Mental/Emotional Health

It’s What’s Happening Beneath the Surface

November 6, 2023

Mid-August, I booked my flight for India for October 17th and applied for OCI – a permanent visa of sorts.  I found it odd that I received no confirmation for the visa application but I kept forgetting to follow up until my nephew asked me mid-September if I got my visa in light of the…

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Talk Therapy and Healing Work – What’s the Difference?

August 15, 2023

This blog is inspired by a recent phone call from a concerned mother of my new client.  She asked me not to dig up the past.  She feared it will retraumatize her daughter as it had many times in the past during her therapy sessions.  She was comforted and reassured once I explained my work…

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6 Step Process for Emotional Healing

July 17, 2023

 Emotional Healing has become a necessity as we shift into Higher Consciousness. Drawn towards a brighter and healthier future, all that we haven’t healed continues to pull us back and becomes our biggest obstacle in living our dreams. Understanding Emotions To heal our emotions, let’s first understand what emotions are.  Emotions are energy in…

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Inflammation – The Silent Culprit

June 6, 2023

Our body’s natural built in healing mechanism steps in when we are injured, get infected with foreign bacteria and viruses; the same mechanism when constantly activated can result in many diseases that we see today. Our body’s inflammatory response when subjected to our poor lifestyle choices and diet causes chronic inflammation ranging from severe to…

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De-stigmatize Mental Health

May 1, 2023

You are mental! Many of us may have heard this or we may have said this to someone else. It loosely meant you are being crazy. It meant no harm. We didn’t think much about it at least till we started to notice mental health challenges around us or experience it ourselves – and we…

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