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How is healing different from health?

How is healing different from health?  Healing takes place when we begin to connect the dots of our physical symptoms to our way of eating and living; healing takes place when we connect our eating and lifestyle habits to our subconscious beliefs; healing happens when we understand we have the power to change our subconscious beliefs; healing happens when we understand that all of our life experiences have been designed for us to “see” the bigger picture so we can heal; healing happens when we realize we are the creators of our life’s experiences; healing happens when we love ALL parts of ourselves; healing happens when we connect to the Infinite: healing happens when we experience ourselves as the Infinite; healing happens when we understand our life’s purpose; healing happens when we realize our ultimate purpose is to know Love and be Love…

Yes, this is some serious and deep work!  But we don’t take it seriously.  The understanding that our life's experiences are here to return us back to the Wholeness we came from enables us to shift our perspective and gives us the strength to go through the process of healing, relieves our burdens and lightens our heart.

Let's end "support deficit"

When we continue to dance around the surface, not much changes and the end result is a life that lacks meaning and joy.  We feel sick,  struggle in day to day functioning and worst of all, we feel alone in our struggles.  We don’t have the support we so desperately need to move forward in our life. This is one of biggest obstacle I see in my clients:  support deficit. It's not about knowing it's about finding meaning in the doing so you become self-sufficient.  This is where you need expert guidance and support.

I believe we can heal from anything and overcome the blocks that come in the way.  I will hold this belief for you until you believe it too.

The path to puposeful life

I want you to know that our struggles are common; I yet have to meet a person who does not struggle with Self-Worth or a person who has not experienced pain and suffering. When we reach out, we realize how much we have judged ourselves because of our suffering.  We may feel isolated, but our struggles are quite common. Our stories may be different but our experiences are shared. Isolated in our own lives, we struggle silently and keep our conflicts buried deep inside. There is so much shame, guilt and judgment in owning our struggles so we pretend all is well to maintain status quo. This costs us hugely in our lives. We can change this.

Who are you?  Does any of the following ring true for you?

  • You lack energy and day-to-day tasks feel daunting and unsurmountable
  • Nothing is wrong, but everything feels wrong. You struggle to reconcile the what is and what you desire without much success.
  • You feel disconnected, lack meaning and joy in your life.
  • You sleep is often disturbed but has become a norm for you.  You can't remember the last time you slept throughout the night
  • You have multiple diagnosis and would like to reduce medications.
  • You really want and try to eat healthy but find yourself repeating the same old craving and overeating patterns
  • You experience aches and pains that come in the way of doing the things you want to do
  • You have food allergies, bloating and other digestive issues; nothing works and feels good.
  • You are anxious, fear the future and lack motivation and drive to life fully.
  • You struggle in your relationships at home
  • You have lost interest in your job
  • You have had trauma in your life that you have not recovered from
  • You are addicted to substances, food, alcohol
  • You are going through menopause or mid life crises and are scared of what the future holds
  • You feel stuck in your predicament and are going in circles getting no where
  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

In-spite of your struggles, I want you to recognize this one thing; your deep desire to be on the other side of your challenge and illness; your longing to live the life you once dreamed.  Make a note of this  desire; it's real and it wont' go away until you either fulfill it or change it. Now is the time to do something about it.

Your challenge can be the perfect prelude for you to heal so you can live your life wholeheartedly and purposefully.

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What fuels my vision?

The work of Consciousness is ever expanding and it taps into our potential and who we truly are.  It's simply not possible to remain stuck in the same old in this journey. I get daily proof of the outcomes of this work which is nothing short of a miracle for many; this is what fuels me combined with my own life's experiences.  In over 35 years of Yoga and Ayurveda practice, I yet have to meet a person who has not healed with this work.

Healing is built in, we can't screw it up unless we come in the way.  The work is to learn to get out of our own way. To get to do this deep work is a blessing.  You are worthy enough to heal and to become Whole.  Decide and begin!  The life you desire awaits you!

About Meena Puri

Those with a gap in their current and deeply desired state of health, who are willing, able and committed in receiving the specific individualized guidance and support in creating the changes that will bridge that gap so they can enjoy  an awakened, active and purposeful life benefit greatly in working with Meena Puri.  Not only they get healthier, have more energy, feel well and balanced,  they grow in ways they never thought possible, and take charge of their health.   Her most appreciated skill is her ability to listen deeply and  intuitively and impart with her knowledge in a way that meets the clients where they are and just what they needed to hear at that time to leap forward.   She delivers confidence, inspiration and practical tools for her clients so they CAN take necessary steps to resolve their health issues regardless of how complex they may seem and especially to know when to ask for help.  She has been told that she is wise beyond her years, serious yet funny and is able to transmit her profound wisdom lightly and with ease.  Regardless of how big your health challenges  may seem today, she will make you feel totally at ease so you can connect with your own heart,  tap into your own wisdom and intuition and be the captain of your own ship.  This is her deep passion to see you live the healthy happy life you desire.  Her belief is that you can heal from anything and she holds that belief for her clients even when they don’t.

A chance Yoga class taken over 25 years ago pulled her towards her calling of becoming a Yoga teacher  and then studying  Ayurvedic Medicine 10 years ago.   She comes from a lineage of Ayurvedic Doctors. Being born in India and raised by her mother and her father who was an Ayurvedic Doctor, yet she discovered Ayurveda in USA very organically and came full circle.  Like us all, her life has been filled with countless challenges that she has turned into her blessings.  She is someone who walks the talk, is a real deal.  Her dedication to helping others is inspired by her father, Dr. C. R. Puri and her conviction that you CAN heal is fueled by her own life’s experiences .

She is an ambassador and practitioner member of AAPNA ( Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America),  and an author of #1 Best Seller “Healing Your Relationship With Food:  The Ayurveda Answer.

In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, singing, anything outdoors and being a mom.

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