Denise Rackham

I have been on my healing journey for a long time. I have been working on all aspects of my life bringing in all sorts of healing modalities to help my body restore it self to perfect balance. But there was just something in my sacral Chakra I could not heal it was buried too deep. And my Throat Chakra was restricted as well. My throat would not allow my singing voice to come out. I knew I needed to turn to an Ayurvedic Master to complete my healing. I found my Master Meena was able to shed light and tune into the root of my problems and taught me how to go within and heal my trauma. All healing comes from within and it was so helpful to have met such a beautiful soul that listens and creates a safe space for me to open up so she could tune right into the the areas of my life to truly heal. My singing voice is back and the rest of me has made a huge shift that now I can bring what I have learned and share with others who are on their healing journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Meena you are a light unto this world and I appreciate all you have done for me.