Dare to Rise in 2024? January 17th, 2pm EST

Wednesday, January 17 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


You know what happens in January, right?  The inspiration to start new, that fire in our hearts begins to ignite, the momentum is there, the feel of newness is in the air. 


What happens in February, March and …..?


It all fizzes out. Before we know it, we are doing the same old thing, the same old struggles, feeling defeated, and the inevitable surrender to the same old misery, falsely believing there is no way out. 


Did you know that the majority of people fall into this category?  

What’s the reason?  There are a million and one.  What’s common for those reasons is the psychological weight that we no longer need to carry.


The times are asking us to return home to ourselves, to balance – honor the calling and time will be on our side.  Register Now


The answers are in the questions that need asking. Let the inconvenience and the discomfort of your own truth catapult you into the new horizons that your inner being is aching for.  The Universe is holding its breath to meet the real you. Truly it is! 


Let the inspiration of January propel you into conscious choices and actions. Register Here

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