What is Ayurvedic Medicine?

When we think of the word medicine, a picture of a pill comes to mind.  This idea of medicine being in the pill comes from the Western Medicine model where the medicine IS in the pill alone. With the Western Medicine mindset, we think of Ayurvedic medicine to also be a pill, only its made with plants. I frequently get inquiries from people wanting to pick up the Ayurvedic medicine as they believe it's something they can pick up, purchase and take just like a pill.

In Ayurveda, the definition of medicine is much broader.  Everything we do in life affects our health.  In that sense, everything we do can be the medicine if we use it with that intention and purpose. Food is medicine, our lifestyle is medicine, what we watch, read or listen to is also medicine, our relationship with nature is medicine, our  relationship with that Supreme Power (GOD) is medicine, the beliefs we hold, the thoughts we think and how we feel is also medicine.

This broader understanding of medicine gives us all ample ways we can create better health. Everything does not work for everyone, but something can work for everyone. We get to choose what we want to begin with and to participate fully in creating the health we desire. During the process, we get to learn who we are, connect the dots and get deeper insights about our illnesses and suffering.  We can't help but evolve and grow and this in turn transforms our health from inside out. When we transform our health, we transform our life.  Health and Life are one in the same as the quality of our health dictates the quality of our life and the quality of our life affects the quality of our health.  This is how this Science of Life called Ayurveda can be the most potent discovery you will ever make.  Don't wait to be ready, that is another way we resist.  Schedule your 30 min Initial Consultation and Begin

Ayurveda means "Science of Life" and it upholds its meaning by offering deep wisdom,
a powerful system for health maintenance, and disease prevention and evolution.

The most profound understanding of Ayurveda is that human being is not just blood, bone and tissues, but is a magical creation of the Supreme Intelligence which we may call Pure Consciousness or Source.  That Source is within each one of us. In that sense, Ayurveda is synonmous with Consciousness and Spirituality. Disease is disconnection from this Source and to create health is to connect with this Source.  This is part of our healing journey; this is what our human life is about.  So, health is not mere absence of disease but rather a harmony of body, mind and spirit.

There is nothing New Age about Ayurveda, it's the oldest system of health available to humankind, and it is not only relevant, applicable but is the dire need of the times we are living in.  Rather than managing symptoms, Ayurveda's forte is healing the disease at its root.  Ayurveda diagnosis the underlying imbalances which lead to the root of the symptoms. There is a subtle art in diagnosing the root of the illness which the practitioner continues to perfect by cultivating the higher faculties such as intuition, Consciousness, deep listening and compassion.

How does Ayurveda Diagnose?

The dianosis is done by touching - like taking the pulse, touching the skin on the arm for example, by seeing - by looking at the tongue, face, gait, by hearing their voice and listenin, by tuning in or sensing the energy, fascial expressions, light in their eyes etc.

An Ayurvedic practitioner is always fine- tuning their skills to connect with the person at a deeper level by raising the level of their Consciousness.  Meditation is a requirement for the Ayurvedic Practitioner and for that reason the mere presence of the practitioner is healing. The patient feels heard, understood and validated.  They get educated on what's causing their symptoms and this makes them feel empowered and inspired to make changes to better their health.

Rather than the conventional "one-size fits all" approach, each person is unique in their constitution and the causes of their imbalances; therefore no two clients with the same symtoms ever walk away with the same recommendations as the cause of their symptom is unique and individual.

Is Ayurveda the Alternative Medicine?

The word alternative suggests that there is a primary Medicine.  In the ancient times, Ayurveda was the primary health care and that's all there was. Today, we think of Western Medicine as the primary health care and Ayurveda then by default becomes the alternative Medicine.  The truth is to compare Western medicine to Ayurvedic Medicine is like comparing apples to oranges.  Western medicine has mastered surgery and is known to save lives in the case of acute illnesses and is a system for managing your disease; Ayurvedic Medicine is known to heal chronic illnesses, create robust health and longevity, prevent future illness, Spiritual and psychological healing.

You get to choose. If you rather first change your diet, lifestyle, heal the past traumas and become more conscious, then Ayurveda is your primary medicine and taking a pill then becomes the alternative. If you rather take a pill and see if it works, then this becomes your primary Medicine and the alternative is to make changes to your diet, lifestyle and participate in healing yourself, then Ayurveda becomes the alternative Medicine

The tragedy of health care today is that every symptom is treated like an acute condition leading to over testing and over medicating when it easily could have been addressed with Ayurvedic Medicine.  All disease is energetic; it shows up in the physical body as symptoms but it does not come from the body, this is where X-rays or blood tests prove to be of no value unless there is a clear indication of their need, in which case I recommend that my clients get them done to rule out the worst case scenario.


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"Meena and her Ayurvedic Healing Center is the ultimate one stop shop and safe, non-judgemental space for healing. Meena's wisdom, depth of knowledge, the multitude of modalities she uses to support healing, her compassion and ability to tune in and listen, identify what's underneath syptoms, feeling/emotions - all truly remarkable! She is living proof we have it within ourselves to heal ourselves and she shows us how. She is able to make connections to things about my own life/human experiences that I hadn't discovered previously. Her bright light and passion in helping others find healing is always present everytime she shows up. Meena is the real deal who knows what's necessary to face within ourselves for true transformational healing.he gets that making small changes leads to big impact, reminding us that we don't have to tackle a big monster all at once, but rather one step at a time, My life has changed becuase of Meena and I know I am among many who can say the same. If you are reading this, likely you are ready to make a change..take this as a sign to explore the support Meena can offer you." Trish Campbell

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