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    Meena Puri

Those with a gap in their current and deeply desired state of health, who are willing, able and committed in receiving the specific individualized guidance and support in creating the changes that will bridge that gap so they can enjoy  an awakened, active and purposeful life benefit greatly in working with Meena Puri.  Not only they get healthier, have more energy, feel well and balanced,  they grow in ways they never thought possible, and take charge of their health.   Her most appreciated skill is her ability to listen deeply and  intuitively and impart with her knowledge in a way that meets the clients where they are and just what they needed to hear at that time to leap forward.   She delivers confidence, inspiration and practical tools for her clients so they CAN take necessary steps to resolve their health issues regardless of how complex they may seem and especially to know when to ask for help.  She has been told that she is wise beyond her years, is a true healer,  serious yet funny and is able to transmit her profound wisdom lightly and with ease.  Regardless of how big your health challenges  may seem today, she will make you feel totally at ease so you can connect with your own heart,  tap into your own wisdom and intuition and be the captain of your own ship.  This is her deep passion to see you live the healthy happy life you desire.  Her belief is that you can heal from anything and she holds that belief for her clients even when they don’t.

A chance Yoga class taken 25 years ago pulled her towards her calling of becoming a Yoga teacher  and then studying  Ayurvedic Medicine 8 years ago.   She comes from a lineage of Ayurvedic Doctors. Being born in India and raised by her mother and her father who was an Ayurvedic Doctor, yet she discovered Ayurveda in USA very organically and came full circle.  Like us all, her life has been filled with countless challenges that she has turned into her blessings.  She is someone who walks the talk, is a real deal.  Her dedication to helping others is inspired by her father, Dr. C. R. Puri and her conviction that you CAN heal is fueled by her own life’s experiences .

She is an ambassador and practitioner member of AAPNA ( Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America),  member of the Chamber of Commerce in her home town of Milford, MI and a long time columnist for Milford Times, and a frequent blogger.

When she is not teaching Yoga, not leading retreats and workshops, not working with clients, not planning behind the scenes, she enjoys dancing, singing and anything outdoors. Her 21 year old son is her biggest blessing who has opened her heart even wider and has challenged her to claim her own self worth and cultivate the heart of a warrior and head of a Saint!

Are you a fit for what she provides?  Find out by filling the Initial Consultation Questionnaire  and scheduling your No Charge, No Obligation, 30 minute, phone consultation with her.

Either way, you will walk away feeling clearer on your health needs, and be able to identifying the barriers in meeting those needs!  That, in itself, is a great starting point when you are ready!

Falling in Yoga Classes!  12/17

Yes, we all have fallen practicing Yoga!  It is built into some of the postures, like Triangle, where you open your heart, lean into the back and bam…you are on the floor!  We get up and learn to pull in some of our weight into the inner edges of feet and legs.  Another one is Headstand; you are hanging out upside down, everything feels under control and then not so much, you fall backwards.   How about the boat pose, or the laughter inducing pose as I call it, you take your legs up for a brief second and that is exactly when you tumble backwards. I can go on….

So falling in Yoga is inevitable and quite honestly, I enjoy it as it takes the seriousness of the whole practice out of the way.  And with our mat and the floor not so far away, it’s mostly our ego that hurts more than the body.  But as yogis, we are all about loosing our ego, we get over it pretty quickly and get back into our practice.   So my hats off to you if you have fallen in your practice.  We show up for what’s important, get in the field and play.  That is what this is about.  As the falling comes so out of the blue, there is not much time left to think or plan, the most important thing to do is to allow it to happen.  Bend your knee, elbow, lean in the direction of the fall, come back up and try again!  It is the getting up each time that counts!

On The Ayurveda Front

I want to acknowledge a client that has made huge strides in healing the past traumas, moved forward and embraced her beautiful life and done things that she had never done before.  This is the power of Ayurvedic Healing and Self -Healing.  Traumas and tragedies can wound us, but they are part of our healing!  Our ultimate healing is moving more and more towards our truth and becoming our true Selves.  Thank you for choosing me to be part of your journey.