Name Withheld

Meena teaches basic Hatha Yoga Techniques including a mixture of strength and stretching poses. The main difference between Meena and other Yoga instructors that I have had is that she teaches what I consider the true Yoga.  She teaches her students to go inside of themselves and face the tight hardened areas in the body and breathe into them to feel all they can.  She encourages us to do this while staying with the breath and staying in the present moment. Yoga is no longer an intellectual exercise of cosntantly thinking about where to position your hand of foot ( as i experienced in many Iyengar classes) but becomes a multi-dimensional state of being.  At times, when I am doing Yoga this way, I feel a deep heat or shaking in my body and the reward of staying with it just a few seconds longer is release of tension and new strength.  Also, Meena always provides inspirational thoughts in a quiet manner that my being seems to soak up while we are doing Yoga.  I have had amazing release of heat from my palms, forrehead and crown of the head when in Shavasna.  I’ve also completely traveled away in this pose to the point where I wasn’t sure where I was.  I sleep much deeper after my yoga practice with Meena as well.