When I stepped into a Yoga class some 30 years ago, I had no idea that it would not only become my life's work and calling, but would lead me to expand and deepen its meaning via a larger Vedic Science, Ayurveda.  This is the power of a single step into the Unknown.

Like you, I have encountered many challenges in my life and the path of Yoga and Ayurveda has given me the inner strength, insights and wisdom to turn those challenges into opportunities for growth and evolution. Ayurvedqa is the living knowledge that I haven't only studied but have lived the teachings through my personal experiences. I am convinced that we can heal from anything and I hold that belief for my clients even when they don't.  I truly wish for you to heal from the inside out and live the life you dream to live and I believe you can.

Prior to fully coming into this work, I worked in the Corporate world; combined with my personal stress during that time created the perfect storm for me to wake up.  You can read My Story - Physical Effects of Stress


The work with my clients is highly personal and confidential, so I am alwasy grateful when they are willing to share some of their experiences for the benefit of others.  You will find client testimonials througout the website. Here are a couple of recent ones:

Love Meena!  She is a Doctor, Yoga instructor, therapist and a Spiritual Guide all in one.  She is like a wise sage, profound yet practical.  She is caring, kind and emphathetic.  She truly lives by the belief that you can heal from anything, and heal she does:  without painkillers, pharmaceuticals and surgery, buy holistically by employing the body-mind-spirit connection. Thank you so much for coming into my life and reducing myh debilitating pain." DA

"Her most appreciated skill is her ability to listen deeply and  intuitively. She hears me when I can't find the words to explain. She is wise beyond her years, serious yet funny and is able to transmit her profound wisdom lightly and with ease.  Regardless of how big your health challenges may seem today, she will make you feel totally at ease and guides you to your own strength and wisdom. She inspires me in each session.  She sees through you and believes in you to heal." SN

My father and grandfather were well known Ayurvedic Doctors of their time.  I always wanted to become a Doctor like my Dad, there was no distinction between a Medical Doctor and an Ayurvedic Doctor at that time or at least I never paid any attention to it. I moved to Canada in my early teens.  In my quest to become a Doctor, I visited many colleges in Canada and got really turned off.  That's not the kind of Doctor I wanted to become because all I saw was hospital beds, machines and medical equipment.  There was no human touch in any of it. So, I went into Accounting instead so I could study and earn a living at the same time, not knowing that Ayurveda will find me.  It's a long stroy, but you can read it here to know more about me

I also had the opportunity in the last year to share one of my story on TED type stage for women.  You can Listen Here

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I hold the belief that no challenge is big enough for the deep reservoir of wisdom and healing within each one of us - like the song, there ain't no mountain big enough.  And it's never too late.  We have the opportunity to heal and come home to ourselves even if it's the last thing we do.  We don't want to leave this earthly planet with the same wounds we brought with us.  This is precisely why we are here - to heal our wound, to become whole and to return back to the Source healed.

Over the last 30 years, I have had the honor of guiding countless people to transform thier health from inside out.

During this on-going pandemic, there has been a greater need for my work and I have had the priviledge of working with many voluntary organizations to help people navigate through this difficult time.

I recenlty moved back to Toronto after being away in MI for 28 years to be closer to my family. Living in Milford, MI was such a sweet and precious experience which I will always hold dear in my heart.  I am loving Toronto and can't wait to see all the adventures in store for me here both professionally and personally.

I am an ambassador and practitioner member of AAPNA ( Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America), practitioner member of AAC (Ayurveda Association of Canada) and an author of #1 Best Seller Healing Your Relationship With Food: The Ayurveda Answer.  I have 3 other books on the way.

In my spare time, I love dancing, singing, being outdoors and socializing.