If we want our phone to work the next day, we must charge it.  Meditation is like that. Through the practice of meditation, we develop the meditative mind.  Meditative mind is a neutral mind that does not swing into highs and lows when the life goes into highs and lows.  A process of letting go and allowing, meditation allows us to trust in the infinity or zero – a source of all things, instead of gripping or grabbing.  If we want to use the meditative mind in our day to day living, then just like charging the phone, we must do the practice so that neutral mind is available to us when we are not sitting and meditating,

Proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, heal past traumas , cure headaches, improve mood and sleep, most importantly raise the level of our consciousness and vibrations, reduce aches and pains, Meditation is a healthier alternative to drugs, addictions and to bring about change.

If my clients change nothing else and just begin to meditate, they are already half way through in being healthy.  It is this one modality that holds the power to bring about future change.

Group Class to teach Meditation

I teach Heart Based Natural Meditation.  The class is taught once a month over 2 consecutive days, an hour each.  A minimum of 3 students is needed to run the class.  The next class is scheduled for Jan. 11th and Jan. 12th, 6pm.  You must attend both sessions to learn.  Preregistration only!  I will post the class times here a month in advance.  Please check this page to know the times.  (Fee $110)

Both sessions held at the Home Yoga Studio: 851 Barberry Dr., Milford, MI 48381  (back entrance please)

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Meditation Retreats

We hold 2 meditation retreats annually.

Spring Equinox  Home Meditation Retreat, March 18th  ( $125, includes lunch)

Song of the Morning Weekend Meditation Retreat Oct. 12th weekend.( $195, lowered from prior years to encourage participation)

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Our meditation gang from 2016









Although we meditate a lot, we do a lot more!