. She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and has so much to offer. I highly recommend working with her!


I am fortunate to have Meena Puri in my world. Her teachings are practical and easy to follow. The change is instant and permanent because her masterful meditations make one align body and mind through heart. That in turn unifies the perception of self, surroundings and beyond. I would recommend her to anyone, even if they do not have an issue. My daughter, born and raised in USA, attended one of Meena’s yoga sessions along with me and she told me- “I like your yoga teacher”!. – Padmini

Kathy Murlick

I am so pleased with my spiritual journal with Meena. I have always struggled with the intellectual self. She is teaching me to stop thinking and just be. It is a hard lesson to learn to feel from the heart and not the mind. Every week we make progress and I look forward to the next meeting!

Denise Rackham

I have been on my healing journey for a long time. I have been working on all aspects of my life bringing in all sorts of healing modalities to help my body restore it self to perfect balance. But there was just something in my sacral Chakra I could not heal it was buried too deep. And my Throat Chakra was restricted as well. My throat would not allow my singing voice to come out. I knew I needed to turn to an Ayurvedic Master to complete my healing. I found my Master Meena was able to shed light and tune into the root of my problems and taught me how to go within and heal my trauma. All healing comes from within and it was so helpful to have met such a beautiful soul that listens and creates a safe space for me to open up so she could tune right into the the areas of my life to truly heal. My singing voice is back and the rest of me has made a huge shift that now I can bring what I have learned and share with others who are on their healing journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Meena you are a light unto this world and I appreciate all you have done for me.


Dr. Meena is an amazing Ayurvedic Practitioner, life coach and guide. She is sensitive, intuitive and has a lifetime of experience in the Ayurvedic yogic and medicine sciences. I love Ayurveda, it really aligns with body sovereignty and personal empowerment. We should be intuitive and connected and guided by our own bodies. Meena helps support our empowered journey’s of body, mind, soul health with food and herbs and wisdom all connected to ancient yogic and Ayurvedic practices. She also has an amazing cookbook to support healing with food as medicine. I highly recommend her if you are looking for total well being, whether starting with a health issue, emotional issue or a desire to uplevel your life experience, Meena will guide you and support you where you are at. She is both professional and kind and nurturing. She is a woman who walks the walk right along beside you. Thank you Meena.

Tejinder Gill

Ayurvedic Healing Center has provided me with a holistic healing every time I have gone there for help. Meena Puri has great insights and depth of knowledge, not only in Ayurveda, but many other healing modalities that have helped me attain a deeper healing and understanding. I had taken Yoga therapy sessions from Meena to heal my back. I am super greatful for her, as she knew exactly what she was doing and I felt comfortable and safe with her. Back healed. Thank you, Meena!

Susan Axelrod

“In my recent embodiment experience with Meena Puri, I was amazed at how grounded I felt from an exercise she shared. I had been in utter disarray personally and after one single exercise with her, I felt calmer, more grounded and able to get to business. Her soothing voice, deeply intuitive guidance and her commitment to my best health offered me a vital transformation moment for which I’m grateful.” Susan L. Axelrod

Emily Hanson

Working with Meena at the Ayurdeic Healing Center has been a wonderful experience. She really helped me change my perspective on a lot of things causing me stress. We talked about serious stuff, but also some laughs! Highly recommend.

Larry Silverberg

Meena Puri is an Ayurvedic Specialist ….. at The Highest Level
Meena provides exceptional Healing, Spiritually and Therapeutic Services. Her Passion and Dedication is superb and appreciated. I highly recommend Meena’s Great Services. She has helped me in so many ways. Meena is also the Author of two very helpful and insightful books and also, many many Podcasts, Lectures and Courses.  A True ANGEL!

Elena Vladi

I highly recommend Meena’s Individual Program. I joined in the hopes to address my anxiety and depression. Western therapy didn’t connect with me yet Meena’s approach was just the right thing. She is calm, knowledgable and wise. Meena gently guides to deeper and calmer understanding of mental health issues and life in general. I feel great and have the necessary tools to taken on further life challenges.

Paul Woods

Playing in the N. H.L. for almost 8 years, took a toll on my body and resulted in many injuries and surgeries that ended my playing career. I became very stiff and had to endure a lot of pain and functioning on a daily basis became a challenge. I had a hard time skating and had to give up hockey and other sports that I loved to play. Simple things like getting in and out of the car, bending down, getting out of bed and just using my body to live became very difficult.  Along with that, I had chronic congestion that also affected the quality of my sleep. Telling my story to countless doctors and therapists left me frustrated as no one really listened or did anything of value to really help me besides prescribing more pain medication.

Meena Puri was the first person who not only understood my physical problems but provided me with concrete steps and solutions to address those issues. That was a welcome relief and gave me confidence that I could get better. Now after working with Ms. Puri for over a year and making lifestyle changes including nutrition, here are my results:

I am skating again and have been coaching hockey this summer.

My congestion is gone. I sleep soundly and through the night.

I have stopped taking all pain medication. No more side effects.

My posture and body alignment is much improved.

I feel more fluid and confident in my body and its ability to heal.

Overall weight and body fat is reduced.

Most importantly, this is only the beginning. I plan on getting better and better and restoring the quality of my life. Working with Ms. Puri and following her guidelines has been the key to my improvement and I am forever grateful.