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Talk Therapy and Healing Work – What’s the Difference?


This blog is inspired by a recent phone call from a concerned mother of my new client.  She asked me not to dig up the past.  She feared it will retraumatize her daughter as it had many times in the past during her therapy sessions.  She was comforted and reassured once I explained my work to her.

Before I dive into this topic, I want to make it clear that the intention of this post is not at all to devalue talk therapy or to criticize the therapists.  Everything works for someone and talk therapy can be hugely beneficial for many.  But I do want to shed some light on the distinction between talk therapy and healing work so you can find the right support for yourself.

The point of my healing work is to bring the matter to a close and imparting the deeper insight, healing experience, wisdom, tools and confidence to my clients so they become their own healer and no longer need me. Although we continue to always heal in our life, we don’t need to be dependent on a therapist or a counselor for life.

Here are the 6 major distinctions between talk therapy and healing work.

  1. The Consciousness of the Practitioner

We learn and teach from our own level of consciousness.  The heightened Consciousness is a result of meditation and lifestyle practices and one’s own experiences of healing.  More than a career, for the healing work practitioner, it’s a calling.  A big part of my work comes from a deep conviction from my own life’s experiences and not merely from books.  The level of consciousness of the therapist significantly influences the healing process as we tend to teach what we most need to learn and risk projecting our own challenges on to the clients.

  1. Asking Bigger Questions and Connecting the Dots

In the healing work, we visit the past to get a deeper understanding and insight into the underlying behavior patterns and to connect the dots. Asking the bigger questions such as:  What am I asked to see? How did I contribute without knowing to my own experiences? What do I bring with me from prior lives to heal?  Are hugely insightful and expansive. As our experiences tend to repeat until we heal them, revisiting the past can give us clues to our present experiences.  This is a process where we work through our complex emotions making room for forgiveness, allowance, letting go and loving the parts of ourselves that we had to abandon in order to survive. The intention is not to analyze it endlessly but to shift our perspective from the healing work.

Details of the story matter but what matters most is your own experiences from it as this is what is driving your current experiences.  This immediately shifts our focus in understanding and tending to ourselves.  Although a messy and challenging process, healing our experiences results in peace, freedom and lightness in our being. This is how we move towards wholeness.

  1. Body and Mind are One

Healing work recognizes the inseparable connection between the body and the mind. Physical symptoms can be manifestations of unhealed traumas, urging us to pay attention for true healing to take place.  I have yet to have a client whose physical symptoms were not related to the unhealed emotional struggles.  A client with severe digestive problems never digested her marriage yet the counselor and the doctor did not connect the dots and never talked to one another.  In the world of healing, everything is connected.  Healing work looks at the whole person as one and does not separate them into fragments of body and mind.

  1. Healing Beliefs not Behaviors

So many of us struggle to change bad habits and behaviors.  We may succeed for a short term but until the changes are internally driven, we repeat the same old habits.  Our habits simply feed our beliefs and beliefs come from our personal experiences.  The goal of healing work is not to merely change external behaviors but to address the underlying beliefs that drive those behaviors. By focusing on internal transformation, individuals experience genuine change from within. Healing work goes beyond managing behaviors; it involves deep healing that ultimately removes the need for constant management. This allows individuals to flow with ease and align with their truest nature.

  1. Healing Work is to Connect with Source

Disease comes from disconnection from the Source of our liveliness – the Pure Consciousness.  To heal is to connect back with that Source. It’s this connection that anchors us in times of great challenges and upheavals.  When we continue to search outside of us for answers, we don’t find them.  The answer is not to keep looking in the same direction, but rather to change direction.  Healing work is to clear all that blocks this connection so we can once again feel whole, joyous and free.

  1. Healing is a Messy, Beautiful and an Organic Process

Healing does not happen on schedule or by force.  It happens best when we say YES to the work and get out of the way.  In this process, what you need to see will show up.  What you are ready to handle will show up. We never have to worry of being overwhelmed.  We are a messy and magnificent creation of the ONE – we are given no challenge that we can’t handle.  We need to start trusting the process.

The healing work is about transforming your life.  The right therapist or counselor will see you as a whole person, they will help you connect with the most beautiful parts of you that you have forgotten, you will get a sense of coming home when you are working with them, you will feel seen, heard and understood.

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I hope this will help you find the right support yourself.  If you are struggling with life in any way at all, I encourage you to reach out. Take a look at my membership program Inner Compass Club  where you can begin your healing journey.  If you are ready to dive deeper, then sign up for my Individual Program