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Do you wish you could change how you feel?

You meditate, you take care of yourself but underneath it all there is that very subtle but nagging feeling of inadequacy, insecurity, anger or fear that you are always trying to reconcile with! I have had clients tell me I have been angry my whole life or feeling abandoned my whole life. Feeling anxious and…

Igniting Change With Charlotte Kaye – Upcoming Program

This upcoming program begins Sept. 15th.  Its about transforming your old self into the new self you desire to be.  Join Charlotte and I as we guide you through this 3-week coaching session.  Meet Charlotte Kaye as we talk about the program.  Listen Here More about the program and to sign up, Click Here  

Myths and Facts on Ayurveda

One of the common myths that I encounter in my practice is that it is herbal medicine.  Another one is that it is about food and diet.  Expand your understanding of Ayurveda, I talk about all the myths I encounter in my practice.  Chances are that many people think that way.  I hope this episode…

On Trauma with Vanessa Boody

Join my guest Vaness Boody, a specialist in trauma with children  – as she sheds more light on trauma, how to recognize it and heal it. Listen Here

Energy of Victimhood

If you are an empath, chances are you have within your archetype victimhood energy.  The truth is most of us carry this energy.  Listen to my story and perhaps it will resonate with something within you and can help you recognize it.  Listen Here

Understanding Trauma

Often we think of Trauma, we think of in its severity of impact that affects for the rest of our lives in a negative way.  But I think of trauma as those experiences that we don’t know what to do with, so they become part of our subconscious and affect our way of thinking, doing…


Breath work and guided meditation on Forgiveness Listen Here

Where Are You? Finding Yourself Through This Shift

Back in March, I blew off the notion of the pandemic and was baffled by the toilet paper saga and sorts and thought that after 14 days of quarantine, we will return back to “business as usual”. Today, some four and a half months later, I am realizing like many of us that Covid was…

Breathing Meditation and Anger

You will learn how to do the Fire breath.  Anger seemed like the appropriate topic to bring in.  Listen Here

Igniting Change

Process of transformation needs a fire within – the fire is that which breaks us apart or rather breaks us open.  This is a messy insightful and expansive process.  A big week of transformation for me with a messy process!  Listen Here